Content Marketing

You’ve successfully set up your company blog. But now what?

You create great content for your blog, of course! The content of your blog is the magnet that pulls readers and potential customers to you.

Paid media

Display ads, or more commonly known as banner ads, are a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

They usually come in the form of banners, and they come in all shapes and sizes.


Back in the mid-2000s, the term backlinking was often associated with shady practices of link-building.It was not uncommon to stumble on a website or a blog that contains large chunks of jibberish text and hyperlinks. Shady SEO marketers were using these sites to artificially inflate their SEO ranks so that they appeared on top of Google search results.


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One of the key areas businesses' struggle with is with obtaining clients. Not having clients can kill off any business idea very quickly, regardless of how good it is.


When people talk about user experience, it is usually spoken about within a context of large marketing teams with software for A/B testing, heat mapping and other marketing wizardry. But what happens when you are starting out? Is there a practical guide to stick to when trying to build a good user experience but don’t have the budget or resources to dedicate to the subject as a whole?


Trying to set up my own business constantly puts me on the edge of comfort, and means I have to learn a new skill or understand a different approach every day. As soon as I get to one point, I realise there's still much further to go before I even come close to reaching my goal.


For someone with no coding experience, I found learning to code a serious challenge. I learnt how to do it, then quickly realised that what I wanted to do would require more knowledge than I had at the time. I had to scratch the surface on the challenge, and unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for something that requires more knowledge and experience. Einstein summed it up when he said ‘The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don't know.’ But dedicating my time to coding has quickly taught me an unexpected skill I already thought I had nailed: the ability to learn.


Market research is the gathering and understanding of information related to particular individuals or groups (the target market) to provide informed insight and help decision making in relation to targeting them with ideas, services or products.