Website development

As you’ve already known by now, images are essential for every website or digital content today.

Whether it’s for an ad banner, blog article or website logo, building a site without using any images is going to be a real engagement killer.

As technology improves every day, so does the needs and expectations of web users. The demand for high quality, high-resolution images continues to grow each day.


When you want visitors or prospects to give you their email address, so you can nurture them into paying customers, how can you make them give their information to you willingly?

The best way to get their particulars is to simply offer a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an incentivised offer, such as a special report, a guidebook, cheatsheet, a video, a free consultation, or any other experience that your prospects will find valuable enough to make them want to offer their email addresses to receive it.

Content Marketing

You often hear me talk about reaching your marketing audience. But in a world full of noise and clutter, how do you get your audience to read what you write?

It’s not just about good content, a strong SEO or great design. Sometimes the key to getting people to take notice of your content is to have a great headline for your article.

Why are headlines so important?

To answer that question, first consider what makes you want to read a blog article, or click on a search result on Google.

Chances are, it’s the great title that catches your attention. Using this same approach, you should be writing your headlines that is interesting and attention-grabbing.

Writing and publishing a piece of high-quality article takes a lot of time and energy, but sadly lots of high quality articles never got read by its intended audience.