Here’s the reality of the SEO landscape today – If your content isn’t useful to your customers or your target audience, it will be an uphill battle to achieve SEO success.

So how can you make their content work better for your customers and audiences and as a business website owner?

As you have probably known, Google has clearly named content as one of the leading crucial factors for ranking on top of their search results.

But still, this subject has been a tough nut to crack for people who are unfamiliar with the digital marketing landscape.

What exactly does content relevance mean? More importantly, how can we achieve this?

This is what we’re here to find out. In this article, we will discuss what makes a piece of content relevant, and what are the ways we can use relevance to achieve SEO success.

By aligning your content with the specific needs and interests of your potential and existing customers, you can create a significant boost to your conversion (and ultimately your bottom line).


You’ve probably seen or heard a lot of digital marketing people talk about local SEO is one of the most significant aspects to marketing success.

However, to agree with popular opinion, first, you need to understand what precisely local SEO is, why it’s so relevant to the business world, and how it much it can impact businesses.


Sometimes, when you are carrying out your SEO strategies, you end up fixated over the keywords and proper formatting on websites.

It’s easy to forget that there are real human beings that are using Google to find the content that they want.

A buyer journey is one of the most critical aspects of online conversion because Google ultimately wants to help buyers reach their desired goals.

A recent Forrester study shows that over 70% of consumers start their journey becoming from a prospect to a buyer by using Google search to discover new products or services.

In fact, nearly 49% of consumers rely on information gathered through web search to make their buying decisions.