About Willow and Hall

Willow & Hall is a West London based sofa and furniture company set up by Sarah Massouh, an entrepreneur who realised there was a gap in the market after failing to find a sofa bed friends would want to sleep on for longer than one night.

Her response was to create a sofa bed with a 14cm thick mattress. Launching the business from her living room, orders quickly came in. Willow & Hall has consistently grown every year since.

Some context

The UK luxury sofa and furniture market is very crowded, with many significant players dominating the current market. Notable players such as sofa.com, John Lewis Multiyork and Loaf were our competition, each with extensively more budget, human resources and showrooms than Willow & Hall.

The Objective

Willow & Hall needed a digital marketing strategy, encompassing all their marketing channels to drive increased qualified leads and online sales via their website.

Willow & Hall had the designs for an important website redesign project to improve the design and functionality of the site. They needed management of the development side of the project to make the redesign happen.

Website performance was slow, and page size was a lot larger than the average. This issue led to customer dropouts in the purchase funnel.

Circumstantial challenges

  • A small marketing team with little digital expertise
  • Website development was outsourced to India
  • No digital marketing plan existed to date
  • SEO strategy had not performed recently, reducing organic traffic to the website
  • New products needed to be launched every other week
  • Website speed problems came from an array of different technical issues
  • Changes in the use of sales promotions

My role at Willow & Hall

I worked for Willow & Hall as a marketing consultant across many different aspects of their business, working closely with the Head of Marketing and the CEO.

Over eight months with Willow & Hall, my role included:

  • Creating a 200-page digital marketing strategy covering Team structure, Content, SEO, Website, Conversion Optimisation, Social Media, Partnerships, Affiliates and Email
  • Managing through speed improvements including server changes, code and image optimisation, database restructuring
  • Creation of a complete content guide and blog promotion calendar to increase leads and website traffic.
  • Managing a complete full website redesign project through an external development agency based in India
  • Establishing a new SEO strategy and content plan focused on Sofa beds
  • Recruitment of two new team members, in line with the marketing strategy
  • Proposal for an alternative lead generation email marketing campaign to generate more leads and increase sales from website visitors


I was pleased with the results from my time at Willow & Hall. It was a lot of effort, but I think the results speak for themselves. Their website was able to generate more sales conversion from their online marketing activities.

Key Metrics

  • Overall sessions increased by 14.6% on the same comparison period, bounce rate fell by 44.4%
  • Average page loading speed time reduced from 8.5 seconds to 2.7 seconds
  • 13.6% increase in organic website sessions, with a 17.7% increase in new website users
  • Post reskin results - Goal Completions increased 109%, Goal Conversion Rate increased 79%, Abandonment Value fell by 35%
  • Post reskin results - Transactions increased by 7.6% and Revenue also increased by 15.9%

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