9 Effective Examples of Content Marketing From Watch Brands With Great Results

watch brands content marketing examples 1

If you decide to purchase a watch, what is your biggest reason or influence when making that purchase?

  •  Do you watch video comparisons or reviews of watches on YouTube?
  •  Do you seek advice on the latest tech watch features on tech blogs? 
  •  Would you be influenced by a discount code or sale notification from an email newsletter?
  •  If you saw a watch featured by a celebrity on social media, would this influence your decision making?
  •  If you read a guide to the latest fashion of technology online, would you be persuaded?   

If you have been influenced by any of these marketing touchpoints to buy or think about buying that product. This is content marketing at work.

Content is everywhere around us. With over 4.4 million blog posts published daily

Add to that social media posts, videos, newsletters, press releases, and other forms of content trying to influence you…there’s an abundance of content, with each piece vying for your attention in its own way each and every day. 

Content Marketing - The Art Of Influencing

Image: Quote below image “The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.” - Michael Brenner / content marketing watch brands

If we agree with Michael, we agree that content marketing helps to influence customers at each stage of their purchasing journey. 

And the majority of content marketers agree, as do we. With 69% of content being crafted to influence customers’ purchasing journey. Of course, while we agree, it’s more complicated than simply answering questions. As content needs to be relevant, valuable, consistent and of a high-quality too.

Content Marketing By Watch Brands

As businesses of all natures and in all industries have been turning to content marketing. It is no wonder that in 2020, content marketing has become a $300 billion industry

Businesses turn to content marketing for many reasons. Whether to improve communication and trust or develop new customer audiences. 

Marketing decisions can be extremely difficult to make. But, what if you’re a watch or luxury brand? Then, you might also ask the following questions:

  •  What are the key ways for luxury brands to approach their content marketing?
  •  Are there any examples of content marketing from watch brands or luxury watch brands which are working? Do they have a similar audience to my brand?
  •  How can I apply these examples to my own luxury brand?
  •  Can I see the results of content marketing strategies to help guide my decision on whether my company should invest in content marketing?
  •  How could content marketing add extra sales to my current marketing plan?

This article will provide you with real-life content marketing watch brand examples. Thus, giving you an idea of what other brands are doing and what their results are.

You can then use these examples and lessons and apply them to your own content marketing strategy.

A Quick Introduction to Content Marketing

You might be thinking why should my brand focus effort on content marketing when we already make sales?

Alternatively, you might be thinking why should I invest in content marketing instead of other forms of marketing?

Well, content marketing is everywhere and it’s becoming the key way brands and people communicate to their audiences online.

Effective content marketing focuses on building relationships with customers, establishing credibility and trust with them over time. 

The more credibility you have, the more you can influence decision making. 

And the more you can influence decision making, the more you can direct attention (and sales) to you over your competitors.

Different Ways you Can Create Content

Images: Different ways to create luxury watch content - content marketing watch brands

There are many different ways to create content, here are a few examples:

  •  Blog articles
  •  Press releases
  •  Video content 
  •  Images
  •  Infographics
  •  Social media posts
  •  Emails/newsletters
  •  Guest blogging
  •  Landing pages
  •  FAQ blogs
  •  Product pages
  •  Reviews

Most watch brands are already using their landing pages to effectively promote their products.

They give brands the opportunity to highlight product details and unique selling points (USPs). In addition, landing pages are a great way to display product images or videos showcasing why the product is great. 

But product pages are a minimum, simply having a pretty site isn’t going to do enough to drive sales. Why? Because you are fighting with so many other luxury watch brand players doing the same thing.

This is where effective content marketing for luxury watch brands plays its part. 

In 2020, the most popular types of marketing for B2C businesses were:

  •  Social media (93%)
  •  Website/blog posts (85%)
  •  Emails (79%)
  •  Media/influencer relations (39%)
  •  Speaking/events (37%)
  •  Guest posts/3rd party publications (31%)

Most brands use several or all of the above to hit their audiences. As a result, it indicates how much content you need to create just to be able to compete.

The Power of Content Marketing

Let’s imagine you are searching for a watch as a gift, so you Google “watches for women”.

google search for watches for women

This is what your search results will look like. There is a mixture of brands and department stores that rank in the top 10 search results.

top 10 search results for watches for womenThe second result in the Google search is a link to Fossil’s women’s watch page

Naturally, this page has a selection of women’s watches.

Fossil's page that ranks number one for watches for women

However,  it also has a section of text at the very bottom.

Screenshot of the description of top ranking keyword watches for women

Clearly, this section of text has been optimised for search engines.

With the term ‘women’ appearing 19 times, ‘watches for women’ appearing 3 times, and ‘watches’ appearing 50 times. 

These keywords along with a large number of other SEO features have helped the page rank at number 1 for the term ‘watches for women’. Alongside an additional 1,200 other keywords. 

As a result, this page has been ranking since February 2020 where it first ranked at number 5 before ranking at number 1 then 2. 

graph of ranking over time for the keyword watches for women

This page receives a large amount of traffic (and sales) from ranking highly for these keywords.

Look at the total amount of traffic and keywords which this page ranks for:

a graph showing the rankings and traffic for the websiteThe longer-tailed keyword searches for ‘watches for women’ receive over 110,000 monthly searches (US) and 374,200 monthly searches worldwide.

volume of monthly searches for watches for women

Of course, this is a huge amount of exposure for Fossil! 

An additional 446 of the keywords also rank in the top 3 positions on Google for the Fossil women’s watches page.

For example, they also rank for:

  •  Fossil watches for women (no 1) 
  •  Ladies watch (no 1)
  •  Women’s watch (number 4)
  •  Fossil womens (no 1)

Think about how many sales Fossil acquires from organic traffic.

But, keywords aren’t all this page ranks highly for. It has also received 4,900 backlinks from 184 referring domains. A backlink is a link back to your site from another website. In fact, backlinking is one of the most important ranking factors for Google.

Collectively, backlinking allows the Fossil site to gain 1.6 million monthly views and achieve a Domain Authority of 68.

graph of Fossil's growth over the yearsThis is the perfect example of the power of content marketing and SEO.

Obviously, there are loads of factors going on with Fossil as a brand. After all, they are already established and well-known.

But, page optimisation combined with content marketing and outreach efforts has really paid dividends.

9 Examples of Content Marketing Used by Watch Brands

Image: Quote image of below “You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently” - Steve Jobs - content marketing watch brands

There are almost 500 watch brands around the world. With so many watch brands across the globe, how are consumers meant to decide which watch is right for them? 

In other words, what makes your brand different from the rest? And how can you best communicate that difference with your content marketing?

We have created 9 specific examples of content marketing campaigns currently being used by watch brands worldwide. We’ll illustrate how some watch companies are approaching this issue. 

Each of these examples have achieved great results online.  

Use these examples as a starting point for developing your own content marketing strategy.

1. Create Product Pages to Answer Potential Customers Product Questions - Timex

Image: quote image of below “These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” - Brian Clark - from content marketing watch brands

Before making a purchase you want to know that you are making the best possible choice. The more expensive an item, the more you have to justify its worth.

Therefore, it won’t surprise you that 87% of shoppers believe product content is extremely important. Especially when it comes to making a purchase online. 

In fact, 81% of people conduct research online prior to thinking about actually making a purchase.

Therefore, detailed product pages on your website are vital. 

You need to ensure you include details, images, and maybe even a video review or walkthrough (if you have a tech watch, for example). 

Ultimately, you need to ensure that your watch stands out from other similar products.

For instance, take the Timex product pages. 

These product pages include a detailed product description, images of the watch, features, different colours, specs, and all other product details such as:

  •  Size of the watch
  •  Colours
  •  Material 
  •  Features
  •  Water resistance
  •  Downloadable product user manual 

screenshot of a watch product page

These are all details that people will be searching for when looking. And they will help searchers make an informed decision about purchasing a watch. 

Not only are these pages giving potential customers very detailed information about the product. But they are also gaining high keyword rankings in search results.

Two product pages are in the top 5 pages, which gain the most traffic on their website: Q Timex 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch and the Marlin Hand-Wound 34mm Leather Strap Watch.

All from one page! In fact, this landing page is Tag Heuer’s second-highest-ranking landing page after it’s homepage. As far as landing pages go this page is spot on.

Q Timex 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch has an average of 3,100 monthly views. And this equates to 6.45% of the website’s total traffic. 

Marlin Hand-Wound 34mm Leather Strap Watch has an average of 1,500 monthly views. Around 3.24% of the website’s total traffic. 

Not bad for one product.

These product pages rank for some great keywords. 

Timex has a total of 2,328 ranking keywords. With 529 keywords ranking in the top 3 search results in Google, as of October 2020. 

Some of the keywords they rank for are:

  •  Military watches for men (no 1)
  •  Retro mens watch (no 1)
  •  Expedition watch (no 1)
  •  Custom watches (no 2)
  •  Casual watch (no 2)
  •  Military style watches (no 2)
  •  Casual watches for men (no 2)
  •  Military watches (no 5)
  •  Mens dress watch (no 5)
  •  Digital watch (no 6)

They also rank on the first page in Google for keywords with a high volume of traffic. For instance, ‘watches for girls’, where they rank 8th in search engine results. 

You might think 8th isn’t very high. But when you consider the fact that ‘watches for girls’ has 12,200 searches a month, it is valuable. 

And as you can see Timex is the only watch brand that ranks in the top 10 search engine results for ‘watches for girls’. 

The other 9 search results are department stores, Amazon, or jewellery shops. They have created well ranking product pages and descriptions for a large number of different watch brands. 

screenshot of the top 10 results in google

These keywords are helping people find the brand in addition to the product pages.

a graph showing Timex keyword and traffic

Just look at what these product pages have done for the traffic to Timex’s website:

a graph showing the traffic over time for timex

Not only have these high ranking keywords helped Timex receive an average of 48,100 monthly views. But they have also helped the website gain a DA of 44. 

There’s no reason why you can’t produce quality and detailed product pages for your products too, especially if you are targeting them towards a specific audience and using relevant keywords for that audience.

2. Using Engaging Press Releases to Create Highly Valuable Backlinks - Omega

Image: Omega watches -007 bond - content marketing watch brands

Millions of people around the world read news articles daily. 

Everyone wants to soak in information about what’s happening. Whether in their own country, around the world, or in the lives of their favourite celebrities. 

People love to find out new information. And many watch brands utilise celebrities and endorsements to generate news articles and press releases. 

They also create partnerships with sporting events, other brands and other forms of traditional marketing. But these also make for good content marketing articles. 

These articles are ideal for creating backlinks. And websites with active blogs generate 97% more backlinks than those who don’t. So you should be utilising your blog to build your online growth in your chosen keyword niche. 

Omega watches have a section on their website called “News & Stories”. This section has stories on:

  •  News articles
  •  Any sports they are involved with 
  •  People
  •  Events
  •  Endorsements
  •  New products 
  •  Press releases

If you take time to read some of the news and stories you will see press releases on new products, details of sponsored sporting events, and information on its sponsored athletes. 

a screenshot of the Omega news and stories section

Overall, this section of the website receives 2,700 monthly views, ranking for 1,500 keywords. 

It has also received 1,200 backlinks from 239 referring domains. 

One of the backlinks it has received is from Business Insider (DA 84). It’s for a new product launch, entitled: “You Can Finally Own The Same Watch as James Bond – Here’s What it Will Cost You”.

screenshot of the backlinks Omega has recieved

In addition to this section of the website, each individual news story is gaining its own traction and backlinks. 

Here is another example, take this news article “Celebrating 20 Years With Cindy Crawford”. 

This article features an image with Cindy Crawford wearing an Omega watch. It goes on to discuss their long term partnership together.

screenshot of a news article about their partnership with cindy Crawford

This one article has received 12 different backlinks from 11 referring domains. As such, this content is extremely valuable for Omega. 

By creating articles about new partnerships, new products, and company news, Omega is increasing the likelihood of backlinks. In addition, these articles are successful as they are often picked up by news publications. Or alternatively, other outlets that are interested in following the brand’s story. 

Furthermore, they also promote their articles using PR tools. As a result, they actively encourage journalists to backlink to them.

Backlinks are considered by Google as a sign of credibility and value for your website. 

As such, if your website earns a link back from another website, this signals to Google your content is valuable.

Google considers backlinks as one of the 8 most important factors when ranking search results.

In other words, the more backlinks you have from high domain authority (DA) websites, the higher you rank. As Google will deem your content as relevant, informative and valuable. As a result, the higher in search results your website will appear. 

Other backlinks Omega has earnt include:

  • Business Insider – DA 84
  • Vice – DA 81
  • NYU.edu – DA 79
  • NY times – DA 87
  • Entrepreneur – DA 78
  • Marie Claire – DA 66

In fact, they have been gaining over 300 new backlinks a month. Therefore, giving them a total of 3.5 million backlinks from 13,300 referring domains. 

Almost 40% of these referring domains have a domain authority of between 31 and 100. Which is great!

a graph showing Omega's referring domains

table showing Omega's referring domain backlinks by DA score

This gives Omega incredible credibility and has helped them receive a DA of 68. In addition to 199,100 ranked keywords – of which 30,350 rank in the top 3 in search results. 

Ultimately, Omega has a great strategy for gaining backlinks.

Yes, Omega is a big brand and can afford high-end celebrities.

But, if you want to take a similar approach, focus on an aspect of your product which is unique. Then, find people relevant to that area and lean on their industry news and blogs to obtain similar results.

Overall, the questions you need to ask are:

  •  What makes my watch unique
  •  How can I make a point relevant to my audience?
  •  Which news outlets or blogs are speaking to my audience?
  •  How do I make an article or piece of content which is newsworthy and interesting to that blog?

Answer these, and you have the beginnings of a winning digital PR strategy at your fingertips.

3. Used Themed Products to Drive Traffic and Gain Backlinks - Tag Heuer

Image: Tag Heuer/Formula 1 theme to drive traffic - content marketing watch brands

Tag Heuer has found an area of focus in an industry with millions of fans. They have created a partnership with F1 to create a watch that appeals to millions of fans worldwide. 

There is no reason why you can’t do this with your own brand. Choose a direction and focus on creating a product for that specific audience. 

As a strategy, this has well and truly worked for Tag Heuer and its partnership with F1. 

First, they created a landing page to showcase their partnership – ‘Tag Heuer Formula 1’.

This landing page acts as an introduction to their Formula 1 watch collection. 

tag heuer Formula 1 collection page

This page features:

  •  An introduction video relating F1 to the watch brand (featuring F1 racing clips and watch close-ups)
  •  8 separate links to their watch collection
  •  Moving images and video of featured watches in the collection
  •  Highlights of watch features
  •  Quotes from sponsored F1 drivers
  •  A time-line of their partnership from 1971 to the present day

screenshot of a timeline of Tag Heuer and F1's partnership

As a result, this page helps visitors understand the history of the brand’s partnership with F1. In addition, it showcases images of the collection. 

It also contains vast amounts of detailed information. As a result, this allows the individual pages to rank for their own keywords and gain backlinks. 

Long landing pages can generate 220% more leads than other pages. This is due to their ability to rank highly for keywords and the information available on them. 

In fact, 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign they undertake. 

After all, the main aim of content marketing is to attract new leads and sell products. And 75% of marketers believe the top goal of content marketing is to create high-quality leads. With 71% of marketers believing this can be achieved by attracting more traffic to your website. 

Some of these pages gain so much traffic that they rank for their own keywords. Not to mention they attract lots of backlinks too. As a result, they receive their own domain rating independent for the site.   

Let’s take a look at the Tag Heuer F1 landing page statistics. 

This F1 collection landing page ranks for 380 keywords. With 99 of these keywords ranked in the top 3 search results in Google. 

The landing page receives an average of 56,400 views per month. And, has its own DA of 61. 

An excellent result for one landing page that only debuted in February 2020!

Impressively, this one single landing page has received 767 backlinks from 77 referring domains. 

a screenshot of referring domains backlinks Tag Heuer has gained

All from one page! 

In fact, this landing page is Tag Heuer’s second-highest-ranking landing page after it’s homepage. As far as landing pages go this page is spot on. 

a list of the top traffic pages on Tag Heuer's website

Look at what this landing page has done for Tag Heuer’s growth:

a graph showing Tag Heuer's growth

Not only has Tag Heuer’s traffic increased to an average of 376,800 monthly views. But they have also been gaining backlinks at a huge rate. With 1.8 million backlinks from 14,400 referring domains. This has given Tag Heuer a DA of 66. 

This is an incredible example of what your watch brand can do with the help of themed products or partnerships. 

Undoubtedly, this will attract new customers for the brand. In addition to giving them more information about the partnership. And with time gain backlinks and rank for keywords, this is a very lucrative way to gain customers.

4. Utilise Blogs to Answer FAQ Questions - Samsung

Image: Samsung watches - content marketing watch brands

Blogs are a great way of attracting customers, creating brand awareness, and increasing traffic. In fact, websites that have a blog attract 55% more traffic than those that don’t. 

It is a great way of providing customers with information throughout the purchase journey. From advice on what to buy, the best places to make a purchase, reviews and FAQs.

Overall, blogs are among the primary three forms of media used in content strategies used today. With the ability to create a blog article on any subject relevant to your company. Or to answer any question a customer or potential customer may have about your product. 

60% of marketers repurpose their content two to five times meaning you can utilise them multiple times. As such, they’re a great return on investment. 

Once you create a blog post you can repurpose it for use in social media, videos, infographics, and press releases. This is a great way to gain a high ROI from content marketing. And it illustrates why content marketing can be so effective when used as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Samsung is one of the world’s largest technology companies, it currently produces a large variety of products. And they’re taking over the smartwatch industry with their Galaxy smartwatch. 

They have a large amount of content regarding their watches and product pages. But they have also tapped into a unique content area – FAQ posts.

Once a customer has purchased a Galaxy watch, when they receive it, they may have questions about the setup. 

Instead of providing instructions, Samsung creates FAQ blogs on their website. This is extremely smart. Not only is it driving traffic to their website but it also lessens the need for paper instructions. Saving on costs and presenting themselves as environmentally conscious at the same time.  

Samsung has taken advantage of the fact that people conduct Google searches. As such they will seek out the instructions online. Naturally, they will instantly be referred to Samsung’s website, whether they made the purchase through them or not. 

Samsung is now the authority on Samsung watch instructions, even if a customer purchased elsewhere. It has drawn customers to their site, where they have an opportunity to sign-up to their mailing list. 

This nurtures trust and starts a relationship with the customer and Samsung. So much so that the next time they make a purchase, Samsung will be the first company they turn to. 

Take a look at Samsung’s product page on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 4G (45mm). This page is filled with information about the watch, features, images, and videos. 

But at the bottom of the page, there is a FAQ section, which links directly to a separate blog page. 

screenshot of Samsung's FAQ blogs

One of these FAQ blogs is entitled: “How do I use my Galaxy Watch?”. 

This blog has a very simple to follow instructions on how to set up and use the Galaxy watch. Complete with step-by-step images and containing everything you might need to know.

a screenshot of Samsung's FAQ blogs

This FAQ blog is a great help to any customer who is struggling with setting up their watch. 

Not only does this blog provide help to users, but it is also a minefield for keywords. This page ranks for 189 keywords. And 21 of these rank in the top 3 in Google search results (November 2020).

Samsung's top ranking keywords

As a result, this helps draw in traffic to Samsung’s website. If someone doesn’t know how to use your product the first thing they will do is to perform a Google search on how to use it. And if you don’t produce an instructional or a FAQ article, then someone else will.

Essentially, Samsung is owning their own issues space.

When you produce your own FAQ blogs you help and provide the customer with support. Thus, in the process, also gain traffic and a positive reputation. 

While these blogs might be insignificant in terms of Samsung’s website traffic, they do provide users with a positive purchasing experience. Therefore, they increase the level of brand loyalty. Not to mention, the more helpful someone finds your brand, the more likely they’ll tell their friends about you.

5. Creating a Variety of Content - Breitling

Image: Breitling - variety of content - content marketing watch brands

Content in any form is valuable for your business in a large number of ways. But a mixture of content across social media platforms, in blog posts, landing, pages, news, articles, and videos, is even more valuable. 

Overall, 78% of companies have a team of one-to-three content specialists who work solely on content creation. 

By providing a mixture of different types of content you will hit audiences across different mediums and in different ways.

Let’s take a look at the watch brand Breitling

Breitling is a huge watch brand and they obviously have a team dedicated to content. Here are some of the formats they use:

  •  News Articles
  •  Press Lounge
  •  Videos – Products and Production 
  •  User Manuals 
  •  Movie
  •  Images
  •  Social Media
  •  Watch Care
  •  How-to Blogs
  •  Store Pages
  •  Product Pages
  •  Partnerships – Brands and Squad (celebrities)
  •  Landing Pages – History, Heritage, FAQs, Packaging, Production, and Collections

This content has allowed Breitling to cover all their bases. Everything from the history of the company and how the watches are made. To the watch products, how-to care for your watch, and even user manuals. Content on all these things and more are churned out every month.

screenshot of Brietling's websiteThis extensive list of content has allowed Breitling to rank for 19,600 keywords. With 3,511 ranking in the top 3 search results (November 2020). 

Of these keywords, the most popular is Breitlings own brand name. Breitling receives 21.33% of its traffic from its namesake. The keyword ‘Breitling’ has an average search volume of 74,000 searches a month. 

The keyword ‘Breitling’ has an average search volume of 74,000 searches a month.

As a result, look at how these keywords have helped Breitling grow:

a graph showing traffic and keywords for Breitling

In addition to a huge amount of keywords Breitling has been gaining backlinks at an alarming rate. Over 300 new backlinks a month!

a graph showing Brielting referring domain backlinks

They have gained extremely valuable backlinks from referring domains such as:

  •  Yahoo – DA 91
  •  Adobe – DA 89
  •  BBC – DA 88
  •  The Guardian – DA 87
  •  CNN – DA 87
  •  NY Times – DA 87
  •  Forbes – DA 85
  •  Daily Mail – DA 85
  •  Bloomberg – DA 85

Breitlings backlinsk and referring domains

Naturally, these are providing plenty of value for Breitling. And, they are a direct result of the brands unwavering focus on content.

Overall, these backlinks have helped Breitling to gain a DA of 68. 

This is an example of the pure power of content creation over a long period of time.

This relentless focus has played its part in the company’s growth.

Breitling is the perfect case study of what a watch brand can achieve when content creation is at the forefront.

Whilst this might not be the best strategy for startups or newer brands. It is clear that if you want to develop your brand into a mega brand, you need to turn to content marketing to achieve that status.

6. Using Social Media to Drive Purchases - Swatch

Image: Swatch content marketing watch brands

Social media has taken the world by storm. Hardly surprising when you consider there are over 3.8 billion active users (January 2020). But it isn’t just these users that make it so popular. 

People spend hours on social media each day, each time coming back for more. Checking for any recent updates on what their friends or followers are up to. People on average spend 2.5 hours on social media every day.

It’s no wonder that 94% of marketers are using social media to distribute their content. But of course, this solely depends on the nature of the company. 

According to Sprout Social, 61% of marketers focus their social media content around teaching. With 58% focused on storytelling, and 53% aiming to create posts that inspire. 

The nature of your business depends on how you use social media. Some top companies just use social media as a way to build brand awareness. Others use social media for showcasing products. With over 54% of social browsers using social media to research products

For a watch brand, social media is a good tool to:

  •  Create brand awareness
  •  Influence purchases
  •  Provide reviews
  •  Use influencers to tap into friends and family recommendations
  •  Link to website content 
  •  As a referral of traffic to your website
  •  Showcase news stories or new partnerships
  •  Create a following
  •  As part of the sales process
  •  Showcase products

Your target audience depends on which channel is best to utilise. 

However, Facebook is one of the best social media channels for driving traffic. With some businesses attributing up to 13.52% of their total traffic to Facebook alone. 

An example of a watch brand using social media to its full advantage is Swatch

Swatch has an incredible following of almost 7 million across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Swatch uses its social media channels in a large number of ways. From image showcases of their watches, video walkthroughs, and promo videos. 

Their Instagram page has 1.2 million followers. Here they also engage with their audience. 

They regularly encourage followers to upload images or videos of their watches. Then tag them using @swatch to be featured on their page. 

This encourages their followers to upload images of their watches to their own Instagram page. Which then, in turn, showcases the watch to their following too. Giving Swatch ample amounts of publicity and essentially, free marketing. 

Swatches Instagram pageA million followers on Instagram is winning the game! 

But Instagram is much more than just a place to showcase beautiful images of watches. 

Now, brands can use Instagram to sell products directly from the app. Or link to product pages on their websites via their stories. 

It’s not just Instagram where Swatch excels. Swatch has a Facebook following of 5.7 million followers. Similarly, like Instagram, they upload images – albeit with slightly different captions. Thus, repurposing their content for each social channel. 

Their Facebook page also includes a call to action button at the top. This ‘Shop Now’ button directs visitors straight to their website. 

swatch's facebook page

Much of the content throughout their social media channels is highly shareable too. With people sharing their images or videos on their own channels. 

In addition to creating partnerships with influencers or celebrities who also add links to the 

Swatch website on their own socials. As such, this allows Swatch to reach an even larger following.. 

In October 2020 their website received 139,300 monthly views from social media alone.

graph showing Swatch social media traffic

This has played its part in helping them grow as a company:

a graph showing Swatch's traffic and keywords

Overall, Swatch receives an incredible average of 1.9 million monthly views!  

Social media has a myriad of benefits. It can be used by luxury watch brands to gain high traffic, increase social proof, and encourage purchases. 

It is also important to remember your target audience. Be present on the channels they use, even if it means altering each piece of content to suit each platform. 

The key to social media is relevance and consistency over time. 

Most importantly, you should use social media as a key part of your overall content marketing strategy, rather than utilising it independently.

7. Creating Video Content to Showcase Products - Rolex

Image: Rolex create flashy videos content marketing watch brands

In recent years, video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing. Even overtaking blogs and infographics. 

People love watching videos. Whether it’s a social media story, a youtube video, a video on a website or a video review of a product. 

Video has changed the online buying process entirely. With 80% of video marketers claiming that video has directly increased sales. With more people watching product reviews and demonstrations. 

In addition to this, 80% of people say they switch between conducting online searches and watching videos when looking to purchase a product. 

Even if someone is in a shop, browsing physically. They can use their phone to search for information, price comparisons and videos about the exact product they are looking at. 

Video content is also more likely to be shared than other forms of content on social media. With some marketers suggesting video is 12x more likely to be shared on social media than image and text content combined. 

Of course, Rolex is a watch brand that needs no introduction. 

Rolex could likely invest no money at all marketing and they would still sell products. This is due to its notoriety, its brand awareness and reputation as a luxury item. 

But even though this is true they are still spending time and money creating watch promo videos. 

Which shows how important video content is for content marketing, specifically luxury watch brands. 

Front and centre on their homepage is a video. 

The video shows a Rolex watch with all its intricate details. It moves from each area of the watch, to show off different angles. It uses dynamic movement like zooming in and out to keep you visually stimulated. 

From the moment you land on the homepage, this video plays instantly. 

screenshot of Rolex's homepage video

This is an excellent example of video content. It is displayed perfectly for everyone to see instantaneously. 

Instead of just showing flat images, they have used film and editing techniques to bring the watch to life. As well as highlighting its details and showing the viewer how luxurious it is. Therefore, Instantly grabbing the attention and emotions of the viewers. 

Luxury items are often an aspirational symbol for many, and Rolex knows this all too well.

Rolex is considered one of the most prestigious global brands. And this comes across in all of their video content. 

Their video content is simple and elegant, often on a white background and is focused on showcasing their watches. 

They zoom in and out of the intricate details, paying attention to detail on each section of the watch. 

Some would say this is the same attention to detail they use when making their watches. As such, the videos capture the brand and its voice perfectly. 

The videos are sleek and minimalistic but also ooze sophistication. 

They have no written text or content. No explanation required, they just show the watch in all its glory. The brand stands out all on its own. Videos are the perfect way to show your product, as opposed to telling them about it.

Rolex’s homepage receives 30.74% of the website’s traffic. This equates to around 685,700 monthly viewers. Not to mention it has received 414,920 backlinks and ranks for 14,400 keywords (November 2020). 

a screenshot of Rolex's top traffic pagesUnsurprising for such a large brand. But ultimately, every one of these viewers is immediately exposed to their video. The sales process starts immediately.

Rolex also has videos of each watch collection page. In fact, on the Oyster Perpetual watch collection page, they have three videos. One in the header and two further down the page. The purpose of this is to showcase the watches in more detail.

video of a collection by Rolex

In addition, they even have a video playing in the header on every landing page. Their ‘World of Rolex’ landing page features a video which shows people playing tennis, golf, horse riding, and car racing.

world of rolex landing page video

Not to mention, they also have videos on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Showing different watches and the events they sponsor. Video is ingrained into every element of their marketing strategy, and it works.

You can see the growth content like this has had on the firm’s traffic over the years:

Rolex traffic and keywords graphRolex now receives an average of 2.2 million monthly views. Which is huge!

Rolex estimated traffic graphIn fact, Rolex utilises video and interactive images all over its website. They use videos on their:

  •  Product pages
  •  Collection pages
  •  Landing pages
  •  History of the brand
  •  Watch care

Their social media channels are also filled with video content. 

And while video content does take time and cost money to produce, it’s always worth it. The fact is, it makes all the difference. With the majority of people opting to watch your video rather than read your text. 

Why? Because videos bring products to life.

8. Using Images to Influence Purchases - MVMT

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ content marketing watch brands

An image increases people’s desire to read content by up to 80%. People are drawn to different things on a page. Some people are more visual and prefer to take in images, or infographics rather than read through pages of text. 

But it’s not only visual learners who like images. As 91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over traditional content. An image can bring something to life, whether it’s an image of a place or a product. 

Images are powerful. They turn ideas or pictures in people’s heads into reality.

An image can make someone decide whether they are going to purchase your product or not. 

Chances are if you aren’t a Millennial you may have never heard of the watch brand MVMT.

MVMT was founded in 2013, and taken over in 2018 by Movado.

MVMT image of their website and watchesThe watch brand has a predominantly Millennial audience with over 88% of purchases in 2017, being made by under 34-year-olds. 

Their ethos is ‘dress with intent, live with purpose’ without breaking the bank. 

Naturally, they have utilised images specifically on Instagram to attract their customers. This is where the majority of their audience spend their time. They produce beautiful images, and videos and showcase their products. In addition to promoting any endorsements from their ambassadors. 

MVMT has a long list of ambassadors or influencers, who use their own following to influence purchases for the brand. 

The company gives its influencers unique codes, which they then share with their followers. Usually, these codes entitle influencer followers to gain a small discount – such as 15% off. 

This code is used to track purchases from each influencer and in return, they receive a small percentage of each sale. Alternatively, they receive free products from time to time.

As 81% of consumers trust the advice of friends and family over businesses. Because influencers share their lives on social media, many followers feel as though they know them. As a result, they trust their decisions – influencer marketing taps into this.

And so far, this has been a great tactic for MVMT. They have over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

They use their Instagram page to showcase images of their watches on models. Or in beautiful landscapes. Thus, adding an aspirational element to their brand.

They also utilise Instagram’s story features by adding swipe up links to their website. As well as displaying product reviews. 

MVMT also has a hashtag on Instagram: #jointhemovement – which centres around living life on your own terms. This encourages its followers to use the hashtag when they upload their own images. 

screenshot of MVMT's instagram page

MVMT's website

On both MVMT’s social media channels and website, the images tell a story. They tap into an emotion. 

For example, take the image above of the girl and boy holding hands, they are obviously a couple in love. She’s wearing an engagement ring, and there is a Christmas tree in the background. 

This links to a selection of watches for gifts for Christmas. For many, this will tap into the emotions of love, Christmas, joy, togetherness, happiness, and more. This influences their decision to purchase the products. As they will believe that an MVMT watch will make them feel the same emotions. 

None of these images are taken or posted by accident. They are well thought out and used to help influence purchase decisions. 

MVMT has recognised its target audience. Therefore, have used images to appeal to their emotions and influence their purchasing. 

And, it works! 

MVMT has an average of 290,100 monthly views. In addition, they rank for 11,770 keywords. Of these, 1,423 rank in the top 3 in search engine results. 

MVMT's traffic and keywords graph

Of these keywords, the majority of traffic comes from the keyword ‘mvmt watches’. Which has an astounding 90,500 monthly searches. 

This is astonishing growth considering how recently they came to market.

keywords and ranking for MVMT's website

These high ranking keywords along with 1.5 million backlinks from 2,100 referring domains have given MVMT a DA of 51. 

This is likely a result of utilising an influencer and PR strategy, focused on fashion.

Of course, this is an incredible result for such a young brand in the highly competitive watch market. 

But MVMT knows their target audience inside out. As such, it is using different forms of content marketing to directly appeal to them. As a result, they gain lots of traffic and customers to their site to purchase watches. 

9. Using Email Marketing to Gain a Following - Casio

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ content marketing watch brands

How often do you receive an email in your inbox from a company offering you a discount code? Or alerting you to a sale they are having?

Chances are you receive these emails quite regularly. And if they are of interest to you, you read the email. Then you either click through to the site, leave it in your inbox for later or simply delete it. 

But one thing you hardly ever do is unsubscribe from the mailing list. 

This is because for some reason you signed up to the mailing list in the first place. And you keep the emails coming because, in the future, one of them might be of interest to you. 

Not only do you receive discount codes and alerts, but some companies also send email newsletters with the following:

  •  Notifications of new products
  •  Notifications on sales
  •  Event information
  •  Any relevant news
  •  Links to new website features
  •  Exclusive early access to sales, previews, or discounts
  •  Links to blog articles 
  •  Links to social media

It depends on the company what they decide to send subscribers in their newsletters and email campaigns. 

However, email marketing and mailing lists are a great way to utilise content marketing. Email marketing helps to gain customer loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. And it can also notify customers of things that might be interesting to them. 

You can also use it to drive content to your website, which is something your company should already be doing. Email subscribers are nearly 4x more likely to share your content on social media too. As they will sometimes alert their followers about the company, flash discounts and what they have to offer. 

If someone signs up to your company’s mailing list, it means they are interested in following your brand and its offers. 

Watch brand Casio has an email sign-up box in the middle of their homepage. 

Casio's homepage with newsletter sign upCasio places the form there to ensure everyone who visits their homepage has the opportunity to sign-up to their mailing list. 

If you don’t have a form for visitors to sign-up, you are missing out on potential customers. 

Casio’s homepage receives 12.36% of the website’s traffic which is around 19,300 monthly views. All of which have the opportunity to sign-up to the mailing list.

the amount of traffic the homepage receivesEmail marketing provides the chance to build a trusting relationship with current and potential customers. 

They will follow along with your emails and make a purchase with a discount code. Or when notified of a discounted product or sale. Even if they’ve not purchased from you before, you are visible to them. So, when they look for a watch brand in future, they will think of your company before any other. 

This will increase your company’s traffic. As directed links can be sent to mailing lists – links to a new collection or product page. 

a graph of Casio's traffic and keywords

Email marketing has played its part in Casio’s increase in traffic. They now have 176,200 monthly viewers and domain authority (DA) of 51. 

As illustrated, targeted emails can help to support your growth. Not only do emails have a high ROI, they also help to drive up search rankings, too. It’s a win-win situation.


There are lots of opportunities in content marketing for watch brands and these examples are just a starting point.

Each and every company will have different objectives and their own unique reasons for using content marketing.

However, the most important thing for any brand is to start. Because it provides ample opportunities for your business to grow. And if you don’t do it, your competitors will. 

Remember to employ different forms of content marketing and use them together to create a trusted brand with a loyal following. 

Even within these 9 examples, you can see how content marketing can benefit your brand. And you can begin to identify what you can potentially achieve through the power of content marketing. 

You never know how many customers you are missing out on until you begin. 

So start thinking about it right now and introduce content strategy into your marketing plan today.

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However, great content marketing takes time and money. For instance, many companies have a dedicated marketing team that produces content, writes copy, and takes beautiful images. But this isn’t always feasible.

As a result, many brands turn to a marketing consultancy like ours. To help them grow online through actionable content and SEO marketing strategy. 

We also create website analysis reports to evaluate your current place in the online market. So you can find out exactly what it takes for your brand to have impactful growth. 

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