Conversion optimisation is a practice that looks to improve certain areas of your site design, element positions, on-page copy and SEO, and other small factors via data analysis. By using different tools to track customer journey, navigation, attention retention and other relevant details, we can interpret this information to advise you on the best way to enhance your website – and improve your conversion rate.


The importance of conversion optimisation

On the surface, there may not seem to be anything wrong with your website. A little bit of digging can unearth pitfalls that you aren’t aware of that, when fixed, will make a huge difference to your site’s performance.


Conversion optimisation seeks to achieve one thing: to increase profit for your business. Every time a customer makes a purchase, you can study the factors that lead to the point of purchase. Results in the form of data transmitted by analytic tools allow you to see what works and what doesn’t, and we can install data gathering software for you to help us audit data about your conversion journey.


What conversion optimisation involves

  • A/B and multivariate testing
    This involves creating two versions of, for instance, a message, and seeing which performs best.
  • Website conversion assessment
    By using passive methods to assess the performance of your site, you can carry on with business as usual while we gather data on consumer actions and identify any obstacles they face when using your website.
  • Conversion tracking
    We’ll place a cookie onto the device any visitor to your site uses, which will record what they do when they visit your website after clicking a link or a banner ad from your PPC campaign.
  • Landing page conversion optimisation
    We’ll track conversion and deploy page tracking techniques to assess the success of your landing page in terms of leading to conversions.
  • Conversion optimisation and testing
    Focussing on long-term solutions, we’ll analyse your site through all of the above combined to measure conversion and make improvements where necessary.