Five Ways to Generate Leads Efficiently

Five Ways to Generate Leads Efficiently

A little behind when it comes to reaching new markets and generating conversions in the last month? Did you address fixes in sections your analytic data indicated needed improvement and still do not see any positive outcome? You’re not alone in facing this problem.

Most businesses and marketers believe that looking at data is the only way to know if your site, campaigns, and other marketing efforts are yielding anything. Analytic information is a helpful performance indicator, but it is not always correct in all cases.

Sometimes, your campaigns can perform weakly because you depend heavily on paid advertisements on social media. It is also possible the keyword you are using is too “stuffed” with high-performing and competitive content.

Here are a few things that you might have missed which can help you improve your leads.

Keyword Advertising

Looking at your keywords at present, you already know which sites and pages dominate the arena. You can see how well their content is made and their efficacy in choosing keywords and phrases that identify strongly with their brand. You copied the same idea, and it has received significant views. However, you’re still not seeing conversions or interest from your audience.

It is possible that the keyword is already at its ceiling-level when it comes to competitive content. There are too many similar well-researched and informative content that users just settle for the first thing they see.

To have an edge, in this case, is to still spend for the keywords you use in this arena and creating compelling or unique content that adds more value, or target other keywords that indicate a “buy” notion, such as using a long-tail or specific keyword.

Update Your Landing Page

Your social media and other marketing efforts in different networks are reaping positive results, but if you see your website clicks are high yet you are failing to create conversions, it might be time to do an audit on your landing page.

A minor change in certain positions of elements, such as moving a CTA button more into the left-middle side, changing the colour palette or the entire background image, or altering the message above your CTA button, can urge consumers to consider your services.

A great way to know how to improve your landing page after auditing it is to observe the competitor’s landing pages. Design your new one similarly, and you will likely see positive results.

You can also have your existing site-hosted content optimized by leading audiences to your landing pages through subtle links especially if the content has convinced them to consider using your products or services.

Rent an Email List

To improve the efficacy of your content’s marketing capabilities, try to include a friendly, non-intrusive pop-up that invites visitors to leave their email to subscribe to your newsletter, receive a free e-book that resolves a huge, common problem, or a high-value product from your business.

If you wish to complement your email marketing efforts, you can rent an email list. However, make sure settle the expected analytic results with the list owner/ renter to get your money’s worth and avoid being scammed. Rental email lists are as effective as paid advertisements if used properly.

Utilise Social Media to Your Advantage

Knowing the new algorithms and policies of social media can help you improve your marketing efforts greatly. Understanding that the engagement brought by likes and shares is not just to give your updates or content credibility; it also places your content on the top or the prioritizes areas of your customer’s feed.

Holding contests in social media can improve visibility and spread awareness regarding your brand.

However, make sure you do not use this to “farm” likes or reactions to gain better reach in social networks; your account can get penalized in this manner.

If you focus on creating compelling and high-quality content that is easily shareable, you can maximize your social media campaigns.  Make sure that each content you produce delivers a positive effect on your intended audience.

Create a Survey

If your efforts still fail to deliver, the best thing to do is ask your target audience about the things they like, or what appeals to them. If you have an incentive (similar to a giveaway you provide through newsletter sign-ups on your landing page), you can propel your surveys to great heights.

If you are running a YouTube campaign, you can add surveys to your advertisements. You won’t spend too much for every survey created by the video hosting site. The best thing about it is that the returns you get from demographics and other analytic information help you create a better advertising campaign, content, and appealing products and services.

You can conduct offline and social media surveys too. Just make sure that you have adequate and valuable incentives to ensure the honesty of answers from your respondents.

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