Managing affiliate marketing campaigns

Not only can we set up an affiliate marketing program for you, we can also manage it on your behalf.

In the most general sense of the word, an affiliate is someone who helps to promote or market a product or a service to potential clients or customers and receives a commission on the sale whenever a desired outcome has taken place, such as a purchase or sign up. The term affiliate is mostly used in online retailing where the relationship between the company and the affiliate is known as affiliate marketing.

There are three basic types of affiliate program commission payment:

  • Cost per sale (pay per sale)
    This is an arrangement in which the merchant site pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer who purchases something. It’s the method that Amazon uses for its affiliate program.
  • Cost per lead (pay per lead)
    In this case, companies pay their affiliates on the basis of the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads.
  • Cost per click (pay per click)
    Here, the merchant site pays the affiliate on the basis of the number of visitors who click on links to enter the website of the merchant. In this case, the amount paid to the affiliate is not dependent on whether the customer buys or not.

When we set up your affiliate marketing program, we’ll look at key factors that can be managed and altered as and when. This includes:

Defining a niche market

You can’t aim to sell everything to everyone, so in order to create a successful affiliate program, you need to determine a niche market and figure out who your audiences are.

Finding niche partners

Once you’ve defined a niche market, we’ll look to find websites with viewers interested in your market in order to find partners who already have high levels of traffic and would benefit from your affiliate partnership.

Developing a creative offer

You must offer your affiliate partners creative and compelling material to help make their job as easy as possible. We’ll look at how we can optimise every aspect of your offering to help you achieve this.

Looking for new affiliates

Setting up an affiliate marketing program requires continual effort. We’ll stay on the lookout for more affiliate programs to partner with, and actively recruit new affiliates to help expand your network even more.