Optimising email marketing campaigns

If you have an existing email marketing campaign, chances are there are things you can do to make it perform better – even it’s already performing successfully. After all, user demographics, interests, and even the activity of email service provider filters can change regularly, so it’s always worth reviewing and refreshing your campaigns regularly.

The basics of email optimisation

There are three main components to consider when it comes to email optimisation. The first is simply to audit your email marketing campaigns against best practice, which we can discuss with you. You may find that you’ve inadvertently overlooked a common best practice that could improve the performance of your campaign.

The other two components are segmenting your email marketing list or database and A/B testing.

List segmentation

List segmentation involves breaking down your main email list into smaller segments so that you can present targeted offers and messages to people who meet the relevant criteria. Depending on your marketing resources or the size of your marketing email list or database, this can be as simple as splitting your list into two separate halves, or it can mean having many smaller lists. You can permanently segment your email marketing list, or you can create different list segments as needed with each email send or time frame.

A/B testing

A/B testing is the process of testing two different components of an email against each other while no other factors are changed. For example, you may randomly split your email list down the middle and test two different email subject lines to see which one gets a higher open rate, or you might test two different offers against each other. In short, any time you test one element of an email (element A) against a different version of it (element B), you have an A/B test.