An honest, results-focused marketing consultant

Looking for a marketing consultant to help you increase online performance to beat your competition? Start getting results with my help.

Results driven, honest and consistent. You can rely on me to help you increase your traffic, leads and sales to your website.

Marketing consultant

A marketing consultant who can increase your traffic leads and sales

I am a marketing consultant who can help you understand your current online position, build you a targeted marketing strategy and show you how to execute marketing campaigns to really connect with your audience and beat your competition.

I have built marketing strategies for FTSE 100 companies, startups and many other businesses. My digital expertise includes Content Marketing, SEO, Website Conversion, Email, PPC and Social Media. I also build websites and apps.

All my work is project based, meaning no long-term contracts are needed. We only focus on what will get results and you are free to leave at anytime. This method gives you flexibility and confidence that I won’t take my eye off the ball.

If you’re looking for a straight-talking, jargon free approach to your marketing, speak to a marketing consultant who really cares.  Also, sign up to my blog to get great (and free) marketing advice for your business.

How I Can Help You

Want to know how your website is performing against your competitors?

I’ll show you what your competition is doing well online and how you can make logical improvements to get ahead of them on search engines. Whether it’s SEO improvements, creating specific content or link-building – I’ll get your website performing better so you can get ahead of the competition.

If your website is getting traffic, but no sales, I can help you understand exactly what the issue may be and build you a logical roadmap to improve your website conversion performance.

Competitor Analysis

When you want a digital marketing strategy that really connects, it’s a good idea to have an experienced marketing consultant and strategist behind you – someone who can create and implement a strategy with the ability to tell you why it works and provide active examples of where similar strategies have worked elsewhere.

I write a lot of marketing strategies, so I get constant feedback on what works and what doesn’t. I therefore only advise strategies which are tried and tested.

Marketing Strategy Consultant

If you want to beat your biggest competitors and increase your website traffic and sales with a great ROI then you need an experienced digital marketing consultant on board.

I’ll show you how to build smart and scalable marketing campaigns so you can out-rank your competitors and dominate online. Create engaging, relevant content and then target your audience to turn your website into a lead magnet and leave your competitors in the dust.

Business Growth Stategy

A marketing consultant who can help you succeed

content marketing expert

Content Marketing

Create engaging value-based content pieces aligned to your audiences needs. Use this content to grow your website traffic and then turn them into sales.

SEO Marketing expert


Optimise your content and create backlinks to increase your position on Google. Align your SEO to your content marketing strategy to rapidly increase your website traffic.

email marketing expert

Email marketing

Create effective email campaigns to engage your audience. Build your email marketing strategy as part of your content strategy to maximise their impact.

Website development consultant

Website development

I can help you design, write and build beautiful websites to make your business shine. Every site is responsive, elegant and personally project managed from start to finish.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimization

Get your website performing to its optimum capacity and turn your traffic into sales. Use a marketing consultant to build a conversion testing plan for your website.

PPC marketing consultant

Paid media

A tried and tested method to drive site traffic and generate customers. I will ensure your ads are relevant and get you a high click-through rate and great ROI.

Why you should work with me

Transparent Marketing consultant

If what you’re after is a jargon free, honest marketing consultant, then I’m your guy.

I don’t waste your time or my own with confusing or unrealistic promises. You’ll understand what I’m talking about from the start to finish.

I explain my thinking in full and the direction I think we should head in. Nothing is hidden and you can ask as many questions as you want. It my job to inform you of my reasoning behind any strategy so that you can fully understand the process.

Marketing performance

Every business wants a ROI – it’s the benchmark of any online strategy. With me as a marketing consultant, you’ll have an understanding of exactly what what is working and what isn’t.

I have a sales first approach to marketing, meaning that I care most about the activities which are going to bring in the results. If I can’t measure it, then I won’t do it.

I need you to succeed for me to succeed, therefore I only work where I feel I can make a real difference.

marketing consultant flexibility

I can build a marketing strategy or marketing campaign around what works for your business. And unlike an agency or other marketing consultants, I don’t seek any long-term contract commitments.

Even though I work with businesses on both long and short-term projects, this flexible approach keeps me at the top of my game. It also gives me the ability to scale up and down as required.

I can work on a project as part of your marketing team, or as a managed service. I also have a full team of developers, copywriters and designers behind me to help meet any challenge.

Companies I have worked with

Client Testimonials

Lewis Daniels
Lewis Daniels

Marketing Manager


Murray has a superb ability to look at a situation from many different angles, generates a lot of good ideas and facilitates productive discussions which have driven action within in the team.

Thomas Lukins
Thomas Lukins

DDC Technical Lead


I have worked with few other people that demonstrate such a level of persistence and thoroughness in their problem solving approach whilst still maintaining the ability to accept and adopt to new technical challenges as they are presented.

Sue Roland
Sue Roland

Product Owner


Murray is able to work at both a strategic and tactical level. He considers all aspects of a delivery, bringing together customer & business needs with IT, and also ensures the ongoing run management implications have been understood of proposed solutions.

Alex Clouston
Alex Clouston



Murray is a genuine marketing expert who brings endless enthusiasm to every task, whether that’s planning and executing an in-depth SEO campaign, scoping a marketing delivery system or overhauling an out of date journey.

Helen Terry
Helen Terry

CRM manager


When he arrived, he immediately grasped the data and started making tangible, profit driving decisions and changes. He provided well needed reinvigoration within the team.

Ronnie George
Ronnie George

Marketing Director


The market is full of people that profess to know, but Murray genuinely is one who does and can generate the results.

Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor

Head of Commercial


Murray’s enthusiasm, determination and passion for a role really shone through and the activity that Murray has delivered will help transform our business performance.

George Vokas
George Vokas



Murray has no problem with the hard work and he consistently developed new ideas to push the business forward, completely rethinking the way that our online marketing worked.

Mark Outram
Mark Outram

Managing Director

Propel Consult

I have had significant exposure to many marketeers over my career and never have I found anyone who can guarantee results through the right channels; identifying quick results as well as establishing long term gains. If you haven't already engaged with Murray you need to!

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If you have a question about your business or want to work with me, then please get in touch.


What does a marketing consultant do?

A marketing consultant works with businesses to provide them with a logical path to grow their online performance. They plan, implement and execute marketing strategies across several areas as one unified plan.

Usually, we start with competitor analysis and then use our analysis to advise the smartest marketing strategies to help them beat their competitors.

The responsibilities of a marketing consultant are varied and cover a wide scope of marketing activities. 

The strategies a marketing consultant will execute depend on your business needs, meaning no plan is the same.

Why should I hire a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant will speak to you on your level without needless jargon. They’ll promote a solution even if they are not the beneficiary.

Marketing consultants are often more directly responsible for the work completed. Therefore, they are more involved and can help you to make the right decisions and undertake the work required more quickly.  

They bring a level of expertise and experience so can target your efforts and focus on what really matters for your business.

Ultimately, marketing consultants care more about your business because they are more involved.

It’s also less expensive than hiring someone on a full-time salary with benefits.

How much does it cost to hire a marketing consultant?

Our time is £400 per day (+ VAT) / £50 per hour (+ VAT).

How does your pricing model work?

There are no long contracts, you simply pay for the work carried out within each month. Easy, reliable and efficient.

What should I expect when I engage with you?

First we’ll discuss your business, to learn about you and where you want to get to. 

Then we usually perform a competition analysis to understand your industry or niche. 

From this analysis, we’ll build a bespoke marketing strategy that aligns to your business needs. 

Once a plan has been agreed upon, we’ll implement and execute it. 

We will analyse its performance and when necessary, alter our approach. All the while communicating with you and updating you on every step

If I hire you, how quickly will you get started?

The best way to hire a marketing consultant such as myself is to simply get in touch. My team and I can usually get started within a few days of initial contact.

Want to work with us?

If you like the work we do and want to get involved, drop us an email. We are always looking for great talent

To be a marketing consultant or to work for a marketing consultancy can be very rewarding. The work is varied and affords you greater skill development and growth.

While we may not have any current vacancies or opportunities, we’d still love to hear from you. 

Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

How I got into marketing consultancy

I started at the bottom, built up my skills within several companies until I became head of department. It was at this point I began transitioning myself towards becoming a marketing consultant.

Over time, as I built a team to help with specific marketing areas, we eventually transformed into Murray Dare Marketing Consultancy.

What is the difference between a ‘marketing consultancy’ and a ‘marketing agency’?

Marketing consultants take a more strategic approach to marketing. Whereas, agencies often focus on a few core areas and so, will want to recommend these services. 

You might find agencies guide you in a direction that best suits their own strengths rather than what is right for your business. 

A marketing consultant will analyse your company or service and your competitors to ascertain the best approach. They focus on creating a bespoke plan that works for you and your business.