There are numerous options when it comes to marketing, but one of the most prevalent is search engine optimisation. SEO, however, has one disadvantage: if search engines upgrade their algorithms, a lot of websites will experience a drop in ranking.

This is where pay per click, or PPC, steps in. PPC campaigns allow you to bid on high-traffic keywords that are relevant to your business, helping you to reach potential customers online. When using PPC, it’s the search engine’s responsibility to display your advert through the highest-performing SERP results.

We have plenty of experience in running PPC campaigns and leveraging CPMs, as well as handling hybrid campaigns and maintaining your PPC performance in relation to your business objectives.


SEO and PPC are two different digital marketing strategies. While one focuses on the organic outreach of your website by using search engine principles for great design, content and navigation, the other allows you to bid for high-density keywords. By out-bidding competitors for high-ranking keywords, you have a better chance of achieving the top as position in search engines.

It’s important to implement both SEO and PPC if you’re looking to significantly improve your site’s overall performance. Good SEO practices help to implement excellent PPC campaigns; you need awareness of the right optimisation practices in order to create attention-grabbing, lead-generating headlines, and as such they need to display correctly and give all the necessary information in the shortest possible time.

What we can do for you

  • Keyword research
    The most important part of any SEO or PPC campaign. This includes identifying and positioning keywords in the proper technical areas of your site.
  • PPC account maintenance
    PPC campaigns need constant attention. There’ll be times when you’ll need to adjust your budgets on keywords, or include new terms to keep your content relevant and ahead of the competition. We can manage this for you, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.