Reducing distractions, turn the news and Facebook off

Reducing distractions, turn the news and Facebook off

I get distracted.

Distracted from the things that matter.

Distracted by emails, by notifications, by the news, and by conversations.

I never considered distraction a problem, mistaking it for interests. My interests in the world, the news and other people’s conversations.

Turn the distractions off

I stopped watching the news. I ceased listening to it on the radio and the TV. I turned off any news notifications on my phone.

At first, it was difficult. I found myself wanting to know what was going on. When bored, I would take my phone out of my pocket, only to put it back once I realised what I was doing.

But, as the days rolled on, I found the lack of distraction less difficult. I even started to enjoy not being updated about the latest celeb death.

I went further. I removed the Facebook app from my phone. I unsubscribed from all my emails that weren’t relevant. I stopped listening to any radio show with news updates.

My phone was silent, my inbox emptied. While everyone gazed at small screens, I didn’t. When in restaurants, my phone never touched the wood of the table.

My distractions rapidly reduced. I stopped lolling on the sofa. I slept better because I thought about distractions less. My diet improved. I spent less. I worked more efficiently. I was a better friend. All because I removed my distractions.

After removing my distractions

After the shift, everything became simpler, my anxieties fell. I started living in my now, rather than somebody else’s. When I do occasionally read the news, I feel less affected by it.

There is too much noise already in my life. A filter on the noise helps me put more time into the important things.

I never have enough time, so I don’t have the time to waste it distracted. Time is the most valuable resource we have.

Removing distractions made me better at life, what could be more important than that.

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