Client Case Study

XLN – 30% increased Year-on-year account sales growth

XLN Marketing
Who are XLM what were the challenges facing them?

XLN is the most significant independent player in the UK business broadband world. They provide phone, broadband, energy, and card payment services tailored for small businesses.

With over 60,000 small businesses using their many products, they have a focus on price and customer service. They have offices in central London and Sheffield.

The business broadband market is dominated by one dominant player, BT. Other broadband providers compete to take BT’s customers and hold on the market away from them. Customers don’t switch their broadband providers as much as they should. A key challenge XLN have is encouraging and converting new customers over to their services.

So what could we do to help?

I worked with XLN as Head of Digital, looking after a team of ten that specialised in digital marketing and website development. It was my role to increase leads and improve lead conversion across all online sales channels including Organic, Affiliates, Direct, PPC. Using an agile framework and principles, I was expected to manage through all significant website development projects and responsible for presenting progress directly to the board every month. There was a particular focus on increasing qualified leads and sales every month. Previous management had bent sales figures, meaning a new process of end-to-end reporting that was easy to understand and transparent was required.

Circumstantial challenges

Difficult sales targets

No reliable reporting tools

Moving PPC in-house from agency

Ideas were based on instincts rather than data

Lack of understanding of how products processes worked and no roadmap to improve them

A new team which hadn’t worked together

A lack of communication across all departments

A lack of planning across all marketing activities

My Role

I worked closely with the CEO, Marketing and Finance Directors and the Head of Sales to develop a sales centred strategy to meet short, medium and long-term goals.

I managed a team of 10, focusing on online marketing and website development. I also worked on customer service improvement projects to improve customer experience and usability.

  • Complete control of all online marketing and lead generation activities
  • Creation and responsibility for funnel analysis to indicate which lead generation activities had increased website site traffic and which had generated sales
  • Implementation of a localised small business keyword targeted content campaign to get traffic to the website from particular target regions
What were the results?


  • Year-on-year account increased sales growth of 30% in Dec 2016 and 26% in Jan 2016
  • Managed an Online Affiliate program, growing sales by 67% in 6 months
  • Presentation of all results and plans at board and investor levels
  • End-to-end website conversion analysis and improvement plan created and actioned
  • Creation and project management for all significant website improvement plans including website migrations, complete online signup, CMS installation, content hub creation, site navigation changes, and existing customer account upgrades
  • Development of end-to-end reporting metrics from Marketing to Sales
  • Management of IVR and out of office call answering processes

Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study