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Murray | Digital marketing consultant

Hi, I’m Murray.

If you are looking for someone to help you take your business forward, we should talk.

I’ve worked with dozens of business owners, helping them to discover the right marketing strategy for their businesses. I know I can help you, too.

Most marketers talk a lot. Yet their ideas are uninspired and bland. I am not that kind of marketer.

My angle: You are unique. Your business is unique. Your marketing should be unique.

If you feel that your marketing is confused, boring and doesn’t reflect your passion, you are probably right.

If you’d like a conversation about your business, starting from this position, then get in touch.

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My work – Three key areas

There are three areas underpinning all my work, which can be applied to any business, no matter their size:

Marketing Strategy – What is the plan, why will it work and how does it fit with your brand?

Content Marketing – How to get you noticed, ranked and converting customers.

Business Process – Implementing processes to ensure you can automate and scale.

In summary, I can help you to find and communicate with your audience, allowing you to rise above competitors with a system in place to ensure your growth is manageable.

And all this done with you at the helm.

As you’ve already noticed, I don’t talk about specific services areas, such as SEO, PR, PPC – and all the other acronyms you can think of.

I used to. I don’t anymore.

As each situation is different, I prefer an integrated approach:

My opinion: A single ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ is illogical and boring. It leads to sub-standard ideas and sub-standard work that no one enjoys.

No business leader I’ve ever spoken to has said, ‘I want to be the same as everyone else. Can you tell me how to be like them?’

After all, we are talking about your business (and your baby), not me selling you a specific half-cooked solution.

Here’s an example: The services fallacy

I could sell you SEO services.

After all – SEO means traffic, and traffic means leads.

But SEO doesn’t mean anything without content. Anyone who is talking about SEO is really talking about creating content.

But you also need backlinks to rank. How is your content going to achieve this (without dodgy links) if your content is crap?

And even if it does rank, what are you going to do with that traffic? We need the ability to convert that traffic.

An alternative approach: Your customers need a reason to work with you.

It’s our job to give them that reason. To provide you and your business with a clear way for people to engage with you in the process.

Your marketing strategy needs to drive their engagement. A crappy 500 word blog isn’t going to do that, no matter how many you write.

These questions are baked in when we work together.

I will help you to work out the best way to engage with your audience.

We’ll then work out the best way to do this based on your resources.

I want to know your business. I ask a lot of questions. You get a lot of answers.

Most importantly, I tell you when I don’t think something will work or I am not best suited to do it.

Radical approach, I know.

But much better for all involved.

More creative, less uninspired. More passionate, less boring.

You get someone who cares. I only work on things I enjoy.

Sounds Logical

I prefer solving problems creatively.

I want to have meaningful conversations that aren’t transactional, with people who care about what they do.

It is far more creative and rewarding for me to work like this.

Plus, it means I only work with people who have a similar approach.

Yes – it’s different to the way anyone else works. But I’m not trying to be anyone else.

Just like your business isn’t like any other. And you are not like anyone else.

And you know that.

That’s why you’ve kept reading. And you were probably nodding as you went. I can hear you now: “At last, somebody who talks sense!” 

Or maybe that’s just my echo.

So, let me leave you with this:

Do you want to have a serious conversation about the future of your business, or do you want to stay on the same, well-trodden path?

There’s no obligation, and no risk. All initial conversations are free. 

If you are ready, let’s have a discussion about what you could really achieve, together.

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Still not convinced? Feel free to check out some of my work.

Still reading?

Great, maybe we just became friends…

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