My name is Murray Dare. I’ve been in Digital Marketing for ten years.


My specialities are SEO and PPC, website conversion optimisation, and website development.


I wear many hats; Marketing freelancer, SEO freelancer, Marketing strategy consultant, and Web development consultant.


Call me anything you want, but there’s only one title I enjoy.


A growth hacker, because I grow your online business quickly through my marketing expertise.


I’m a friendly, direct, and honest person who does what he does best: Work hard, get the best results. Rinse and repeat.


Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients big and small.


I’ve helped develop multi-channel marketing strategies, do website development work and managed digital marketing teams.


Alongside my freelance work, I also run my very own marketing agency in Norfolk to support my clients.


When I’m not busy changing the world, I’m a father, a runner, a guitarist, reader, and an avid rugby enthusiast.


I also enjoy a nice glass of red wine with relaxing lounge music. And I love to cook.


Anyways, if you would like to work with me, feel free to chat me up by dropping me a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

With 10 years of digital marketing experience across multiple industries, if you’re looking to achieve your marketing goals and grow your ROI, you’ve come to the right place.

My Story

February 2016

I left my full-time job, learned how to code websites and to set up


I quickly picked up some clients and took on website developing roles.

September 2016

Willdiffer, a business concept developed by me was officially launched.


Willdiffer is a company that donates to charities whenever you switch utilities such as broadband, energy and mobile plans.

February 2017

I took on a 12-week marketing consultancy contract for my first major client, which quickly extended to 6 months’ work.


This was when I started expanding my team to take on more work for more clients.

September 2017

I launched Dadventure, a fatherhood blog providing parenting advice to fathers.


Dadventure is my way of communicating the struggles of fatherhood to other like-minded dads all around the world.

October 2018

Norfolk is my home. Its beauty and culture is something I hold dear, and I want to do my part in growing the local Norfolk businesses.


And so NorfolkStays, an Airbnb-styled listing service for local Norfolk homes is officially launched.

Ready to get going?