Marketing Expert,
Consultant and Writer

I’m here to help you increase your traffic, leads and sales with smart and effective marketing strategies.

No bull. No messing about. Just reliable, effective strategies that get results.

Marketing consultant

How I can help you get ahead

Great marketing is about connecting with your audience. You need to create value for your customers so you can increase your website performance.

So, for me, the question for every business is the same how do we create value for your audience?

I have worked with loads of businesses to build marketing strategies and plans to help them get ahead of their competition.

Work with me and you’ll then see the following happen:

  • Huge increases in online traffic and higher ranking on search engines
  • Better conversations and relationships with your customers
  • An engaged audience who actually wants to listen to you
  • Measurable ROI (return on investment) on all your campaigns
  • A customer-focused marketing strategy which makes logical sense

What makes me better than the rest?

  • I practice what I preach – everything I talk about I deliver with content I produce
  • I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what doesn’t work – that’s why I can talk to you about what does with confidence
  • I’m problem orientated – I am not here just to sell you a set of packages. Your business is unique, my approach respects that
  • I care about relationships – they are at the heart of everything after all
  • I care about results – it doesn’t help me if you can’t succeed, therefore I won’t work with you unless I can help you
  • I’m transparent and honest – this approach makes my life much easier and means you can trust me
  • I don’t claim to have all the answers – I will work with you to find you practical ways to solve the issue at hand, whatever it takes

Fancy a chat?

I’m very happy to discuss your needs with an initial, no obligation consultation.

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About me

Stuff I do when I’m not working…

  • Runner – I am able to think when I run, therefore I run a lot
  • Guitarist – I play for myself so I don’t compare myself to others
  • Reader – I read a lot – Business, History and Sci-fi especially
  • Toastmaster – I used to hate public speaking, now I enjoy it
  • Cook – I will cook for anyone who wants to be fed

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