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Free marketing strategy templates and resources to help you decide on the best marketing strategies for your business. Our marketing templates will help you prepare and execute your chosen plan. Completely free to download.

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Businesses of different sizes and natures face unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our marketing strategy plans to the size of your business, its nature and the purpose behind your marketing ambitions. The following marketing strategy templates are designed to empower new businesses and startups.

Marketing Goals Template
Define your goals to achieve your ambitions

Marketing Goals Template

Do you feel like you’re lacking direction? Understanding your marketing goals is key to ensuring their success.

This marketing strategy template will assist you in defining a series of measurable marketing goals. Each will be accompanied by set milestones and actionable tasks that are aligned with your overall business ambitions.

Marketing Initiatives Template
Nail down your ideas into a workable plan

Marketing Initiatives Template

With so many routes available to you, choosing which to take can feel like a significant hurdle.

This marketing strategy template was designed to help you define your marketing efforts and initiatives; it will assist you in achieving your marketing goals within agreed upon timeframes.

Target Market Template
Understand your audience and how to market to them

Target Market Template

To connect with your audience, you have to know them. Target markets allow you to visualise common and differing characteristics so you can determine an appropriate marketing approach for each.

This marketing strategy template will support you in achieving this and help you segment your customers correctly.

Market Analysis Template
Know the market you operate within

Marketing Goals Template

Knowing your audience is one thing, knowing your market is another.

This marketing strategy template will empower you to observe your market, as well as map out any external factors within your market that might impact on your business’ success.

SWOT Analysis Template
Drill into what makes your business tick

SWOT Analysis Template

Discover and define your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks.

This marketing strategy template will empower you to make more informed marketing decisions by encouraging you to consider your unique position within the market, and the advantages and disadvantages accompanying that position.

Positioning Strategy Template
Work out where your business stands in the market

Positioning Strategy Template

Knowing where your product or service sits within its market is crucial.

This marketing strategy template will support you in identifying your position in the market, what makes your product unique, and why your target audience should be interested in it.

Buyer Personas Template
Define your ideal customer persona

Buyer Personas Template

The aim of our buyer persona template is to assist you in creating a detailed outline of your ideal customer.

A clear understanding of buyer personas will enable you to target them effectively in your marketing campaigns.

Competitor Analysis Template
Assess your competitors to develop an action plan against them

Competitor Analysis Template

To combat your competitors effectively, you have to know their strengths and weaknesses.

This marketing strategy template will help you identify and examine competing companies, as well as enabling you to visually rank them according to their relative strengths and weaknesses.

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Our templates are designed to help you think about your business in a more structured way.

Download them all to gain an edge over your competitors; consider your market position, audience or customer base, rivals, and more. Then develop, plan, and execute your marketing strategy.

Growing Your Business?
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The challenges you face depend on the sizes and nature of your business. Our own research shows that 80% of B2B businesses do not think their marketing activities are working. Our marketing strategy checklists and templates take this into account, as well as the aims and ambitions of your marketing activities. This marketing strategy checklist is for small businesses in their early stages.

Master Checklist: Early Stage & Growing Businesses
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Free Marketing Strategy Template and Checklist for Early Stage and Growing Businesses

To provide you with a clear overview of everything you need to do to set your business up for long-term success. This checklist will help you identify which areas of early-stage marketing are missing from your current strategy.

Scaling Your Business?
No Problem.

You have your initial marketing processes and are taking on regular work. But a main challenge remains for all small businesses; how to scale your business effectively. We know this is an important stage for your business growth. So, this marketing strategy checklist is designed to help you scale your SME business.

Master Checklist: Established Businesses
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Free Business Marketing Template and Checklist

The aim of this checklist is to provide you with the next steps for scaling and optimising your business. In addition, it will also help you improve ROI and certify long-term growth.

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Strategies That Deliver
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Marketing strategy and strategy execution is our bread and butter. It’s what we do day in, day out.

Most businesses have an individual marketing manager. For instance, a generalist able to compile a plan across multiple disciplines and specialisms. But successful marketing strategies require input from numerous experts. Of course, this is where a marketing consultancy agency can help you to get ahead.

With ample experience covering PR, social, paid media, content marketing, SEO and competitor analysis, we are able to create comprehensive, bespoke marketing strategies.

We believe that a great team is the sum of its parts, and take a highly collaborative and integrated approach to creating every single marketing strategy we deliver. As a result, our marketing strategies are designed by a team of experts, ensuring complete strategy alignment across all of your marketing channels.

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Based on this call, we will then get an NDA signed and book you in with a further session with a marketing strategy consultant to enable us to deep dive into your business. From then, we’ll begin work on your strategy.