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Generic marketing strategies deliver mediocre results, at best, and can put a major dent in your budget. 

That’s why our marketing consultants create bespoke strategies suited to the needs of each individual business we work with. 

We don’t buy into fads and short-lived trends claiming that a single aspect of marketing (like social media or email) is the surefire path to massive growth—because if marketing were really so simple, wouldn’t every company be a success?

Great marketing is nuanced, grounded in data, strategic, and tailored to the strengths of your business and the weaknesses of your competitors. 

Your business deserves better than fads; work with a marketing consultancy who really cares about results.

Want to find out more about what we do and see some examples of the results we’ve achieved for clients? Read our prospectus.

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We don’t succeed unless you succeed. 

While for many marketing agencies it is in their interest to peddle fads, our only interest is in maximising return on investment for the businesses we work with. 

As specialist marketing consultants, we operate with integrity in our efforts to deliver growth that surpasses expectation. We do not take action we cannot justify with data insights, nor do we keep the businesses we work with at arm’s length by shrouding our approach in mystery—as many agencies do.

We want to work in close partnership with you, and for you to understand every step we take, however small, and how it contributes to the wider marketing strategy

With Murray Dare, you can expect us to treat your business as our own, to be generous with our time, and to be open with our expertise. 

Interested? Great! Read our approach and principles so you know what to expect when you work with us.

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While a “jack of all trades” might be able to deliver convenience, experience has shown us that they aren’t able to contend with specialists when it comes to delivering quality and results. 

That’s why each member of the Murray Dare team is an expert in his or her own right, occupying a specific role. 

This means that when you work with us, you will benefit both from the convenience of depending on a single partner and from specialist expertise in each area of marketing—from PR to SEO, and everything in between. 

Successful digital marketing is the sum of its parts, which is why when we devise your marketing strategy, we treat each of these parts with equal dedication and consideration. 

But great marketing isn’t just about strategy. The execution is as critical as the plan. 

SEO should be balanced and precise, content should be value-centric and compelling, and PR should be relationship-driven and targeted. 

When you work with us, every aspect of your marketing strategy is honed in on and fine-tuned to ensure maximum success.

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To maximise ROI and drive results, effective marketing strategy must understand what your competitors are doing, what is likely to drive growth and how quickly test strategies recommended. 

There are usually several elements for any marketing strategy to succeed.

Competitor Analysis Competitor analysis
Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy
Content Content marketing
PR Digital PR and outreach
conversion Conversion optimisation
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Why trust us as your
marketing consultants?

At Murray Dare, we will never recommend a strategy that we ourselves haven’t tried and tested. Our unique, data-driven approach has consistently delivered success for our own business and our clientbase—and we would be thrilled to show you the growth results we’ve seen. 

No sales tactics. Just hard proof.

We’re so committed to helping you make the right choice for your business, that we’ve written a marketing consultancy guide to help you choose the right marketing support—whether that’s us, another consultancy, or a marketing agency. You can read it here, no strings attached.