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We help businesses grow with smart SEO strategies, tried and tested on ourselves.

Team up with Murray Dare—an SEO consultancy that treats your business like our business.


We’re not an SEO
agency: Here’s why

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While marketing agencies and other SEO consultants prioritise levelling the playing field between your business and its competitors, we aspire to more.

Many businesses find that having enlisted the services of an SEO or marketing agency, the service received once contracts are signed is average—because the agency is happy with average.

With Murray Dare, we consider the only acceptable benchmark for success to be glass-shattering growth.

While marketing agencies provide a middle-of-the-road, off-the-shelf solution, we approach every business we work with as a unique and exciting puzzle to be solved.

An SEO consultancy
with principles

Whilst other businesses say they think differently, we mean it.

Our SEO consultancy services are built on a business approach and principles we think are fundamental to long-term growth.

So much so, that we completely reinvented our playbook so we were optimised to take risks, create true customer value and drive consistent growth.

Interested? Great! Read our approach and principles so you know what to expect when you work with us.

Work with SEO experts
who care about you

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Our SEO consultancy services combine competitor analysis, SEO, content marketing, outreach, and CRO strategies tailored to each business we work with.

Your business is unique. Your SEO strategy should be unique, too.

Unfortunately, there is no “SEO formula”, as many marketing agencies would have you believe.

Instead, all our activities are founded on a simple question: how do we create as much value as possible for each audience you interact with within your marketing?

SEO services
for growth

To maximise ROI and drive results, effective SEO must be combined with robust content marketing, conversion optimisation, and outreach. Each of these components must exist within a wider, interconnected strategy.

This is why when you partner with Murray Dare, we approach SEO as a single cog in a much larger machine.

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Why trust us as your
SEO consultants

Because, unlike most, we don’t believe marketing is a place for secrets.

Want to know how we drive growth? Ask us. We’re entirely transparent about our processes and growth strategies.

Want to see the analytics yourself? We’ll walk you through the data and explain our insights.

At Murray Dare, we will never recommend a strategy that we ourselves haven’t tried and tested. Our unique, data-driven approach has consistently delivered success for our own business and our clientbase—and we would be delighted to show you the growth results we’ve seen.

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