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I help businesses create content that is not only optimised for ranking, but is also original, valuable, and establishes you as a thought leader in your industry.

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Unlike most marketing agencies, which prioritise quantity and speed, I take pride in my ability to create quality content that is designed to be read and convert readers into customers.

My team and I create memorable content that maximises visibility and growth by being worth sharing, original enough to gain traction on the web, and poised to pick up backlinks effortlessly. 

With Murray Dare, expect content that maximises your ROI and serves as an ongoing representation of your expertise in the field. 

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I don’t believe in generic content marketing solutions. 

Just as every author has their own unique voice, so must your business. When I devise your content marketing strategy, I take the time to help you find your business’s voice, and nurture it into a voice worth listening to.

At best, one-size-fits-all solutions reap average rewards; marketing agencies touting a “proven” content marketing formula will inevitably have similar levels of mediocre success as scripted telephone salesmen.

With Murray Dare, you can expect a tailored strategy formulated by an expert content marketing consultant, because I believe that your content should be as unique as your business. 

Interested? Great! Read our approach and principles so you know what to expect when you work with me.

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While other forms of writing are considered an art form—and are founded on time, dedication, and talent—marketing content has been so heavily commodified that many marketing professionals have lost sight of its true potential and value.  

Put simply, content is an area of marketing that is widely misunderstood, with most marketers seeming to forget that content provides an opportunity for communication and connection with customers; it is not simply a vehicle for SEO and visibility. 

Getting eyes on your content is a start, but it doesn’t reap any rewards if that content isn’t convincing or compelling. The internet is flooded with new marketing content day after day, very little of which is actually bringing anything new to the table. 

I see this deficiency as a chance to differentiate the businesses we work with, by positioning them as content creators with insights that are worth reading. This cultivates a reputation for thought leadership that can give your company credibility, which in turn translates into a distinct competitive advantage. 

Your content is your chance to communicate with your audience long before they establish first contact. It is your first impression, so you best make it count. 

To maximise ROI and drive results, effective content marketing must be combined with robust competitor analysis, conversion optimisation, outreach strategies, and SEO. Each of these components must exist within a wider, interconnected strategy that we can help you formulate.

Content marketing

To maximise ROI and drive digital marketing results, effective content marketing must be combined with robust SEO, conversion optimisation, and outreach. Each of these components must exist within a wider, interconnected strategy.

This is why when you partner with Murray Dare, I approach content marketing as a single cog in a much larger machine.

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Why trust us with your
content marketing?

Transparency is one of my core values as a business, which is why I don’t consider my expertise to be a secret, but something to be shared. 

Want insight into how my team and I make our marketing content convert? We publish articles on our website detailing how we use authenticity and value to create a relationship of trust with readers. 

Want to understand how I combine analysis with creativity to optimise my content? I’ll dedicate as much time as necessary to walking you through how data analysis informs our content marketing strategies, and how I research your business’s individual competitive landscape to identify opportunities for content that can set you apart. 

At Murray Dare, I will never recommend a strategy that I myself hasn’t tried and tested. My unique, value-centric approach to content has consistently delivered success for my own business and my client base—and I would be delighted to show you the growth results I’ve seen. 

No sales tactics. Just hard proof.

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