Get an effective marketing strategy to drive your business to the next level

I can help get your business on to the front foot with a logical and scalable marketing strategy which works to increase your traffic, leads and sales from all your marketing channels.

Get a marketing strategy which kicks ass.

Marketing consultant - Murray Dare

Take your business to the next level with a great marketing strategy

I can help your business thrive by building you a distinctive marketing strategy to make your entire marketing approach consistent, appropriately aligned and customer problem orientated.

Get your marketing strategy bang on and you’ll see results – with my insight and clear direction, we can work together to focus on what performs and drop the things that don’t get great ROI.

Whether you want to look at your entire marketing plan, or a key part such as SEO or content marketing – I can support you in creating a strategy that works to increase your traffic, leads and sales.

What's in a marketing strategy?

Put simply, a marketing strategy is a plan that considers all aspects of your current marketing activities to find out what is working, what isn’t and what could be improved.

Decent marketing strategies are all about increasing traffic in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way.

I will look at your competitors, your market, and your current marketing performance to make you a marketing strategy that makes your business sing.

Marketing Strategy
Small business marketing strategy

What a marketing strategy will help you achieve

Competitor Research

Knowing your competitors is crucial to understanding how to beat them. You need to learn as much as you can about them – their customers should be yours, after all!

The first step of developing a marketing strategy is all about drilling down the knowledge of our competitors so we know what they are doing well, what they are ranking for and what we need to do to rank higher than them.

To be first means to simply be ahead of your competition. My approach means we are also dealing with facts and can make logical decision as to what will work for us. There is no point reinventing the wheel when the problem has already been solved.

Business Marketing Objectives

Once we know what our competitors are doing and what is working for them, we can define an outline of what we want to achieve and how best to get there.

At this stage, our marketing strategy will tell us which marketing activities are likely to give us great ROI and how other companies have achieved their results with similar processes. This provides us with the clarity we need to do a few key activities really well and dropping the things which won’t work.

This step provides us a framework for our marketing plans, helping us to define short term wins vs long term goals so we can prioritise actions that are going to have the most impact.

Build Marketing Plan

We will build a marketing plan to achieve all of the objectives set. This will include creating channel specific marketing strategies which fit perfectly to the overall marketing objectives set.

You want to see results fast – our plan will be prioritised according to what we think is going to make the most gain in the shortest amount of time and what works best for your business circumstances.

As we know what the overall objectives are, you can also be assured that all the plans we create are consistent with the overall objective and drives towards to ultimate goal of increasing traffic and sales.

Execute and measure marketing plans

Now we have the plan, we can focus on doing everything needed to hit those targets.

I am results focused, so I don’t care how we achieve that goal as long as we do. My team and I can take on your entire marketing campaign, focus on a small part or let you get on with the action plan.

Once we start completing the plan, we will come back to measure what has worked, what hasn’t and what needs to be improved. We repeat this process until we out rank all the competiton.

Why you should work with me

  • I come with a vast range of digital expertise and content marketing experience – as well as a no nonsense, friendly attitude
  • I don’t mess you about with silly lingo and unnecessary waffle
  • I practise what I preach with my own business and can get you SEO results fast
  • I know what works and how to get you where you want to be
  • I can help you get better reach and ROI without wasting time
  • I will help you rediscover your core values and get them reflected in your content plan

Client Testimonials

Lewis Daniels
Lewis Daniels

Marketing Manager


Murray has a superb ability to look at a situation from many different angles, generates a lot of good ideas and facilitates productive discussions which have driven action within in the team.

Thomas Lukins
Thomas Lukins

DDC Technical Lead


I have worked with few other people that demonstrate such a level of persistence and thoroughness in their problem solving approach whilst still maintaining the ability to accept and adopt to new technical challenges as they are presented.

Sue Roland
Sue Roland

Product Owner


Murray is able to work at both a strategic and tactical level. He considers all aspects of a delivery, bringing together customer & business needs with IT, and also ensures the ongoing run management implications have been understood of proposed solutions.

Alex Clouston
Alex Clouston



Murray is a genuine marketing expert who brings endless enthusiasm to every task, whether that’s planning and executing an in-depth SEO campaign, scoping a marketing delivery system or overhauling an out of date journey.

Helen Terry
Helen Terry

CRM manager


When he arrived, he immediately grasped the data and started making tangible, profit driving decisions and changes. He provided well needed reinvigoration within the team.

Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor

Head of Commercial


Murray’s enthusiasm, determination and passion for a role really shone through and the activity that Murray has delivered will help transform our business performance.

Ronnie George
Ronnie George

Marketing Director


The market is full of people that profess to know, but Murray genuinely is one who does and can generate the results.

George Vokas
George Vokas



Murray has no problem with the hard work and he consistently developed new ideas to push the business forward, completely rethinking the way that our online marketing worked.

Mark Outram
Mark Outram

Managing Director

Propel Consult

I have had significant exposure to many marketeers over my career and never have I found anyone who can guarantee results through the right channels; identifying quick results as well as establishing long term gains. If you haven't already engaged with Murray you need to!

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