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Lean on the experience of a marketing strategist to get the insight and planning you aren’t getting from your current marketing team.

It is not possible to achieve success in business without a sound marketing strategy to back you up and show you exactly what you are doing right.

A well thought out marketing strategy is the cornerstone for commercial success. A great marketing strategy considers all areas of your business and provide clear insight and direction to focus the least amount of effort to get maximum possible results.

Having a great technical and creative team is important, but without a good marketing plan, it is likely that you will do a lot, yet achieve little.

Whether you want to expand your SEO activities, create a fluid email and website content plan, or simply look at your whole business to decide the best way forward, I can help you find that develop a marketing strategy which focuses on the essential steps you need to get the marketing results your business deserves.

What is a marketing strategy?

Put simply, a marketing strategy is a plan that analyses and considers all aspects of your marketing activities to recommend a series of actions to achieve the business goals required.

An effective marketing strategy allows your company to focus its available resources on the few essentials that will most aid the boosting of sales to put you ahead of your competitors.

Get a professional marketing strategy from an expert who has helped companies such as Aviva, Willow and Hall, Randstad, XLN, and Ministry of Sound develop their strategies.

Why You Need a Marketing Strategist

Whenever you are embarking on a digital marketing campaign, you should always have an experienced strategist behind your business who is accountable for deciding which activities are the most important to drive increased revenue for you company.
If you are serious about generating new leads, increasing conversions and sales, you need a marketing strategist—a professional who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing and is best placed to deliver the results you desire.
With a marketing strategist, your digital marketing will do a whole lot more and you will benefit in many different ways.


You make better decisions

Better decision making has two parts:

i) the experience and expertise of your strategist; and
ii) data-based decision making.

If you are serious about driving as much revenue as possible from your marketing, a marketing strategist's expertise and knowledge will help you make the decisions that deliver this. A strategist will know their marketing lingo, what tools to use and what solutions and strategies are likely to work best for your business.

If the person leading your marketing effort—whether that be yourself or any other person—doesn't know their stuff, you are not going to be able to make the best and most informed decisions possible.

That being said, a marketing strategist doesn't only make decisions based off their own experience, though—they utilise real, raw, current data to do it, and a plethora of powerful marketing tools to gather and analyse this data.

There is not much space for guesstimating and uninformed decisions in marketing. When you are making data-based decisions, you are making these decisions based on what you know, not what you think you know or your best guess. This delivers better, smarter results due to the optimised nature of your marketing strategy. Data also shows you how to scale your marketing up to the next level.


You learn about your customers

Any marketing strategy, online or offline, should be heavily focussed on your customers or clients and your overall target market. If it isn't, then you are never going to see the results you would otherwise achieve and could lose potential leads.

A marketing strategist will spend time learning and understanding your current marketing activities and the market you sit in to expose and help you understand the various routes to success.

There are different channels, different customer profiles, different competitors, and different opportunities to consider for any marketing campaign. I can help you find marketing strategies which have worked for other companies, strategies which may also work for you, too.

It is not just about targeting the customers you think you have or the target market you think you know, a marketing strategist will help you learn a lot more contextual information about your current customers and what will work to target them better.

With this information, you are placed in a position to engage better with your customers, create more engaging and relatable digital content, develop your products and services to cater to them more, and achieve higher conversion rates through optimised marketing strategies that generates new and repeat custom.

Using my expertise, I will not only learn about your target market and customers to further your digital marketing campaign, but teach you about them, too.


Your changes drive better results

It's all well and good spending five minutes putting together a Facebook ad and spending £100.00 on it, but is this really the best way to try and achieve the results that you want? Probably not!

Unfortunately, many business owners think of digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram as silver bullets that are guaranteed to succeed. This simply is not the case (and never will be!)

When you work with a marketing strategist such as me, your digital marketing efforts will achieve much better, measurable results that have a much better ROI. This is because us marketing strategists don't just jump into our marketing efforts without first carrying out our research.

We take our time to learn about your business, your market, your product, your competitors, your current web presence, and your social media presence, amongst other things, to determine which marketing options have the best chance of giving you what you want.

By only being present on the right marketing channels, targeting the right customers, and painting your product(s) and/or service(s) in the best possible light, our efforts drive better results than what would have otherwise been achieved.


I will show you how to scale up quickly

Most important is perhaps the fact that with an experienced digital strategist on board, you will beat your competition in the long-term. If you want to pip your biggest competitor(s) to the post on Facebook, overtake them in Google, and "steal" some of their customers through your cleverly targeted digital ads, it is a Dare-ing digital marketing strategist such as me who you need on your side.

Simply knowing who your competitors are is not enough to outdo them with your digital marketing, though. You need to know where they are operating, who they are targeting with their marketing efforts, what channels they are most active on, and where they are driving the most results from, amongst other things, to beat them at their own game.

With priceless experience and a range of powerful marketing tools, it is only a digital marketing strategist such as me who will be able to find out this valuable information and devise a plan to start making some waves.

Consumers rely heavily on emotive and engaging digital marketing content to make purchasing decisions and the situation is simple—if you are producing better digital marketing content than your main competitor you are, over time, going to encroach on their territory and start capturing their customers' attention.

Having worked with some of the country's biggest names and brands, I know what it takes to get my clients ahead of the game.

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