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We’re a B2B digital marketing consultancy. If you want a logical approach to lead generation, content and SEO designed for growth, but without long contracts or minimum budgets. We’ve got you.

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Start marketing your business
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Murray Dare

Hi, I’m Murray.

I can help you to grow your B2B business and realise its true potential.

I can help you to decide which B2B marketing strategy is right for your business. My team and I can then help you to execute that strategy.

Visualise you business with a marketing strategy which makes sense, with everyone driving towards your future.

Get in touch for a free, honest conversation about your business and which B2B marketing strategies might work for you (and if we can’t help you, I will tell you who can).

Looking for B2B marketing experts
who understand you and your business?

You’re not alone.

You want the right marketing strategy to grow your business. You have likely spent hours searching online. Any advice you found was generic, simplified, yet unhelpful.

Each business owner we speak to knows they need to improve their marketing, but are unsure what they need to do or how to do it.

More often than not, they don’t know who to trust, either.

That’s where we can help. We are a digital marketing consultancy who prioritises expert advice, based on where you are and where you need to go.

And unlike other digital marketing consultancy or agencies, we won’t shut the door because you don’t want to sign up to a 12 month contract at a fixed rate.

digital marketing consultancy

80% of B2B SMEs say
Marketing campaigns are not working

If you feel like your current marketing efforts are not achieving what you expected, you are not alone.

According to our latest B2B marketing strategy report, around 80% of the businesses we spoke to said their marketing campaigns weren’t working as expected. That means a lot of companies are failing to hit their potential.

Our full report highlights the key issues B2B businesses face when trying to plan and execute their digital marketing efforts successfully.

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We can help you to:

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Are We The
Perfect Match?

We limit the number of clients we work with, to ensure each business gets the attention they deserve.

This allows us to better connect with you, your business and what you want to achieve.

We only work with B2B businesses who:

Have a solid plan, but want an online marketing strategy tailored for them, and only them.

Want to work in partnership with a team of experts, rather than run as an account.

Are looking to establish a long-term working relationship.

Want a marketing campaign to leapfrog their competition, rather than copy.

Who want to create quality content led campaigns which connect.

But it’s not just about whether you’re a good match for us—we want to be a good match for you, too.

If you value collaboration, trust, and understanding. We may be your new best friend.

Digital marketing strategy:
Built for you, no one else.

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Most digital marketing experts will take a surface-level approach to marketing your business.

They apply generic, off-the-shelf solutions and churn out unoriginal content. Most of this does little else but clog the digital marketplace with more of the same.

Our digital marketing consultancy is different. We help your business connect with customers on their level. We create campaigns which provides genuine value, and maximise audience engagement online. We then turn that engagement into sales.

We aren’t looking to make your product or service seem like something it’s not. It’s our job to take your belief in your business and make your audience believe in it too.

And that’s how we sell our own services; no sleazy tactics, no bull shit. Just salt of the earth, honest expertise.

Plus, we are happy to share all our B2B marketing examples with you, so you are walking on paths well trodden.

Digital marketing consultancy:
Marketing, minus the crap

What are the practical differences between our digital marketing consultancy and other providers?

As a digital marketing consultancy, we take a personal approach. You will always get advice based on your needs, not ours.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t have off-the-shelf solutions. We build marketing strategies based on your business, no one else.

We’ve helped businesses to work out what their business model should be. We even built a business from an idea sketched on a single sheet of paper.

Plus, when you speak to us, you speak to people who have started from scratch, and risk their own money to develop our ideas. This provides us with experience and insight others can’t give.

We’re a digital marketing consultancy, not an agency—that means we work with you, in partnership. A true partnership. Shouldn’t that be the true meaning of B2B marketing?

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Commonly Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Consultancy

What is a digital marketing consultancy?

A digital marketing consultant is one person who works with your business, whereas a digital marketing agency does your marketing for you.

A digital marketing consultancy is the best of both worlds, working directly in partnership with you. You essentially get more control and input into your marketing, but with the same level of expertise you would expect from an agency.

What do marketing consultants do?

Marketing consultants are there to give you the guidance you need on your marketing.

They’ll have expertise in SEO, content creation, social media, PR and outreach – the whole shebang.

Every freelance digital marketing consultant has their own speciality and way of working, so you’ll want to make sure you consider all the factors when choosing the right consultant for you.

For our part, our work is centred on building creative marketing strategies that are grounded in data and value. Why follow the crowd when you can do something genuinely new and exciting?

When should I look for help with my business?

If you’re on our site, you’ve probably already answered that question yourself.

Some of our clients start out with us chatting to them about their business and offering some practical advice. After a few weeks or months, they decide that they want to work with us. Others have a clear idea of what they want and they decide to work with us straight away.

Either approach is fine. The most important thing is to ask – what problem are you trying to solve? Focus on that and you’ll know when to look for help.

How do I choose the best digital marketing consultant for me?

Each of our clients are different and none of them have exactly the same requirements. So choosing the best digital marketing consultant entirely depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

Our specialities are B2B and service-based companies. If you sell lots of product, we’re probably not right for you – and we’ll tell you that up-front.

How much does digital marketing consulting cost?

We have three pricing tiers depending on how involved you’d like to be. Some of our clients speak to us for only a couple of hours per month; others work with us for a couple of days every week.

Our pricing system is a way of bringing down costs for both of us. You’ll only pay for what you want, and we’ll only work on what you need.

Do I need to hire you for a fixed period of time?

Nope. We work on a monthly subscription basis, so you can leave at any time. This means there’s no long-term risk in being locked into a contract. We find that this approach works especially well for smaller businesses.

What is our consultancy process?

We’ll kick things off with a free chat about your business and what you want to achieve. From there, we’ll take a look at your business and ideas, with the option of conducting a deep-dive to really get into the weeds of your business.

After that, we’ll write up a full proposal and send it across for you to make the final decision on. If you’re happy, we’ll begin working together based on your price tier and the structure outlined in the proposal.

I want more advice on hiring the right digital marketing expert

No problem! 

Our guide to hiring a marketing consultancy outlines everything you need to know. 

The guide should give you everything you need to make the right decision for your business, whether that be with us or with another marketing agency.

We’ll even give you some pointers on whether you even need a marketing consultant, or whether hiring an internal marketing manager might be a smarter decision.

If you have any other questions you want answered, get in touch.

Where and how do you work?

We work completely remotely, working directly with our clients through calls, meetings and Slack.

It is slightly less formal than most businesses partnerships, but we like it that way. And it means that we can work with clients across the UK, as well as hiring a team of marketing experts purely on merit.

Originally we were a London-based digital marketing consultancy, but Covid changed that. As it did everything. Fortunately, we adjusted quickly and we haven’t looked back.

I am looking for a digital marketing consultant near me?

For clients in Norfolk who live close to Murray, we do have in-person meetings from time to time. Ask him directly when you speak to him whether this is a viable option for you.

Do you work with international clients?

Predominately, we are a UK digital marketing consultancy so most of our work is UK-based.

We do have some international clients however, so this isn’t an issue.