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Our approach to outreach and PR is strategic, sustainable, and relationship-oriented. We look for opportunities to create value for all parties involved, without relying on unpleasant salesman tactics. 

Partner with Murray Dare—outreach and digital PR experts that cultivate genuine connection.

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Outreach done right

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Unlike many PR and outreach agencies, we don’t believe in sending bulk, unsolicited emails to hundreds of obscure contacts. When we conduct outreach, we research the recipient and take the time to carefully consider whether we can provide value. 

We balance quantity and quality of correspondence to maximise return on investment without compromising our clients’ reputations.

Reputation and branding is an aspect too often overlooked by agencies in their attempts to gain visibility with as little time-investment as possible. This results in generic, uninspired outreach correspondence that lacks personality and doesn’t offer the recipient true value. 

While prioritising outreach volume over offering a genuine value proposition may result in the odd media hit or sale, this approach can quickly lead to your company being associated with spam and impersonal customer relations—neither of which bodes well for your company’s reputation. 

When you partner with Murray Dare, you can expect a PR and outreach strategy that focuses on creating opportunities for collaboration and visibility that are mutually beneficial for all parties. 

That’s why all our correspondence is personalised, targeted, and tailored to our recipient—because connection drives public relations, not spamming someone’s inbox.

Outreach & digital PR
Without the crap

There is a responsibility that comes with establishing contact with someone. 

For the vast majority of us, spam is a daily occurrence that has left us feeling suspicious of even valuable correspondence attempts made by businesses. 

As specialist outreach and digital PR consultants, we operate with integrity in the face of suspicion by identifying hidden opportunities to provide value to the recipient. 

We have no interest in pressuring or tricking recipients. Instead, we focus on creating mutually beneficial collaborations and long-term relationships to drive success for our clients. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so we tailor our strategies so they’re as unique and carefully formulated as your business. With Murray Dare, you can expect us to treat your business as our own, to be generous with our time, and to be open with our expertise. 

Interested? Great! Read our approach and principles so you know what to expect when you work with us.

Strategic outreach & digital PR
Tailored for your business

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There are three pillars that support our outreach and digital PR consultancy strategies; relevance, value, and relationship. 

When we conduct outreach, we brainstorm ideas long before establishing contact to identify individuals and companies of value to the businesses we work with. In determining contact relevancy, we consider their likelihood of responding, their influence, ROI potential, and whether genuine value can be provided for all parties. 

There is more to effective outreach and PR than offering “freebies” and making generic backlink requests. Our outreach and digital PR consultants devise new and unique opportunities for collaboration, to ensure that our outreach efforts stand out among the competition.

We think outside the box, identifying high-value contacts overlooked by PR agencies with one-size-fits-all strategies. We tailor our strategy to your business, playing to your strengths to establish your unique value proposition. 

Although outreach and digital PR is essentially an exchange of value, relationship and connection have a significant impact on response rate. That’s why when we conduct outreach, we address each contact by name, take the time to understand their interests, and compose personable correspondence tailored to them. 

Outreach and digital PR

To maximise ROI and drive digital marketing results, effective outreach must be combined with robust content marketing, conversion optimisation, and SEO. Each of these components must exist within a wider, interconnected strategy.

This is why when you partner with Murray Dare, we approach outreach as a single cog in a much larger machine.

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Why trust us with
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Transparency is one of our core values as a business, which is why we don’t consider our expertise to be a secret, but something to be shared. 

Want to understand how we tailor our digital marketing consultancy services to your individual business? We would be delighted to brainstorm a bespoke digital marketing strategy with you. 

Want a taste of what we do? Let us show you what we’ve done for other companies we have worked with and walk you through our approach, step by step. 

At Murray Dare, we will never recommend a strategy that we ourselves haven’t tried and tested. Our unique, data-driven approach has consistently delivered success for our own business and our client base—and we would be thrilled to show you the growth results we’ve seen. 

No sales tactics. Just hard proof.  

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