Our Impact

Life is about giving, not just taking.


Environmental Commitment
Carbon Positive


We are firm and passionate believers that businesses have a responsibility to the environment, which is why we’re always looking for new opportunities to reduce our impact. As a fully remote team, we have already eliminated the need for travel, keeping our carbon footprint low—but we wanted to go one step further and have chosen to offset our remaining carbon footprint through Ecologi. 

Ecologi plants trees and funds some of the world’s best climate crisis solutions, affording us the great privilege of being a climate positive workforce. Through Ecologi, we support new climate solutions and projects across the globe every month—thus far, this has included providing clean energy through hydropower in Uganda and preserving the mesoamerican biological corridor in Guatemala.

If you visit our Ecologi Forest, you can see our rate of carbon reduction, how many trees we’ve planted and where, and what our impact is equivalent to in terms of miles driven in a car, metres squared of sea ice saved, and number of long haul flights.