1-2-1 Guided Coaching Sessions:
Your Marketing, With Added Direction

1-2-1 coaching sessions designed to help business owners uplift their marketing to meet their ambitions. A simple monthly fee – cancel anytime.

Shift your priority towards the actions that are going to improve your business growth.

Learn how to build end-to-end marketing campaigns that are more creative and logically oriented towards gaining traffic, sales and backlinks.

Get consistent and personalised feedback on every aspect of your marketing. No question too small to discuss.


Book in a free, no-obligation call with me to discuss.

Reject the status quo,
reach the next level

You know that your marketing should match your passion. Your marketing should also align to your vision in a way that feels exciting, rather than feeling like a grind.

Our guided coaching sessions will enrich your marketing enabling you to reach that vision. We always explain both the short and long term thinking, so that you understand exactly what you need to do and how it fits into your business plan.

Because good marketing should provide clarity, both to you and your business. 

Clarity clears your thinking, allowing you to achieve more and make sound decisions.

Here’s how guided coaching can help:

Better marketing with you front and centre

We’ll go through every aspect of your marketing, together. My advice will help you work through your problems, always keeping the bigger picture – and your own goals and ambitions – in mind. I’ll be there to review, guide, advise and strategise when you need it, but you’ll have the final stamp of approval – ensuring that your marketing always has your unique voice at its heart.

The right strategy for you, not for anyone else

Most marketers have a tried-and-tested template that they apply to every client, but working 1-2-1 with me means that your strategy will be completely unique. With my guidance, you’ll learn to work around your biggest obstacles and produce excellent marketing without overstretching your resources. It’s not about throwing away what you’re already doing; it’s about shifting your perspective and being bolder to get the most out of you and your team.

Start seeing marketing for what it should be

So many business owners I speak to see marketing as nothing more than a chore. That frustration comes from a fundamental disconnect between what you’re saying and what you actually want to say. Stop marketing like you’re miserable and start marketing as an extension of your business’s voice and personality. Customers can see inauthenticity a mile away – but get it right, and they’ll be lining up at your door.

A level of marketing support most SMEs dream of

Getting a fresh perspective is often the change you need to shake-up your business and set you on the right path. Between me and your network of like-minded business leaders, you’ll have access to a whole range of views and perspectives from all walks of life. Build connections that will last a lifetime, develop and learn new ideas, and get honest advice from people who care about your business.


How it all works

You feel like you’re nearly there, but there’s something missing from your marketing – that one last push that will get you where you need to be.

I’m here to help you answer the big questions about your business strategy. To offer that outsider, expert perspective on your content marketing. To give you the tools you need to take on and outclass your competitors.

Here’s what you’ll get out of my 1-2-1 guided coaching:

A strategy session every week with me or a subject expert, focused on solving your problems and agreeing your next steps.

An initial 60-minute strategy call where we agree on our approach and your requirements.

Asynchronous access to me in our Slack channel.

Full access to our marketing strategies and content playbooks. If you’ve got a question, we’ll answer it.

Access to a network of like-minded business leaders. Connect with small business owners, showcase your work and get feedback from people tackling the same problems.

Modify your package whenever you need to if you want us to undertake project work.

Cancel at any time with a monthly rolling subscription.

Why choose 1-2-1 guided coaching?

If you’re feeling disconnected or aimless, you might think that taking a marketing course or two will give you that sense of direction you’re missing. And for some business owners, that might just be the thing they need to spark off a new idea or strategy. 

But courses can only take you so far. Guided coaching is for those who want to go one step further, getting live guidance and feedback on the marketing you’re doing today. 

Your weekly sessions with me or one of our subject experts will help you get out in front of your challenges. Your network of business leaders will give you even more help, support and inspiration to overcome the problems facing you. And the guidance you get will illuminate the path ahead of you.

In short, it’s not about sticking to a strict syllabus set out by me. It’s about empowering you to make the decisions to take your business to the next level. You’re already most of the way there: it’s time to take the final step.

Get in touch for a
better standard of discussion

You’re probably thinking that you’ve never read anything like this before. That no other marketer speaks like this.

We know. And we’ll be open with you: We don’t want to be like the other marketers.

If it sounds good to you, we’ll probably get on.

So why not get in touch with us today? We can begin with a thirty-minute conversation to work out whether we’re right for each other.

Best of all, it’s completely free. So there’s no risk and no obligation – just one conversation.