Project-Based Consultancy:
Goal-Focused Marketing Solutions

Project-based consultancy, designed to help you solve problems and inform business decisions. No surprise costs, with no long-term commitments.

Understand gaps, solve problems, and move forward. We’ll work directly with you to decide where you need to get to and what you need to make key decisions.

With you in the driver’s seat, we’ll advise on marketing strategy, content, processes, SEO, and more. All work and recommendations are specific to you and your business.

No long-term contracts or surprises; just pay-as-you-go project work.


Book in a free, no-obligation call with me to discuss.

Projects that provide direction

Here are the key areas where we can help:

✓  Website and content analysis – We’ll provide a full analysis of your website and content, taking a top-line view of what works and what needs to change.

✓  Competitor and landscape analysis – We’ll assess your place in the industry and identify the strengths of your key competitors, as well as how to overcome them.

✓  Marketing and content strategy development – We’ll build a long-term marketing and content strategy, positioning you as an industry expert using insight-led content.

✓  SEO, content and backlink analysis – We’ll analyse your content from an SEO perspective, helping you to tighten up your website and build strong backlinks to boost your authority.

✓  Lead generation and lead nurturing processes – We’ll focus on both generating more leads and converting them with strong sales processes.

✓  End-to-end marketing and sales process analysis – We’ll give you key recommendations for building an efficient sales machine, cutting costs while strengthening your back-end processes.

Give your marketing
the push it needs

We’ll work directly with you to provide you everything you need to take command of your marketing.

If your marketing is lacking but you don’t want to get locked into an agency contract, it’s the best of both worlds. You’ll receive strategic, independent advice on your marketing without the need for a long-term commitment.

We’ll dive into your processes, strategies and content to make sure everything is running as efficiently as it should. 

Here’s how project-based consultancy can help:

Get the answers you need

We’ll focus on the problems you’re trying to solve, not anything else, to make sure that you’re spending your resources as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s full project analysis, a rethink to your approach, backlinking reports, or overarching strategy, our team will have the answers. 

SME strategy experts

Our team of subject experts has worked with dozens of small businesses to sharpen their marketing and provide key insights. From content management to process improvement and social media, we specialise in different areas to ensure that your business gets the full package. Based on the key services you’ve paid for, we’ll dig into your business and suggest improvements wherever they’re needed. 

Actionable advice, developed for you

Where other marketers apply tried-and-tested templates to every business they work with, we do it differently. All of our advice is formulated after we’ve seen how your business works, not before – and believe us, it makes a difference. We’ll deliver full reports of actionable advice that will give your marketing a genuine edge over your competitors.

Problem-solving without the commitment

We’ll find the answers to your problems and decide your next steps together without the need for long-term commitment. You’ll get full independent feedback into all aspects of your marketing, and from there you’re free to implement it as you see fit. And once you’ve got the results you’re looking for, you can move on without any surprises.


How it all works

If your marketing is feeling tired and you want to make a change, begin by booking in a free exploratory phone call with me. We’ll assess your situation and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

After that, we’ll undertake a two-hour deep-dive session to work out your problems and how we can overcome them.

Then you’ll pay for the key services we’ve identified and our team will get to work on producing the feedback you need to get your marketing singing.

Here’s what you’ll get out of our project-based consultancy:

Focused consultancy work designed to overcome your key barriers to growth.

A team of subject experts with individual skills and interests, able to offer you comprehensive marketing support.

A practical action plan based on your own unique situation.

Strategic marketing advice that takes your place in the industry into account. And we’ll connect you to other tools and experts as required.

Costs agreed upfront with no hidden surprises or long-term commitment. Pay-as-you-go for the aspects of your marketing that need improvement. 

Why choose project-based consultancy?

Your marketing is in a slump, but you don’t want the commitment of a long-term contract. Taking a project-based approach instead is a smart way of using your resources, giving you the flexibility to control your costs while honing in on your core problems.

It’s perfect for small businesses who are looking for some independent advice on their marketing, but without the resources (or desire) to bring in a large agency. 

We take each case as we find it, offering you the advice we think you need to hear instead of the advice you want to hear. After selecting the core services you need, you’re free to use our advice as you wish.

We’ll empower you to revitalise your marketing with the unbiased feedback of our team of experts. Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective to change everything.

Get in touch for a
better standard of discussion

You’re probably thinking that you’ve never read anything like this before. That no other marketer speaks like this.

We know. And we’ll be open with you: We don’t want to be like the other marketers.

If it sounds good to you, we’ll probably get on.

So why not get in touch with us today? We can begin with a thirty-minute conversation to work out whether we’re right for each other.

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