Did you know that four in five consumers use searches on Google to find local information? That’s 80% of potential customers or clients you might be missing out on. 

And did you know that you can specifically tailor your website, its content and social media to make sure you’re at the top of these local searches?

This is called local SEO.

What Local SEO can do for your business

Local SEO helps you promote your business to people within your area. That means whenever they have the need to search for a product or service related to you in the local area, they will likely land on your website. 

For example, say you’re a bakery based in Cambridge, and someone who’s just moved to the area wants to find somewhere to pick up a fresh loaf of bread; if your website is fully optimised for SEO and located close to the searcher, they’ll probably discover your website on the search engine results page and interact with you.

Local SEO is great at improving conversions. Most searches conducted with local intent are usually from customers with an urgency to purchase. 

Typically they’re on mobile, and looking for a quick solution to a problem. For instance, think of how many times you’ve reached for your phone when looking for a service in your area.

Recently, search engines such as Google have started to prioritise local SEO over other organic SEO rankings. This means you need to optimise for both in order to have the best chances of reaching a wider audience.  

As such, if you’re a small business with a local presence, you should be optimising your site for local SEO.


Optimising your business for local SEO

To really get ahead with local SEO, there are three main things you need to consider doing:

  •  Set up and optimise your Google My Business page, including posting regularly and encouraging users to leave reviews
  •  Improve your on-page SEO – Aside from working on your general on-page SEO strategy, you should also create location-specific webpages to target local searchers
  •  Familiarise yourself with and implement local SEO ranking factors, including: using consistent citations, having a central physical location and building an authoritative backlink profile

How we can help

Local SEO is an easy way to make small wins for your business. We can help alert you to the areas of your local SEO that need improvements in order to rank highly. 

However, if you’re new to local search and want some help with implementing our local SEO recommendations, we can help. We’ll  create content and help you get to grips with Google My Business. We can also show you how to properly list your business details for the best visibility. 

Alternatively, we can do all the implementation for you, running your Google My Business page and creating a robust SEO marketing plan which incorporates location-specific content to help you rank highly for searchers in your local area. 

We’ve worked with lots of start-ups and small businesses in the past to help them rank for local searches and increase their site traffic.

Ways we can work with your business

  •  We can work on an advisory level, assessing your local SEO performance and suggesting easy actions
  •  Build you a custom content plan and write new location-specific content. We can even align it with your existing pages as part of an ‘all-inclusive marketing’ service
  •  Assess your current pages and recommend location-specific keyword changes to boost your visibility and rankings
  •  Carry out a detailed competition analysis for local SEO, and offer suggestions on how best to outrank your competitors

Why you should work with us

  •  We lead by example, all the local SEO activities we suggest are the very same actions we undertake ourselves
  •  We’re thought leaders. We’ve written guides and hundreds of articles on how to optimise your website to reach your target consumer
  •  We have worked with companies across lots of different sectors. Equipping us with experience and concrete knowledge of what really works
  •  We’re totally flexible and take a ‘we only do what we need to’ approach. We only do the work required to achieve actionable results for your business
  •  We value a consultative approach, we speak to you with complete transparency, putting your business needs first

Let’s talk about your business

If you’re looking to boost the visibility of your business in your local area, why not arrange a call with us today?

We’d be happy to learn more about your business, as well as have an obligation-free chat. Let’s discuss how best to target your local SEO and get you ranking higher. 

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