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We help businesses to build and execute marketing strategies based on behavioural marketing insights. If you are looking to better connect and communicate with customers without simply copying the competition, we can help.

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Great marketing is about connecting with your audience. You need to create and maximise value for your customers so you can increase your website traffic and conversions. So, for us, the question for every business we work with is simple; how do we create value for your audience?

We’ve worked with lots of businesses to build marketing strategies and plans designed to enable them to soar past the competition. So, what should you expect from us?

  • Huge increases in online traffic and higher ranking on search engines
  • Better conversations and relationships with your customers
  • Measurable ROI (return on investment) on all your campaigns
  • A logical, customer-focused marketing strategy

Your marketing team.
Ready and waiting.

  • We practice what we preach – everything we talk about, we deliver, for ourselves and our clients.
  • We have enough experience under our belt to know what doesn’t work – we’ve taken on all the risk for you, so you can feel confident about the marketing strategy we recommend.
  • We’re problem-oriented – we’re not here to sell you a catch-all, off-the-shelf package. Your business is unique, and our approach respects that.
  • We care about results – it doesn’t benefit anyone, not even us, if you don’t succeed; that’s why we won’t work with you unless we sincerely believe we can help you achieve your goals.
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Our team

We’re a small team of experts, each with a unique role.

Though we work collaboratively with one another as a cohesive team, we also each have our own independent skill sets. We are not jacks-of-all-trades, and we advocate for our individual areas of expertise with passion and thoughtfulness. This ensures that every aspect of your marketing strategy is focused and informed.

Learn more about us below.

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I studied Business Psychology and have built marketing strategies for huge brands such as Aviva, Randstad and Ministry of Sound. I am currently in the process of writing a book called ‘Thinking Content for Effective Businesses’ and I specialise in creating tailored, targeted marketing strategies.

Andy Dann



Content Manager

I came to Murray Dare after working for several years as a Content Editor for one of the UK’s leading holiday lettings agencies. Previously, I had worked as a Content Editor and writer for several B2B trade magazines covering a variety of industries. I specialise in understanding user/client intent and delivering the most impactful content.

Antoaneta Blagoeva



Social Media Manager

As an experienced social media manager, I’m passionate about creating content that grabs an audience’s attention. I develop and deliver tailored social media strategies & campaigns that establish a distinguished online presence and help reach new audiences. In my spare time, I express my creativity with arts & crafts projects.



Content & PR

Writer and editor with many years of experience in content writing, community building and communications. I am responsible for handling public relations and media outreach to secure high-quality publicity and exposure for our clients, also assisting with content and campaign strategies.

Damian Street about



Graphic Designer

I have decades of experience as a multi-faceted graphics/motion designer, covering Illustrations, web banners and interactive online e-learning courses. In my spare time animate and illustrate. My team was the eLearning Awards Winner for 2010 and I have won a number of other awards for my work.

Nick McGowan about



Campaigns Executive

I graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in English Literature. I began my marketing career as a content writer before joining Murray Dare as a junior copywriter, where I write blog posts and articles as well as copy for clients. I am a keen runner and baker.

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