The Benefits of Blogging Regularly for Your Business

Looking for a way to speak to a bigger audience and expand your online presence?

Welcome to business blogging.

Business blogging gives you the opportunity to create engaging content focused on helping your customers solve their problems.

In doing so, you’ll be building trusted relationships, and become an expert voice in your industry – allowing you to grow your audiences, and establish meaningful connections with prospective customers.Blogging for success

What is Business Blogging?

Blogging for your business is a digital marketing strategy which aims to give your brand better visibility online.

Forming part of your overall content marketing strategy, if done effectively, it can help you increase your search engine rankings, site traffic and ultimately, sales.

Just like building a physical presence by using a billboard campaign or flyering to drive customers through your shop door, business blogging is all about driving more internet users to your website.

This is done by posting regular, quality content that offers valuable insights and information about your industry. By doing so, you’ll be building a community of followers who look to your business as a trusted source of knowledge, who, when needing your products or services, will turn to you.Creating regular quality content

Isn’t everyone blogging?

Blogging is a party that’s never too late to join.

In the past year alone, an average of 22.2 billion blog posts were published each month, with around 409 million internet users reading them.

There are an estimated 34,000 searches conducted on Google every second, with 77% of internet users reading blogs on a regular basis.

And with over 45 million internet users in the UK alone, that’s a whole lot of people interested in reading new content.

There’s never been a better time than now.

Why should we start blogging?

Searching via Google for relevant content is now the main way people try to solve problems and guide their decision-making.

If you want to work out how to do something or to understand something; you Google it.Google to solve problems

When you focus your marketing on content creation, you’ll create value for your customers, and keep them focused on the fact that they are using your site to solve their problems. Relevant information will keep them coming back for more, and you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to become the key authority on your chosen subject.

Ultimately, you’ll be building meaningful connections with people who will trust you and your brand, making converting them to paying customers a whole lot easier.

How a blog can help your business

If you haven’t considered using blogging for your business, then there are plenty of reasons to start thinking about incorporating blogging into your overall digital marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

1. Drive traffic to your website

drive up website trafficWe know that people are always looking up ways to solve their problems.

Therefore, when you blog about subjects they care about, people will find and engage with your content.

Every time you write and publish a blog post online, it’s one more indexed page on a search engine, giving you more opportunity to be visible in search results.

By appearing in more SERPs (search engine results pages), you’re increasing your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Helpful hintGoogle likes to see if your website is active and being updated regularly with new content.

Blogging builds your brand as the thought leader in your area of expertise

How often do you visit the same website and re-read their same content? Not very often I’m sure.

So, how do you ensure you keep people coming back to your website?

Well, once you have established that you are an expert on an area, you need to continue posting fresh and trending content to maintain that position.

The more you can keep delighting your site visitors with relevant and valuable information, the more likely you will be able to increase the number of leads you get and improve your chances of converting those leads into sales.

2. Increase your search engine rankings

Raise your hand if you want to be at the top of Google. Me too.

Did you know that 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results?

People don't go past page oneBlogging can help reserve your seat on that first page of search results.

Google favours websites who regularly post fresh content. It’s the creation of fresh content which is one of the key SEO strategies to push your competitors out of top ranking search engine results.

It’s not as simple as churning words out though. Your content needs to be relevant, unique and high-quality. Or else why would you expect people to read it?

If you can write a blog which ranks highly, the results of that blog will rub off on the overall performance and ranking of all your pages. 

Get found for all keywords that your customers search for

Using keywords and key search phrases naturally throughout your articles can also help with your rankings.

They are the directions to your virtual shop window which tell Google where to direct users who are searching for particular keywords and phrases.

By pushing out regular, keyword-enriched content, as well as the consideration of other SEO strategies, you’ll be significantly increasing your chances of making your way to the top of Google

Each increase in position equals an increase the amount of users who visit and engage with your website.

3. Create a community around your brand

Another great aspect of business blogging is that it can create a following of people who really care about what content you’re publishing and understands how it can help to solve their problems. Over time, they will promote your content to others.

People are constantly looking for leadership. Taking on that role will allow people to start trusting your brand over your competitors.Taking leadership

Writing engaging articles about your industry will keep your loyal customer base coming back for more. You’ll be building a community of users who are genuinely interested in your brand and the content you’re sharing.

They’ll be less likely to be influenced by other brands and, will convert easier when looking to purchase products or services related to your expertise.

4. Establishing brand authority

Business blogging doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the best content is one which answers the most commonly asked customers questions about a subject in a clear and coherent way.blogging doesn’t need to be compilated

If you’re consistent in creating content that answers your target customer’s queries, you’ll be helping to establish yourself as an authoritative voice.

For example, as a retailer, if you’re writing posts about your products, then prospective customers will come to know you as the main source of knowledge about those products.

By creating blogs which directly answer their questions, you’ve already started to build a rapport with your prospects, making them more likely to come into the sales process trusting your brand as you are helping them before they have had to ask.

Alternatively, if you operate as a B2B company, then publishing well-researched and easily articulated articles will help you to become an expert within your industry, and other businesses will come to you as the main source of knowledge for any queries related to your field.

5. Content for social media

Social media is another essential strategy to help you grow your audiences online.

As part of a well-considered content marketing strategy, your blogging and social media strategy should marry up perfectly, so not to confuse your audience.
content to be shared on social media

Great blogs give you also gives you great content to post on your social media.

Again, everything you share should be all about adding value and establishing those connections to your audience.

By blogging about relevant trending topics and sharing them on your social channels, you’re not only building your social media presence by sharing industry-relevant content, but also driving more traffic back to your blog. A win-win situation.

Use a marketing consultant to help you start your own blogging strategy

If you’re looking to implement a blogging strategy for your business but aren’t sure how to get started, then a marketing consultant may be perfect for you.

From helping you to create a place on your website for the blog to live, to devising an SEO-optimised blogging strategy and doing keyword research, they can help you grow your audiences and establish authority online.

I’d be happy to have an obligation-free chat about my digital marketing services, and how we could get your brand started on a blogging strategy. Get in touch today to arrange call.

About Murray Dare

Murray Dare is a Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director at Dare Media. Murray helps UK businesses find better ways to connect with their audiences through targeted content marketing strategies.