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We break down websites to tell you exactly what you need to do to perform better online and obtain the traffic you want.

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    Practical website analysis and research to show you how to grow your website

    We work with hundreds of businesses to provide practical website analysis and advice, explained in a way that anybody can understand.

    We believe that most businesses don’t have the expertise to tell them exactly what is wrong with their website and what they should think about doing instead.

    Businesses that rely on marketing agencies, often get drawn into a long optimisation process which takes months of effort and means that the agency owns all the cards.

    Instead, we get straight to the point. Our website analysis will tell you everything you need to know and tell you what you need to do to fix it. 

    We found that this process fast tracks the improvement process into weeks, rather than months.

    We don’t have time to waste with the small stuff. If you feel the same, then get in touch. Let us show you how to align your marketing strategy towards a smart common goal.

    Want to see website analysis in action?

    Every week, we analyse websites and their competitors within different industries to show you which marketing strategies other companies use.

    We look at what is and isn’t working, offering our own solutions to help them grow online. Use our website analysis to improve your website. 

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      Latest Reports

      Use detailed website analysis to become the market leader in your industry.

      When deciding on marketing priorities, many businesses overlook the importance of a detailed website and competition analysis. With an in-depth look at your website (and your competitors), you can steer your marketing strategy towards things that matter. 

      Most businesses start with where they are, what they are currently doing and focus on improving that. They use last year’s results as a benchmark.

      We think that this approach is wrong.

      The best marketing strategies start with the end goal in mind such as: What does my company need to do to beat the competition and grow website traffic?

      We then work from this position to isolate:

      1.  What are our competitors websites doing and is it working?
      2.  Which keywords are performing best for our competitors?
      3.  Which keywords do we need to focus on as a priority?
      4.  What are core marketing activities should we be focusing on?
      5.  Are there any ineffective activities which we should drop?
      6.  How do we benchmark and measure success for your business?
      7.  How do we align our marketing capacity towards agreed activities?
      8.  What are the short, medium and long term priorities?
      9.  What does our updated marketing plan look like?
      10.  How do we keep our team focused on the plan?
      11.  How do we test, measure and optimise at every step of the way?

      If you want a practical conversation about your company, your website position, the size of the opportunity ahead and how to get there, then get in touch.

      If you want a practical conversation about your company, where you currently sit, the size of the opportunity ahead and how to get there, then get in touch.

      Why you should work with us

      •  We lead by example, all the marketing activities we suggest are the very same actions we do for ourselves
      •  We’re thought leaders, we’ve written guides and hundreds of articles about how to climb the rankings
      •  We work with companies across lots of different sectors, and know exactly what it takes to reach the top
      •  We’re completely flexible and take a ‘we only do what we need to’ approach. We only do the work required to achieve actionable results for your business
      •  We value a consultative approach, we speak to you with complete transparency, and put your business needs first

      For an obligation-free chat about conducting a full website analysis or the other digital marketing services we offer, please get in contact. We can discuss the right approach for you and what we can do to get you the traffic you deserve.

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      Client Testimonials

      Lewis Daniels
      Lewis Daniels

      Marketing Manager


      Murray has a superb ability to look at a situation from many different angles, generates a lot of good ideas and facilitates productive discussions which have driven action within in the team.

      Thomas Lukins
      Thomas Lukins

      DDC Technical Lead


      I have worked with few other people that demonstrate such a level of persistence and thoroughness in their problem solving approach whilst still maintaining the ability to accept and adopt to new technical challenges as they are presented.

      Sue Roland
      Sue Roland

      Product Owner


      Murray is able to work at both a strategic and tactical level. He considers all aspects of a delivery, bringing together customer & business needs with IT, and also ensures the ongoing run management implications have been understood of proposed solutions.

      Alex Clouston
      Alex Clouston



      Murray is a genuine marketing expert who brings endless enthusiasm to every task, whether that’s planning and executing an in-depth SEO campaign, scoping a marketing delivery system or overhauling an out of date journey.

      Helen Terry
      Helen Terry

      CRM manager


      When he arrived, he immediately grasped the data and started making tangible, profit driving decisions and changes. He provided well needed reinvigoration within the team.

      Neil Batchelor
      Neil Batchelor

      Head of Commercial


      Murray’s enthusiasm, determination and passion for a role really shone through and the activity that Murray has delivered will help transform our business performance.

      Ronnie George
      Ronnie George

      Marketing Director


      The market is full of people that profess to know, but Murray genuinely is one who does and can generate the results.

      George Vokas
      George Vokas



      Murray has no problem with the hard work and he consistently developed new ideas to push the business forward, completely rethinking the way that our online marketing worked.

      Mark Outram
      Mark Outram

      Managing Director

      Propel Consult

      I have had significant exposure to many marketeers over my career and never have I found anyone who can guarantee results through the right channels; identifying quick results as well as establishing long term gains. If you haven't already engaged with Murray you need to!