Competitor Landscape: Accountants in Manchester (Infographic)

Accountants in Manchester Infographic

You might be wondering, why did we choose to create an ‘accountants in Manchester’ infographic?

Well, there are over 365,000 accountants in the UK. And that number is on the rise.

However, it’s estimated that there are currently 613,100 individual accountants in the UK and Ireland in total. With the UK exporting accounting services worth over 3 billion per year.

To put that in perspective, nurses in the UK sit at around 500,000!

And to really understand how reliant we are on this industry, accountants contributed £52 billion towards the UK’s GDP. As such, the accountancy sector is an important part of the UK economy. And its future and current competitive landscape is incredibly interesting.

The competitive online landscape for accountants in Manchester

You may have already read our SEO competitor analysis report on accountants in Manchester. However, if not, why not take a look: What Accountants in Manchester Need to Do to Beat Their Competition

Or alternatively, you can view the condensed version in our handy infographic below.

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Accountants in Manchester Infographic

Accountants in Manchester Infographic


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In conclusion, we discovered there were multiple opportunities for accountants in Manchester to outrank and outperform their competition. And we learned that there’s a clear gap between some of the accountancy firms we have looked at. 

For instance, Haines Watts is unrivalled when it comes to the number of backlinks it has gained. Especially when compared to the industry average.

But these companies all have one key thing in common. That is, they all utilise SEO strategy and content marketing to improve their site traffic and overall growth. 

For competitors who want to replicate the success of these top accountancy firms, feel free to use our report. That said, it’s not just beneficial for accountants. We believe that businesses in all industries can learn from the successes and failures of other industries.

In fact, our reports can help companies learn exactly why their competition is ranking higher. And as a result, we can help you to build a marketing plan that actually works.

Of course, if you’d like your own competitor analysis report, or want us to look at your industry, get in touch.

Did you find this accountants in Manchester infographic interesting?

If you found our accountants in Manchester infographic interesting or useful, why not check out the full report? You might also enjoy our free weekly competition and website analysis articles. 

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