Competitor Landscape: Employment Law (Infographic)

Want to know what the online competitive landscape looks like for employment lawyers?

Maybe you do. Or most likely, you’ve never given it thought. However, employment law is incredible important. And you may not realise it, but employment law is a huge part of your working life. It governs our rights as employees. From how much we’re paid to the holiday we can take and much more.

The Employment Rights Act (1996) covers a variety of things. Such as employment contracts, family-friendly leave, unfair dismissal, and redundancy. And it’s employment lawyers who protect those who have been unfairly treated or had these rights violated.

We recently produced an SEO competitor analysis report for the keyword ’employment lawyers london’. It revealed the law firms dominating the search engine results pages and beating their competition.

We examined the employment lawyers staying ahead of the competition. As well as looking at what law firms in London need to do to beat their competition. All in all, this report gave us a fascinating overview of the competitive landscape of employment law. 

You can read our comprehensive employment law report here.

Or, alternatively you can view our handy infographic below, which sums up our key findings.

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Employment law Infographic

employment law infographic

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In conclusion, there are plenty of opportunities for employment lawyers in London.

However, there’s clear gap between some of the firms we have looked at. Especially when you consider those who use paid marketing avenues. But these companies all have one thing in common. That is, they make use of SEO strategy to improve their site traffic. 

For the most part, competitors who want to replicate the success of these top firms are able to do so using our report.

So, if you’re an employment law specialist, use our SEO competitor analysis and infographic to start ranking higher.

That said, our findings are not solely beneficial for law firms. All other businesses and brands can learn from their successes and failures.

In fact, our reports can help companies learn exactly why their competition is ranking higher. As a result, we can help you to build a marketing plan that actually works.

If you would like your own competitor analysis report, get in touch.

Did you find this employment law infographic interesting?

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