10 Amazing Content Marketing Examples for Business Accountants With Incredible Results

marketing examples for business accountants

Podcasts, webinars, articles, reports, press releases, blog posts… What do all these things have in common? They are all examples of content marketing that business accountants and accountancy firms can use. 

Is your firm using any of these?

If the answer is no, then you are losing out on a large amount of potential business to your competitors who are using these forms of content. 

Today the world is smaller than it has ever been before, with everything and everyone connected by the internet. 

If you want to know how to bake banana bread. If you want to find out what the weather is like in Paris. Or find the best business accountancy firm in your area. Then chances are you’ll conduct a Google search. 

Because, despite the existence of other search engines, most people only ever use Google. 

Image: “Google it”

The phrase “Google it” is now commonly heard around the world. With up to 81% of people searching for a product or service search online.

But, if they conducted a search of business accountants in your area, would your firm appear on the first page of Google? 

Put simply, if you can’t find your firm on the first page results, your potential customers won’t be able to find you either. Because let’s face it, few people look past the first page in search engine results pages (SERPs)!

Having your brand seen by your potential customers is one of the most important aspects of your business. There are ample opportunities for your firm to stand out from its competitors too. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the power of content marketing

Content marketing and high ranked keywords are like gold dust for your company. And this is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. 

Carefully thought out content which appeals to your target audience can help to increase your traffic. And it can create trusting relationships with potential clients. Ultimately, turning them into paying clients.

Content also creates value for your firm, having well-written and well-presented content, covering your specific industry, can turn you into a trusted source of information for all things business accountancy related. 

When people then need your services they will contact you before they contact your competitors. 

In this article, we are going to look at how 10 business accountancy firms are already using content marketing.  And how they are using this content to gain traffic, clients, and build a positive reputation.

You can see how content marketing has helped these firms increase their traffic. And these are tried and tested methods of transforming brands and increasing clients. 

A Quick Introduction to Content Marketing

Image: what is content marketing?

So you may be asking yourself: What is content marketing? Can it really make that much of a difference to my company?

The answer is yes!

Gone are the days when people used to pop into their local accountants or use the same accountant they have for the past 10 years. Today’s market is harshly competitive. As such, many businesses will switch accountants regularly just to save a few pounds.

Your firm may have never even considered creating content before. And that’s ok, many accountancy firms don’t have content marketing strategies in place. But that doesn’t mean they are winning the race.

Content marketing is all about understanding your target audience or which businesses you want to work with. And then identifying the problems they have and answering these questions using content, in a way which appeals to them.

Content can come in a large variety of forms depending on what appeals to your target audience: this can be in the form of how-to-guides, blog posts, news articles, webinars, or videos.

But just creating content for the sake of it isn’t good enough. Which is why keyword research will make a piece of content sink or swim. 

Keywords are the king of content. Your ability to appear high in search engine results will solely depend on the keywords you have chosen to create your content around.

People won’t only search for things like “business accountants near me” they will also search for things like “how do I do my business taxes”.

Doing research into the trends and things people are searching will be very beneficial when creating your content.

Once you have established the queries or searches they might have, you can solve their problems. For example, let’s say you create some content and it’s a written guide on how to do business taxes.

Then, when tax season draws this content will provide value to prospective clients. For instance, if a small business can’t figure out how to do their taxes. Then chances are, they’ll Google “how do I do my business taxes”. As a result, your content, if it’s valuable and relevant, will appear in the search results.

And the value you’ve provided will inform their decision to choose your firm to help them over your competitors. As they’ve gained trust in your brand. As such, they’ll feel confident that you’ve the knowledge and expertise required to provide them with the assistance they need.

Content marketing helps with forming an instant connection and creating trust. Which is the foundation of many business accountancy firms.

But content doesn’t just rank for keywords on its own. Other factors include the number of page views, backlinks and SEO. All of these things need to be taken into consideration if you want to rank highly on Google. 

Content marketing takes time and hard work to establish, but the benefits far outweigh the struggle. 

Of course, your content also needs to be promoted on social media and within newsletters. You might produce the Mona Lisa of blog articles. But if no one sees it, they can’t admire it. And if you get this right, you can appear at the top of search results. All the while, you can sit back and watch clients come to you. 

What Can Your Business Accountancy Firm Achieve With Content Marketing?

First, let’s imagine you are a business in London and you are looking for a new accountancy firm. One of the first things you might do is to search “business accountants in London”. 

content marketing for business accountants

What do you find?

First, a search for “business accountants in London” will display some local maps with companies at the top of the results. This is followed by the individual webpages below.

Google results for business accountants

The first result is a firm called Fusion Accountants, with their London office page.

When you click on Fusion Accountant’s page, you can immediately see their 4.9-star reviews on Google. In addition to this is content, including a video about their services.

homepage for Fusion accountants - content marketing for accountants example

For Fusion Accountants this is gold! We have found a firm which meets our needs and we can instantly see reviews. As well as a video explaining what they do, plus their contact information. 

As a result there’s no need for us to look any further down the results. 

Fusion Accountants also rank for 37 other keywords, which include “accountants in London”, and “small business accountant London”. Many of these keywords are ranked number one in Google search results. 

And a large percentage of these keywords also have SERP features. Such as local packs, reviews, images, knowledge panels, and paid ads. 

content marketing for business accountants example - organic search for business accountants london

These four top-ranking keywords and the additional six which rank in the top 5 are like gold dust. Especially in a big city such as London. 

As such, these will bring Fusion Accountants millions in business and hundreds of new clients.

Fusion Accountants page called ‘London accountants’ receives 2,000 monthly views. And 40% of their traffic comes from the keyword “accountants in London” and it’s number 1 place on google.

Their whole website only receives 4,200 monthly views. So just under half of their entire website traffic comes from that single page.

Overall, 3,600 monthly searches are conducted for “accountants in London”. And 2,000 of these searchers visit Fusion’s page. 

As their pages gain higher keyword rankings, their traffic dramatically increases. 

These top-ranking keywords have increased the traffic to the firm at an astounding rate. Basically overnight, since the beginning of 2020.

Fusion accountants website traffic

ranked urls

This increase in traffic directly correlates with their ranking in Google. And their page first appeared in the top 3 Google search results in June. And just three months later, in September, became number 1. This is an incredible result!

In fact, this is the dream when it comes to keyword ranking. It doesn’t get much better than this!

This is a perfect example of just how valuable content marketing can be for business accountant firms. 

Next we’ll take a look at 10 more examples of effective content marketing currently being used by business accountants.

10 Great Examples of Content Marketing Being Used By Business Accountancy Firms

Competition is what forces us to get better and continue improving. 

With more than 365,000 accountants in the UK, why should a business choose your firm over your competitors? And what makes your firm unique and better than the rest?

The first thing you need to do is find out the answer to this question. 

You can do this by conducting a website and competitor analysis to evaluate your current position compared to other firms. 

It will highlight what is currently working for your competitors and where any gaps might be.

More importantly, it can identify strategies you can use in your business to make it more effective. And where the current gaps are in the marketing, you can fill with your content. 

As such, we’ve put together 10 specific examples of content marketing campaigns in business accountancy firms. 

All of these have had great success and are extremely effective. 

Use these as a starting point to base an analysis of your website’s current content or to provide inspiration. And you could even adopt some of these approaches within your own strategy. 

1. Using High Keyword Ranking Blogs as Landing Pages to Gain Traffic - Clear House Accountants

When you conduct a Google search you tend to either search for a question, keyword, or a brand name. Of course, this is depending on what you are looking for.  

The same goes for when people are searching for business accountants. Either they already know about your firm, or are conducting a general brand search. Alternatively, they are looking for the answer to a specific accounting question. 

And your firm can take advantage of these questions and keyword searches. By creating articles which answer these questions, then using blog posts as landing pages on your site.  

If you create a blog post which generates a lot of views. As well as high ranking keywords, it will be a very useful landing page. And long and detailed landing pages can help generate leads

A firm which has been gaining traffic from a small number of well-written blog posts is Clear House Accountants. This firm has very detailed landing pages and keyword filled blog posts. 

These particular blog posts have been created to answer specific questions or queries someone might ask. 

For instance, their highest ranking blog post ‘Creditors and Debtors Explained’ is almost 2,000 words long. But it’s also divided into different sub-headings and broken up with appealing graphics and infographics. 

content marketing for accountants example - Clear House Accounting

As a result, this single blog post receives 1,300 monthly views. Which accounts for 38% of the firm’s total traffic. This is excellent for one blog post!

Not only is this the aim, but the page also ranks for an incredible 73 keywords. Of which 7 of these hold the number one position on Google.

keyword ranking for clear house accounting

The brand also has three other blog posts that receive more traffic than its homepage.

content marketing for business accountants example of good content

What do all four of these blogs have in common?

Well, they all rank for an extremely high number of keywords. Not only does this drive traffic to the site. But it also helps them receive highly valuable backlinks. Which in turn, helps with their overall SEO and Google ranking. 

For example, look at the growth these keywords have driven over the years:

traffic and keyword growth for Clear House Accounting

This is a great example of business accountant content marketing in action. 

Evidently, Clear House Accountants have recognised the success of their blog posts too. As they have added ‘contact us’ boxes, links to other blogs, and links to their social media channels to them.

This is smart. Because becoming the go-to knowledge source for these specific questions will help them to gain brand awareness. And people will turn to them for any future questions they may have. Which will then in time turn into leads when the customer requires an accountant. 

There is no reason why your firm can’t use this same technique. 

Landing pages or blog posts which appeal to your target audience. And posts that answer their questions in detail are a great way of attracting new customers. As such, with time to gain backlinks and rank for keywords, this is a very valuable way to gain the right kind of customers. 

Using PR to Gain Valuable Backlinks to Your Website - PriceWaterhouseCoopers

In today’s world people like to share news articles and read news from reliable sources. As such, the news is filled with a large variety of stories each and every day. 

Anyone can create a news article, or submit an article to a PR company. One person’s idea of breaking news is another person’s normal Monday morning. 

In 2020 one of the big topics has been “fake news”. Especially around the global pandemic. As a result, people have lost trust in media outlets or question some news sources’ stories. 

On the whole 57% of journalists receive between 50 and 500 pitches per week. Many of which they don’t even open. So making content newsworthy, relevant, and from trustworthy sources, is critical. 

It’s likely you have already heard of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). They publish press releases and articles on the blog section of their website, which is a sub-domain.

Not to mention, their UK blog has a wealth of information and content on a lot of accountancy subjects:

  •  Business and Economics 
  •  Business Transformations
  •  Corporate reporting
  •  Cyber Security 
  •  Data protection
  •  Finance and treasury 
  •  Financial services regulatory insights
  •  Industry insights
  •  Pensions
  •  PwC research 
  •  Tax

If you take the time to read some of these articles you will notice they are in-depth. And they feature a lot of detail on industry reports, industry news, reports, and research. This current and up-to-date information, especially within press releases is newsworthy. 

As such, this means that news publications pick up their press releases and content on a regular basis. 

Their hybrid content-PR strategy creates great backlinking opportunities for them. 

News publications tend to pick up this content and create their own articles based on PwC’s reports, or press releases. Then they mention the company and often link back to their website as the source of information. 

This gives PwC valuable backlinks from high domain authority (DA) websites. 

For example, this article was picked up by the BBC: “Up to 30% of existing UK jobs could be impacted by automation by early 2030s, but this should be offset by job gains elsewhere in the economy”.

content marketing for business accountants example - using PR

With a high DA of 88, the BBC is a backlink which provides incredible value to PwC. 

Backlinks are considered of the utmost importance for rankings in Google and improving DAs. Google sees a high DA website as trustworthy and credible. So if your firm gains a backlink from one of these websites this is a huge win. As a result, your website is now seen as more credible by search engines and a trustworthy source of information. Which in turn will help to improve your overall search rankings. 

In addition to the backlink from the BBC, this particular article by PwC received additional backlinks from 175 referring domains. This included The Guardian – DA 87, Business Insider – DA 84, and The Telegraph – DA 84. 

Through their blog and press releases, they have replicated this technique of using PR agencies. Sending over press releases to a large variety of news publications.

And this has well and truly paid off for PwC. 

They have over 113,000 backlinks from 3,600 referring domains to their UK blog alone. Many of these domains have a DA of between 41 and 100. 

Domain scores of referring domains for PwC

Thus, offering great credibility for PwC’s website. 

As a result, PwC continues to receive almost 100 new backlinks a month to their UK blog page alone. 

PwC backlinks

This strategy is the perfect way to gain backlinks. And PwC have established a great way to get their articles and reports seen. 

On every page, they have a banner with a call-to-action for signing up to their newsletter. 

PwC CTA on most pages

Many people will see this content as a valuable source of knowledge. And so they will sign-up to email newsletters and keep up-to-date with PwC’s new publications. 

By creating content around current affairs, news stories, and reports, PwC have created an airtight strategy. One which produces content that news publications will turn to for their own content. Thus, making PwC content a hub for accountancy and finance news. 

3. Utilising Podcasts to Communicate and Create Backlinks - Smith and Williamson

Over the last few years, podcasts have grown in popularity. With 7.1 million people in the UK now listening to podcasts every week

People listen to podcasts on their daily commute, car journeys, while working, exercising and many listen to podcasts instead of reading books or articles. 

As such podcasts have become great ways of communicating with your target audience. Especially as people engage for anywhere between 10 and 90 minutes. Then also subscribe to podcasts to receive new episodes whenever they are released. 

Smith & Williamson is a business accountancy firm in the UK with 11 offices throughout the country. This firm uses podcasts in its content strategy as a way to communicate and interact with current and potential clients. 

Their podcast is called the S&W: The Pulse. 

They use their podcast to give insights into personal finance and answer business questions. And their podcasts also feature guest speakers who are often experts in their areas such as tax, investments, real estate. In addition to interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs.

content marketing business accountants example: podcasts

Smith & Williamson’s podcasts are between 10 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes long. Letting listeners take in the information in bite-size chunks. They get to the point and listeners can learn something new without sitting for hours taking in information. 

Users can listen to these podcasts on major podcasting platforms such as Apple and Spotify. As well as finding them embedded on websites such as iHeartRadio, Podcast Addict, TuneIn, and Hubhopper. This gives them hundreds of thousands of potential listeners from all around the world. 

In addition, users can also listen to the podcasts on YouTube with audio available through the video.

S&W Accounting YouTube

When Smith & Williamson feature experts on their podcasts, these experts often share the link to the podcast on their own social media. Or will often create an article on their website to promote their appearance on the podcast. 

These often create valuable backlinks back to the firm’s website. For instance, one guest interviewed was a solicitor for Mackrell Solicitors. The law firm then created an article on their website telling their clients about it. 

As a result, this gave Smith & Williamson a backlink to a website with a DA rating of 32. 

content marketing for business accountants example podcasts and interviews

Mackrell is a leading solicitors firm and has authority within their industry. 

This is the perfect example of a backlink created by using content marketing. 

Smith & Williamson have been creating podcasts since August 2019. And it has been an excellent source of growth and traffic for the website. 

S&W accountants website traffic

Clearly, podcasting is working for Smith & Williamson. As they have a 4.0* review on iTunes, and create backlinks and shareable content. It has helped them to reach 25,700 monthly views and to gain a DA of 47.

Podcasting is helping Smith & Williamson to gain authority. As such, they’re positioning themselves as a valuable source of knowledge in the business accountancy industry. 

4. Creating Rich Insightful Content to Drive Traffic - BDO

Content is everywhere we look. Everything we read and watch is content. You might feel like your Facebook feed is filled with people mostly sharing links to articles, that’s because it is. 

More than 850 million new blog posts are published each month. Everything from personal blogs to website content…blogs posts are everywhere. 

Content now drives the internet forward. And it has become the norm to search for reviews before making a big purchase or as a way to find out information. 

The majority of content published online has the purpose of answering a question. For example, your firm might write an article about “new tax legislations” or “how to do your business taxes”. 

Each and every business online can use content in a way which answers a customer’s questions and provides them with knowledge. This can then transform into valuable leads later. 

Content is extremely important for rankings on Google. If you want people to find your website when they conduct a Google search then you need to create valuable content. And content with good SEO that helps to generate backlinks from high DA websites.

This all sounds pretty complicated, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at this business accountancy firm – BDO. Even though they are a huge firm and could land clients from just word-of-mouth they have spent time and money creating an in-depth content strategy for their brand. 

They have an insights area on their website full of content. It’s full of written articles, webinars, podcasts, survey results, and reports. In fact, they have over 1,700 pieces of content, with new pieces being published every day

BDO accountants - content marketing -dedicated insight area on page

And their content is related to their different specialities. As such, they have produced articles and content around the following areas:

  •  VAT and indirect taxes
  •  Partnership tax
  •  Corporate tax
  •  Budget
  •  Payroll
  •  Tax dispute resolutions
  •  Tax support for professionals
  •  Real estate and construction tax
  •  Financial reporting
  •  Internal audit and risk assurance
  •  Mergers and acquisitions 

In addition to other areas, current news articles, and industry developments.

All of their content is focused on helping the client improve their business model. 

Evidently, they likely have a dedicated content team that creates all the website content. With access to industry insights and ample resources. And it’s working. 

The insights area of their website receives an average of 22,400 monthly views. And it ranks for a total of 25,716 keywords. Of these keywords, 680 of them rank in the top 3 in Google!

content marketing for business accountants example - BDO traffic and keyword growth

As such, this brings in a huge amount of traffic and potential customers to BDO. 

More importantly, look at what this content has done for the growth of BDO over the years:

results of content marketing for business accountants

The richly detailed content and high ranking keywords have helped BDO achieve a DA of 58. Along with its high ranking keywords, SEO, and 540,000 backlinks from high ranking DA websites. 

This is a fantastic example of content marketing for business accountancy firms in action. 

5. Utilising Online Reviews and Customer Recommendations - Haines Watts

All consumers want to see a good review or recommendation.

Think back to when you made your last big purchase of a product and service. What was the factor that influenced you the most, a friend or family recommendation? Maybe the product description or images? Or was it the product or service review you found after conducting a Google search?

Chances are, all these factors played a part. 

82% of customers are said to read online reviews before making a purchase, to help build trust with the company. 

The same is true when choosing a business accountant. Business owners will ask for recommendations or conduct a large amount of research before choosing a company. 

A firm which has recognised the need for reviews is Haines Watts. They have 50 offices around the UK in small cities and towns. In addition to the bigger cities such as London and Manchester. 

Each office has its own landing page on their website. Which is great for local SEO and Google rankings. 

Let’s take the Haines Watts Norwich office landing page. 

They begin by explaining the services which they offer and how to get in touch with that particular office. 

Then the next thing on this page are video reviews from businesses who have used their services in the past. 

Haines Watts Reviews and Recommendations

Each video is around 2 minutes long. And each company explains their company, their relationship with Haines Watts, and how long they have been working together. 

These videos are a great way of building trust and a connection with their clients. Straight away you can see the t types of businesses that work with the firm. And you can gain a sense of trust. 

Clients want to make sure that a firm can help them to achieve what they want to do and deliver their service as promised. 

So when you watch a video and a business states that they have been working with Haines Watts for 20 years, you take notice. A prospective client will automatically trust that they must be doing something right or they would have changed firms. 

In fact, 90% of people say that video reviews help them with the decision making process. 

But Haines Watts doesn’t stop there; they also have written testimonials on each office page. 

Client testimonials as a strategy -content marketing for business accountants

This further enhances the firm by acting as social proof. Any prospective client who lands on their office location landing pages is greeted instantly by two different types of reviews. As well as honest feedback from not just one business but several different businesses in different industries. 

Not only are these videos and written reviews on each specific location office page. But they are also on the homepage so anyone who visits the homepage is greeted by them also. In addition to this, on their homepage, they have a link to even more case studies and success stories. 

This is a great indication that Haines Watts can be trusted. And is likely to be a key factor in their growth online too:

Haines Watts growth - content markerting for business accountants

6. Interacting with Clients via Webinars - KPMG

Webinars have suddenly appeared and seem to be everywhere in 2020 with the help of the global pandemic. 

In fact, the number of webinars has increased by 330% compared to 2019. With many live events and B2B live networking talks or panel interviews moving to webinars due to COVID-19. 

Webinars are a great way to conduct interviews, interact and communicate directly with current and future clients. And they’re also a great way to generate leads. With 73% of B2B marketers saying they are one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads

In addition to interacting with clients and businesses, webinars can help increase email lists too. With users having to sign-up with their email address to view them or download a recorded version. 

Webinars are a great form of content marketing and they can be based around a topic or theme. In addition, they are great for engagement as users can take part. Whether through asking traditional Q&A style questions or asking live questions via the chat. Not to mention, they can meet the employees in this format.  

In addition, webinars are relatively easy to set up and organise. And they can be repurposed into articles and videos. A half an hour or hour-long webinar could make for three or four articles. And due to the fact prospective clients can ask you questions, you could discover more about them. You may learn there are questions or problems that businesses may face that you didn’t know about. And as such, you can later respond by creating content around these problems.

Accountant firm KPMG holds weekly webinars about COVID-19

They have been producing and holding weekly webinars for six weeks (at the time of writing this article).  With at least one webinar a week on their COVID-19 section. 

Of course, these webinars are on a variety of topics, which include details of the new Government schemes available to businesses. As well as industry insights from partners and head of departments within the firm. 

These webinars are all available to watch by just typing in your email address. Each webinar also has a related article and a pdf download with more information. And these webinars are mostly aimed at B2B clients. 

Not only are KPMG spending time providing useful information for businesses on timely subjects. But they are also gaining email addresses of potential clients and building their mailing list. As well as earning valuable backlinks. 

KPMG’s UK COVID-19 webinar page has generated 6 backlinks to referring domains with DA’s between 12 and 62. 

Content marketing for business accountants webinars

These backlinks are extremely valuable when ranking for keywords on Google. These sites have linked to this COVID webinar insights page. As such Google will infer that this page has value and rank it accordingly. 

Thanks to content marketing strategies such as this one KPMG have been gaining traffic and backlinks at a huge rate: 

KPMG traffic and growth

Whether people tune into the webinars live and ask questions or re-watch later KPMG isn’t worried. Either way, they are creating ample opportunities to be found by new clients. As well as to be known as a source of knowledgeable information in their industry. With people tuning in each week to watch what they have to say. 

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that they also have other webinars on different current topics. For instance, such as Brexit, where they advise businesses and explain how Brexit will affect them. This is a great strategy, as it makes their content omnipresent.

7. Using Email Marketing to Drive Growth - UHY Hacker Young

How many emails do you receive a day from different companies? 

Chances are, you receive a lot every day.

Every single place we have inputted our email address has added it to an email marketing list. Whether it was from a previous purchase, creating an account, or downloading something. 

And we receive numerous emails from at least one of these companies daily. They may provide us with links to daily news articles, alerts of webinars or events, notifications of discounts, or just general information. 

Though we receive a high volume of emails, we hardly ever unsubscribe. When was the last time you unsubscribed to an email list? 

We tend to either read the subject and decide whether we want to open it. Or we delete it straight away. But we hardly ever unsubscribe because one day they might send us something which interests us. 

Using content to drive email lists should be part of your online marketing efforts. 

For instance, the accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young has two forms on its homepage. One is to sign-up to its mailing list and the other is to submit an enquiry.

UHY Hacker Young

This allows visitors to receive business updates and industry service updates. 

Visitors will sign-up to this mailing list if they like your content, trust the company and want to hear what you have to say. While these people think they are just signing up to the mailing list, they have also become potential clients. 

Many site visitors will sign-up to your mailing list if there is a place on your homepage to do so. If you don’t have an option to sign-up you are missing hundreds or thousands of potential leads. 

In fact, 98% of visitors to your site leave without giving you any information. These are all potential leads that have been missed. 

However, UHY Hacker Young’s homepage receives 40% of its total traffic, which is around 2,800 monthly views. All of these visitors are exposed to the sign-up form. 

Email sign-ups and ways to contact the firm actively encourage visitors to interact throughout their website. 

Once you have created a large mailing list you can send out regular emails with links directed to new pieces of content. The email recipients can follow the link and improve your traffic. 

This will help increase traffic to your website too. As well as help to build relationships. And so, if your subscriber eventually needs a business accountant they will think of your firm before anyone else. 

traffic for UHY Hacker Young

Email marketing has played its part in helping UHY Hacker Young increase their traffic to 6,800 monthly viewers. And it’s also helped the firm gain a DA of 46. 

8. Creating Downloadable Content to Increase Mailing Lists and Drive Traffic - SJD Accountancy

Downloadable content is a great way to make a trade with potential clients in return for their contact information. 

In fact, by offering something for potential clients’ contact information they are more likely to give you their email addresses. 

Downloadable content can be in the form of ebooks, ultimate guides, reports, or webinars. 

When people download this content they create a relationship with your firm. And if they use the ebook or downloadable file and find it useful, this nurtures brand loyalty. 

As a result, making them more likely to use your company again in future. 

One accountancy firm offering downloadable content in exchange for email addresses is SJD Accountancy. 

SJD Accountancy has combined two types of content marketing. – written content and email marketing to create downloadable guides. 

They offer three downloadable guides in exchange for signing up to their mailing list:

  •  The Contractor’s Guide
  •  Limited of Umbrella, The Ultimate Guide
  •  Complete Guide to IR35

Their homepage has a scrolling feature with four different images and information. One image is about their resources pages. With a direct sign up to subscribe to their newsletter.

SJD downloadable content

Overall, their homepage receives 2,500 monthly page views which is 23.5% of their traffic.

SJD homepage traffic

And their second-highest traffic page is an article called ‘Umbrella Company Guide’. This receives 1,200 monthly views and 11.5% of their traffic. On this page, they have a small amount of information in an article to entice you to read more. As well as the downloadable guide.  

This one single page ranks for 95 keywords, many of which have large search volumes. And many of the keywords are ranked in the top 3 on Google. 

SJD keyword rankings

This single page also has 73 backlinks from 10 referring domains. 

SJD accountancy backlinks

All in all, these backlinks, along with the high ranking keywords, have helped increase SJD Accountancy website traffic. However it’s also helped them to score a DA of 30. 

They are using their downloadable content to gain valuable leads. By offering an incentive they have gained backlinks from other websites. And these sites deem the guides useful for their viewers. As a result, so does Google.

9. Guest Blogging to Increase Backlinks - Alexander & Co

One of the best ways to gain backlinks is to become a guest blogger for other relevant industry websites. 

Guest blogging on other websites which have a high domain authority is incredibly beneficial. It can help increase your search rankings and SEO. As well as lead to a higher DA for your website. 

Alexander & Co is a great example of how guest blogging can be used to create valuable backlinks for your accountancy firm. 

For example, an excellent backlink Alexander & Co has received is from a website called Business Matters Magazine

Business Matters Magazine is the UK’s leading business magazine. It features articles on finance, legal advice, technology, and business. 

In addition, it also has an average of 50,900 monthly viewers and a DA of 62. This is a winb for Alexander & Co in terms of gaining backlinks. As it has a high DA, is relevant to the firm, and will provide a large amount of traffic. 

Alexander & Co have created two backlinks to this magazine’s website through guest blogging. These are entitled ‘Financial Advice for Start-Ups, From Start-Ups’ and ‘Business Advice From Female Entrepreneurs’. 

content marketing for business accountants example; guest posts

Both of these articles were written by Stephen Verber, head of the forensic accounting department at Alexander & Co. 

By using employees to create guest blogs, this firm can utilise their expert areas. And in doing so can create trustworthy, valuable content. All while linking back to their site and creating a strong backlink. As well as boosting their own credibility on search engine results. 

And the results speak for themselves:

Alexander & Co keyword and traffic growth

Alexander & Co have created a genius way of tapping into their employee’s area of expertise in order to create valuable content in guest blogs. Which in turn is leading to an increase in traffic to their own website.

10. Creating a Social Media Network to Drive Traffic and Create Brand Loyalty - EY

Just 20 years ago social media was practically non-existent. But now it has become a useful tool for networking and connecting with friends and family. As well as being a great way of communicating with customers and businesses. 

Social media might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing for business accountancy firms. But it is definitely something to consider. 

There are over 3.9 billion active monthly social media users. With people using social media multiple times a day. And of course, this also includes brands and businesses. 

LinkedIn has become a very valuable social media tool for corporate companies and businesses. With companies advertising jobs, promoting content, and creating networks on the platform. 

And a huge 87% of businesses say that social media helps them boost exposure and create social proof. This is the same for business accountancy firms. 

One example of a firm utilising social media effectively to reach their B2B customers and audiences is EY

EY has over 5.3 million social media followers across multiple platforms. Their biggest following is on LinkedIn where they have over 4.5 million followers. 

They use these platforms to showcase videos, news, promotions within the company, survey results, reports, and many other types of content. And the majority of this content links back to their website. 

On the whole, EY are posting the same or similar content across their platforms just slightly altered. For instance, you can see a video which was posted on both LinkedIn and Facebook. 

The video received 17,085 views and 699 likes on LinkedIn. And 88 likes and 8 shares on Facebook.

EY accounting - social media

And they change this content depending on the different channels. With LinkedIn showcasing more B2B information such as company updates and employee promotions, linking them back to the employee’s individual pages. 

Much of the content they publish is highly shareable and receives high viewer numbers. Thus, adding credibility to their content. As well as helping them to become one of the world’s leading accountancy firms. 

Overall, this has helped increase the traffic to EY’s website. And they receive an average of 24,200 monthly views to their website from social media platforms alone. 

Social media traffic for EY

Social media is one of the main drivers of traffic with 96% of businesses using social media to drive traffic to their blog posts. 

But before you start sharing content on Instagram stories, be sure that you know your target market. Especially which platforms they use and engage with more frequently. 

With a business accountancy firm, LinkedIn would be a great starting point. With the majority of users interacting with B2B marketing and more professional content than Instagram or Facebook. 


There are lots of ways you could approach marketing for your business accountancy firm. But the most important thing is to just start. 

As demonstrated in the examples above, accountancy firms can gain considerable benefits from content marketing. Simply by having insightful, high-quality, and engaging media for their audiences. 

Of course, being able to stand out from your competitors is a must for accountancy firms given the intense competition. And content marketing is a great way to do this.

Even from these 10 examples alone you can already see 10 business accountancy firms who are investing time and money into content marketing. 

They are already gaining more traffic and leads than your firm. But it’s not too late to start. You can start thinking about introducing a content strategy in your marketing strategy right now.

You Can Work With a Marketing Consultancy to Take Your Firm to The Next Level

Content marketing is time consuming. And without a lot of time and dedication, you won’t be achieving your full potential. 

That’s why many firms turn to a marketing consultancy like ours. To help them grow online through content and SEO marketing. 

We run website analysis reports to identify where brands currently are. And to find out exactly what it takes for brands to have impactful growth online. 

We also conduct competitor analysis, so we can advise you on the best strategy needed to help you beat your competition and achieve your goals online. 

So why not contact us today for an obligation-free chat. And find out exactly what we can do to take your accountancy firm to the next level.

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