9 Excellent Content Marketing Examples Being Used By Architects With Incredible Results

content marketing for architects

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee Odden

Without content, Google wouldn’t exist, and what a strange world that would be. Like stepping back in time 20 years!

Until the 2000s you may have never even heard of Google. But the world has moved on incredibly fast in terms of technology – computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

These were once unknown and never considered a necessity for everyday life. Flash forward 20 years and you have more power in your smartphone than you could ever imagine. 

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) once said:

“Apple has made products for years that people didn’t know they wanted and now they can’t live without. We don’t believe in limits”

The same is considered for Google. The term “Google it” is a phrase commonly used all around the world. 

Maybe you remember a world without Google, maybe you don’t. Either way content was the driver behind the search engines success. 

Content Marketing for Architecture Firms

As businesses increasingly turn to content marketing as a way to communicate to their audiences, your architecture firm might be asking the following questions:

  •  What is the best way to approach content marketing for my architecture firm?
  •  Are there any examples of how content marketing is working for architecture companies which I can see and understand?
  •  How can I apply those examples to my business?
  •  Is it possible to see the results of other architecture firms, so I can work out whether to invest in content marketing for my architecture business too?
  •  My company is new to content marketing, so I want a blueprint as to how to get started and what kind of things are likely to provide the best results? 

Luckily for you, we have answered all of these questions. 

This article provides you with practical content marketing for architects. Including examples which are taken directly from other architecture firms.

The idea is that you can see what other firms have done and understand why it is working for them.

As a result, you can then take these lessons and apply them to your own content marketing plan. One completely based on a playbook which you know is already working for other architecture firms.

Approaching content from this angle means you move quicker and more efficiently. In addition, you’ll have more confidence as to what you want to achieve from your content marketing efforts.

This also means that your entire team should also be reading from the same page. As such, anyone in your business will be able to understand why your architecture firm should be investing in content marketing. But without any of the loftiness normally spouted by most marketers or agencies trying to get you to spend money.

The Online Demand for Architecture Firms

Did you know there are almost half a million worldwide monthly Google searches for architects?

content marketing for architects keyword volume for architect

In addition, there are 449,100 monthly searches for architects worldwide. As well as 489 keyword variants of the search term architects. 

keyword variants for architects

As you can see, there are a lot of people searching for architects. 

The question is: if I searched for architects in your area, would your firm appear?

If your answer is no, then you have some work to do. But if your answer is yes, then you have a great place to start from. 

In this article, we are going to break down how 9 different architecture firms are currentlyalready utilising content marketing effectively. 

In addition, we’ll show you how they are using content marketing to gain traffic, clients, and build a positive reputation.

Use these examples to create content completely specific to your specialist area. So that, as a result, clients come to you rather than your competitors.

A Quick Introduction to Content Marketing

You may be thinking, ‘why would I invest in content marketing when I already have clients?’.

Alternatively, ‘why should I invest in content marketing for architects over other areas of marketing?’.

Put simply, content marketing is about obtaining a constant, dependable flow of interest for your services.

And even if you already have a steady flow of clients now, you still want the assurance that more business will be coming your way.

Yes, content marketing is about standing out from the crowd. But honestly, content marketing is mainly about assurance. 

Assurance that you will always have a stream of customers flowing through to your website. As well as assurance that there is a route to growth that isn’t simply based on word of mouth.

Content marketing allows you to speak to people and get them interested on your terms.

Most importantly, being great at content marketing means that most people will arrive at your door first.

Different ways you can create content

Here are a few examples of content marketing:

  •  Blog articles
  •  News articles
  •  Videos
  •  Images
  •  Infographics
  •  Press releases
  •  Social media posts
  •  Emails/Newsletters
  •  Guest blogging
  •  Landing pages
  •  Projects
  •  A portfolio of previous projects

Many architecture firms are already effectively utilising their websites to showcase completed projects and buildings. 

And this is an example of content which communicates to prospective clients that your firm has experience. As well as a history with particular types of architectural projects.

But this is a minimum for any architecture firm looking to succeed online as everyone does this.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to create different ways to communicate why people should choose you as their architect.

And, this is where content marketing for architects comes in. Namely by understanding your target audience or which businesses you would like to work with. 

By creating relevant content which appeals to them,you create a relationship with your customers. Whether through walk-through views, construction videos, 3D design sketches, or written content. 

Just because you have never created content before or your competitors aren’t doing it either, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. 

Once you embrace content marketing as a strategy, you will be thankful when a customer finds your website. Especially when it’s appearing in search results for high ranking keywords and your competitor is nowhere to be seen. 

Not only does this build an instant connection between the firm as you are perceived as a market leader. But it also helps the firm gain the client’s trust, that you know what you are talking about and can help them.

A Quick Guide to Backlinking

When thinking about content marketing, don’t forget to utilise the power of backlinks. 

Backlinks are simply when one website creates a hyperlink back to your website. 

When trying to get your content ranked highly in search results, backlinking is one of the 8 most important factors. Google uses these factors when considering which position your page should rank.

Loads of marketing firms talk about content but forget to mention that good content should also be obtaining backlinks. As this is essentially a recognition that your content is good.

If your content gains a backlink from a website which has a high domain authority, this will add value to your website. Google interprets this as you are offering something valuable enough that someone else wants to link to it. 

Backlinks can be gained from simply just having great high-quality content. This could come from infographics, press releases on new buildings, guest blogs on architecture journals or other sites. In fact, there are ample other examples. 

Therefore, when you think about content marketing, you also need to look at it from this angle.

We mention this as lots of our content marketing examples are seen through this lens. For instance I created some content, it has achieved this many backlinks and therefore provided this much growth.

What Can Your Architecture Firm Achieve With Content Marketing?

Now let’s imagine you are looking for an architect in London. You might ask your friends or family for some recommendations. But, chances are you might then also Google “architects in London”. 

Architects in London search

This is what your search results will look like. There is a mixture of actual firms, blog posts, and directories. 

Content marketing for architects search results architects london

But the first result is an architecture firm called PLP Architecture with their homepage. 

PLP Architecture’s homepage has a large image at the top of the page with employees in the office. And this is followed by some key information about the firm. 

PLP Architecture Homepage

All in all, their homepage is filled with content: 

  •  Information about their studio
  •  Their core values
  •  Covid-19 precautions
  •  News of completed projects
  •  Video showcasing a project they have completed
  •  And a myriad of other images featuring completed projects and locations

For PLP Architecture this is where they have strived to be. Everyone who searches for “architects in London” is exposed to their homepage at the top of the search results. 

Not to mention, the homepage displays everything you need to know. As a result, no more searching is necessary, because you have found your architects. 

Ranking first for “architects in London” gives them ample opportunity to gain high volumes of traffic and leads.

In addition, this homepage also ranks for 238 different keywords. With 8 of these keywords ranked in the top 3 in search results.

keywords in top 3 search positions for architects london

Even more impressive, these top 8 keywords ranking number 1, all have high search volumes. 

For example, they not only rank for “architects in London”, but also:

  •  “architecture firms in London” (top 3) 
  •  “architecture practices London” (top 3)
  •  “architects central London” (no 1)
  •  “architecture firms” – which although it ranks top 6 is still great.

As a result, these keywords will have a huge impact on PLP Architecture’s lead generation and website traffic. Especially in a city such as London. 

Their homepage receives 4,500 monthly views. And 57% of their traffic comes to that page thanks to its 238 keywords. 

content marketing for architects PLP architecture

Over 1,300 monthly searches are conducted for “architects in London”. And these searchers all have the opportunity to land on PLP Architecture’s homepage. Just from this one single keyword in addition to the other 237.

As their keywords continue to rank highly in search results, the firm’s traffic and lead potential increases. 

And these high ranking keywords have helped PLP Architecture gain more traffic and grow as a company. 

traffic and keyword growth for PLP architecture

PLP Architecture ranked urls

Their homepage only became number 1 in google search results in October 2020. As such, their traffic is likely to increase and with it more leads over time. 

This has the potential to be huge for the firm.

Companies strive for this kind of keyword ranking and this helps set PLP Architecture apart from their competitors. 

This is the perfect example of how content marketing can be valuable, increases traffic, and generate leads for architecture firms.

9 Examples of Content Marketing Used by Architecture Firms

 “Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity” – Nancy Pearcy.

In 2019 there were 57,000 architects in employment in the United Kingdom. Some of these work in small firms, others in huge multinational firms, whereas some are self-employed. 

With so many architects in the UK alone, how are you meant to choose the best one? What makes you or your firm different from the rest?

You can find out the answer to this question by conducting a website and competitor analysis report to evaluate your current position compared to other architects. 

This evaluation will give you an insight into what other firms are currently doing – good or bad. In addition to discovering what you could be doing differently or better. 

We’ve also put together a list of 9 specific examples of content marketing campaigns currently being used by architecture firms. 

All of these are hugely effective and have achieved great results for each firm. 

These examples can be used as a starting point to base your own website content analysis on. And they can give you some ideas or inspiration as to how you could use a few of these examples in your own strategy.

1. Creating Engaging Press Releases to Gain Backlinks - Grimshaw

Millions of people all around the world read news articles, watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio. They do this to find out what is happening where they live, in their country, and around the world. 

Many of these news stories are created from press releases. Any company can create and send a press release. In fact, 71% of journalists turn to press releases and news announcements as their primary source of information. 

You might be thinking what press releases have to do with architecture firms. 

Well, press releases can be a great way for architects to showcase their work. Whether this is new completed buildings, partnership announcements, or information about buildings currently being designed. 

A firm that is regularly creating press releases is Grimshaw. They are using these press releases to showcase plans and projects in their firm. 

content marketing for architects example press releases - Grimshaw

Once a press release is distributed, a news publication picks it up and creates their own article around it. This also creates a hyperlink back to Grimshaw’s website creating a valuable backlink. 

If you take the time to read some of their press releases you will find them on a variety of topics, including:

  •  New plans for buildings
  •  Partnerships
  •  News on projects
  •  Building openings
  •  Announcements

This is often known as a hybrid content-PR strategy. And it’s a great way to create backlinks with high domain ratings. 

For example, here is an article by The Architect’s Newspaper entitled “Grimshaw unveils a new arts complex at Santa Monica College”. This particular article was created from the press release above.

The Architects Newspaper

The Architect’s Newspaper is a valuable backlink for Grimshaw with a DA of 63. 

In addition, this same press release was also picked up by Global Construction Review, which has a DA of 56. As such, this is another great backlink which will provide value to Grimshaw as an architecture firm. 

Grimshaw Backlinks

Google considers backlinks from high DA websites as a sign that your website is valuable.. If another website links back to your site, this signals that your site is trustworthy, credible and must have something valuable on it.

This is highly important as Google considers backlinks one of the most important factors when ranking search results. 

Put simply, the more backlinks you have from high DA websites, the higher your website will rank in search results. 

In addition to the two backlinks above Grimshaw has also received backlinks from:

  •  Yahoo – DA 91
  •  BBC – DA 88
  •  The Guardian – DA 87
  •  NY times – DA 87
  •  Harvard.edu – DA 86
  •  Forbes – DA 85
  •  Telegraph – DA 83

In fact, they have been receiving at an average of 50 new backlinks a month. Which has given them 23,200 backlinks from 1,500 referring domains. Almost 40% of these backlinks have domain authorities between 41 and 100. 

Referring domains for Grimshaw

As a result, this gives Grimshaw incredible credibility. 

This strategy is the perfect way to gain backlinks and it appears to be working for Grimshaw.

2. Utilising Previous Projects as a Portfolio - Foster and Partners

Content marketing for architects can come in a variety of different forms. One way of creating content is by repurposing your previous work. You can use past projects or portfolio’s to create valuable content for your website. 

Portfolios are a great way to showcase previous work. They allow you to show your audience what you can do and how you plan things. 

This is like a review of what you could potentially achieve, which will give prospective clients more information about your company. 

This content can be in the form of images, videos, project highlights, evidence, initial designs, statistics, and anything else you can think of which is associated with a previous project. 

This is a great way for architecture firms to create content around their previous design projects. 

For instance, you may have heard of an architecture firm called Foster and Partners. Well, they are winning at the portfolio game! 

Fosters and Partners ArchitectsThis firm has a section on its website called “projects”. This is like a portfolio of all the different building and design projects they have completed. As well as  those which are currently under construction. 

These projects are divided into categories:

  •  Retail 
  •  Urban Design
  •  Residential 
  •  Mixed-Use
  •  Hospitality and Leisure 
  •  Industrial Design
  •  Health and Education 
  •  Industrial and Research
  •  Transport and Infrastructure
  •  Offices and Headquarters
  •  Civic 
  •  Culture
  •  Under Construction 
  •  Recently Completed

Each category displays the projects within these categories.

Under each project, you will find an image gallery of the buildings/construction. In addition to this is information about the building, along with start date, completion dates, and the teams involved.

Each project also has a video walkthrough of the project. 

Content marketing for architects example -PortfolioThe projects page is multi-use content, with enough information for news publications to pick up facts about the new constructions or completed buildings. 

And unsurprisingly, this page is drawing in ample traffic for Foster and Partners. In fact, this single page receives around 11,400 monthly views and ranks for 3,700 keywords. 

traffic growth for Fosters and Partners

This is incredible for one section of a website filled with content. Many of these ranked keywords are the names of the buildings they have designed or worked on. A phenomenal 119 of these keywords are ranked in the top 3 in Google search results. 

In terms of backlinks, the projects section has 219 backlinks from 82 referring domains. And an impressive DA of 48. 

This is way above and beyond, and every architecture firm should be striving to achieve this. 

Look at how the projects section of their website has helped with the companies growth:

content marketing for architects portfolios for growth

This is the perfect example of how an architecture firm can use content marketing effectively for growth. 

There is no reason why your firm can’t use the same technique, to showcase previous projects. You could use images of projects, facts and figures, or general information about a completed project or a new project you are working on. 

And, it’s a great way to showcase your firm’s talent and what you can achieve.

3. Using Landing Pages to Drive Traffic - Gensler

When you conduct a Google search, for let’s say “architects in New York” for example. Your search results will show both an architecture firm’s homepage and office pages located in New York. And this will depend upon the keyword ranking. 

Both homepages and office pages are considered landing pages. These landing pages often rank for a high on Google for a large number of keywords. 

Architecture firms can use landing pages if their firm has multiple offices around the country or globe. This will help with local SEO search engine results page (SERP) features. As a result, will gain more potential leads for each office instead of the firm as a whole. 

Long landing pages with detailed information about each office can help to generate 220% more leads than short landing pages.  

An excellent example of this is architecture firm, Gensler. This firm is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. But it has 50 offices all around the globe. 

For each of the 50 offices, the firm has created a specific landing page. This helps them to increase leads. Businesses with over 40 landing pages generate a whopping 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages.

Each office landing page ranks for different keywords too. Which also helps with local SEO and map features. 

An office landing page for Gensler includes the following information about each office:

  •  The office address and a map location
  •  News articles relevant to that country or city
  •  The members of the team in that office
  •  Recent projects
  •  Videos

Each landing page is filled with detailed information. This allows each individual office to rank for their own keywords and gain backlinks. As well as improving local SEO map packs, and other SERP features. 

Here you can see Gensler’s pages with the highest traffic. Two are individual office pages – New York and Los Angeles:

Content marketing for architects examples landing pages. Highest traffic includes locations

And we can look at each office page in more detail. 

Let’s take the New York office as an example. This page is responsible for the website’s 5th highest traffic. With an average of 1,000 monthly views, which is almost 2% of the total website traffic. 

traffic and views for Gensler landing page

The New York office page also ranks for 170 keywords, along with other SERP features including knowledge and image packs. 

In addition, this landing page has also received 656 backlinks from 74 referring domains. 

As far as landing pages go this is a perfect example. And there are 49 more landing pages like the New York one. 

Just look at what these landing pages have done for the traffic to Gensler’s website:

content marketing for architects - using landing pages for traffic growth

Not only has Gensler’s traffic increased. But they also have a DA of 61 and 289,200 backlinks from 11,400 referring domains. 

This is an incredible example of what content marketing can do for your architecture firm. 

And there’s no reason why, if you have multiple offices, that you can’t create landing pages for each one. 

Landing pages or office pages appeal to your target audience in a specific city. This is a great way to answer any questions a potential client may have. As well as showcasing employees at each office location with links to their LinkedIn page and email address. 

And it will attract new customers and make each office more personalised. And with time to gain backlinks and rank for keywords, this is a very lucrative way to gain the right kind of customers for each office.

4. Richly Detailed Content to Help Create High Ranking Keywords - EPR Architects

We are surrounded by content. The internet has allowed content to thrive. And search engines have organised it. 

So, by typing in a few keywords you can find literally anything you are looking for. Almost all search results are content. 

From videos, news articles, blog posts, images, reviews, and much more. 

Businesses have slowly caught onto the fact that if they want to stay ahead of their competition they need to stand out. And content marketing is a great way to do this. 

Did you know that 60% of marketers spend time creating at least one piece of content each day? And 93% of B2B marketers recognise the advantages and utilise content marketing. 

Many companies see content marketing as an inexpensive way to advertise their company. Especially compared to other forms of marketing. So why should content marketing for architects be any different?

For example, you could produce an article entitled “Day in the life of an architect”, which ranks high in Google’s search results. This would cost you time and money to write the article but it would gain new leads and traffic when people found it on Google. 

According to research from HubSpot, 82% of marketers who blog regularly see a positive ROI. There are initial costs associated with producing the original article. But once the content is written it can be reused and repurposed for other pieces of content. Almost 60% of marketers reuse content two to five times

Let’s say you produced the article in the example above; “a day in the life of an architect”. This could originally have been a 2,000-word article. 

From that article, you could divide it into smaller pieces of written content. Or use it to create social media content, create an infographic, or make a video. 

Not only is content a great ROI it also generates leads, if used successfully. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than other forms of marketing but generates 3 times as many leads. 

Take a look at how this architecture firm has used content marketing – EPR Architects

EPR Architects have an abundance of different examples of great content on their website. 

They have the breadth of content every architecture firm should aspire to achieve. Their website contains the following content:

  •  Reports
  •  First sketches of buildings and their finished products
  •  Links of where they have been featured in the press
  •  Details of awards they have received
  •  Beautiful images
  •  Different campaigns
  •  Publications 
  •  PDF files of official reports and publications
  •  A portfolio of projects they have completed
  •  News
  •  Information pages

EPR architects content marketing for architects

content marketing for architects example using rich detailed content

All their content is showcasing what they can do as a company. Creating brand awareness and trust in the firm. 

In addition, this content has played a role in EPR Architects ranking for 3,000 keywords. As well as gaining 9,200 backlinks from 534 referring domains. All of which has benefitted their overall domain authority, which currently sits at 38. 

Domain authority EPR architects

It has also played a part in the firm’s growth. With an average 4,900 monthly views which are steadily growing. 

traffic trend ERP architects

This means a huge amount of potential leads for the firm!

EPR Architects is a perfect illustration of what you can achieve for your architecture firm using content marketing.

5. Guest Blogging to Create Backlinks - Pride Road

Backlinks are one of few things Google considers as the most important when it comes to ranking content. 

An excellent place to start with backlinking is by guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you write a blog post for another person or company’s website. This blog post will include a hyperlink back to your website. 

The best guest blogs are created when you first research the best site to gain a backlink from. Researching where to publish your guest blog will allow you to gain the best possible backlinks. 

Backlinks gained from websites with a high domain authority are more beneficial than backlinks from low domain authority websites. 

Higher domain authority backlinks will benefit your website and your own DA. As well as helping to improve your search engine rankings. 

Guest blogging is a popular way to gain backlinks with 60% of bloggers saying they write guest posts for other blogs

This is a popular form of content marketing for every industry including architecture firms. 

For instance, let’s take a look at Pride Road architecture firm. 

Pride Road is a great example of how using guest blogging can create valuable backlinks.

One example of an excellent backlink Pride Road has received is from Architects Journal. This is a great backlink for them to gain as Architects Journal has a DA of 62. 

Pride Rd architects backlinking

Pride Road has gained two backlinks from Architects Journal: “Blurred lines: Clients need to know what a real architect is” and “Brexit turmoil? It’s business as usual for small practices”. 

Both of these articles were written by Lisa Raynes.


Guest blog lisa raynes for Pride Rd architects

Raynes is the founder of Pride Road and has written a variety of guest blogs and articles for multiple publications. 

She has also written a guest blog on Place North West called “Architects must create more living space”. Which is another great backlink for the firm as Place North West has a DA of 53. 

content marketing for architects examples guest blogging

By using Lisa to create backlinks the firm has utilised the talent and professional knowledge of its employees to create insightful articles on their own site as well as other sites. 

The success of these backlinks can speak for itself:

keyword and traffic trend for Pride Rd architects

Pride Road and Lisa Raynes have utilised guest blogging to gain a network and bring traffic to their site. All the while creating high DA backlinks.

This in turn helps increase their DA and lets Google see that their website is trustworthy, valuable, and credible. And it will help to ensure their keywords continue to rank high in search engine results pages. 

6. Using Email Marketing to Gain a Following - Ryder Architecture

Have you checked your inbox yet today? 

Chances are you have. And you’re one of the 3.9 billion daily email users who check their inboxes daily. 

Let’s say you have a mixture of work emails, maybe an email from a friend or family member, and a large number of emails from clothing brands, businesses, holiday companies, and anything else you used your email to sign up for. 

Some of these emails you open if they are of interest to you, others you just delete. And others you look at and click-through to the companies webpage to see what they are offering. One thing you hardly ever do is unsubscribe. 

Unsubscribe rates plummeted in 2019, dropping from 2.4% to a stellar 0.2%. This is because no matter how many emails you receive from companies daily, there will always be those emails which appeal to you or inspire you to make a purchase. 

81% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is their most used form of content marketing. With the ability to showcase daily news, provide links to sign-up to webinars, links to new content, notifications of discounts, information about upcoming events, and just general information. 

You can use email marketing to create a following on mailing lists. And using it to drive content to your website, is something your firm should already be doing. 

The architecture firm Ryder Architecture has an email sign-up box front and centre on its homepage. In addition to links to their social media pages. 

Ryder Architecture sign-up

Ryder Architecture has done this to ensure everyone who visits their homepage has the opportunity to sign up to their email insights and join their mailing list. 

If a visitor decides to sign up to your mailing list, you have the opportunity to send them content. Whether newsletters, updates, news, discounts, and any other content you wish to. 

With this sign-up form located directly on the homepage they are allowing people to sign up if they wish to. If you don’t have a form on your website these are potential leads you are missing out on. 

Ryder Architecture’s homepage receives 73.7% of its website’s total traffic which equals around 1,600 monthly views. All these visitors have the opportunity to see the sign-up list and sign-up if they wish to.

Homepage traffic for Ryder Architecture

All in all, 9 out of 10 marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically. These marketers have identified the importance of having email sign-up lists. 

With the opportunity to gain thousands of leads and potential customers by sending emails or linking back to your content. 

By sharing newsletters and information via emails, people who sign-up will build a trusting relationship with your firm. They will follow along with your content and news (if you share it). And once they need an architect they are more likely to think of your firm before anyone else. 

This will also help to increase the performance of any content you are creating too. As it can be emailed directly to your target audience.

architecture firm email marketing

Email marketing has played its part in Ryder Architecture’s increase in traffic. They now have 2,400 monthly viewers and a domain authority (DA) of 38. 

7. Utilising Social Media to Drive Traffic - Zaha Hadid Architects

Social media is everywhere. Over 45% of the world’s population is active on social media daily. And this number is set to increase year on year. 

People use social media to connect with each other. Whether it’s their friends, family, loved ones, business acquaintances or even strangers.  And 54% of social browsers use social media to research products or businesses. 

Social media might not be the first thing you think of when you think of content marketing for architects and architecture firms.

However, one architecture firm who is killing the social media game is Zaha Hadid Architects

This firm has a combined following of almost 2 million followers. Their biggest following is on Instagram, with 1.1 million followers. 

They use Instagram to showcase images and videos of their buildings. And they have over 821 images and videos. 

Overall, videos get 21.2% more interactions than images and 18.6% more interactions than text. 

By showcasing beautiful images and videos of their past and present projects, they’ve created an avid following. As such, they receive an average of 20,000 likes on images and even more views on videos. 

Zaha Hadid social media

A million followers on Instagram is winning the game! Any influencer would be happy with a million followers. 

Although this is great for getting their name out there and they can showcase news and information in their captions. Instagram content doesn’t always translate to potential leads. 

Many people could just be following to see beautiful images and videos. 

That said, Zaha Hadid Architects also has over 236,000 followers on Facebook. 

They use Facebook to showcase videos which get huge view counts of over 50,000 plus reactions and likes. 

And, they also use Facebook to hyperlink to articles and content on their website. As well as images, videos, any news, or articles which they were featured in. 

Zaha Hadid Facebook

Content can be changed to suit each channel. With LinkedIn showcasing more B2B marketing opportunities than other channels. 

Zaha Hadid Architects has seen the benefits of this and has over 411,000 followers. This is a fantastic following for LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is one of the best social media channels for gaining website traffic and leads. 

Over 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. This firm uses LinkedIn to hyperlink back to their website, with news articles, journals, and videos. 

For example, this video on their profile has been viewed more than 70,900 times. And it’s received over 5,800 likes and 108 comments. 

content marketing examples, using video

Much of the content they publish across social media channels is highly shareable. It also adds credibility to their content. 

Social media has given Zaha Hadid Architects an average of 1,200 monthly views. This highly differs depending on what links they have shared each month. 

In August their website received 10,900 monthly views from social media alone. 

Regular use of LinkedIn has helped this firm with the majority of their traffic. With over 46% of all social media traffic typically coming to a website from LinkedIn alone. 

While social media has ample benefits and can be used to gain high traffic and social proof. It can also not be very beneficial if you use a channel that your target market doesn’t interact with. 

With an architecture firm, LinkedIn would be the best place to start with social media. As it is a more professional channel with users interacting more with B2B businesses.

8. Creating Video Content to Be More Human - HawkinsBrown

Have you watched a piece of video content on the internet today? 

Chances are you have!

Videos have taken over the internet. With everything from news videos, review videos, product information videos, social media stories and more. 

And everyone is using video content to connect with people, sell products, or a service. 

Video content is used in all variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. 

For instance, 85% of all internet users in the United States have watched an online video more than once a month. With many viewers watching social media stories daily. Or using YouTube videos to exercise or find reviews before purchasing products. 

In fact, videos are said to be a consumers’ favourite type of content on social media.

A huge 72% of people would rather watch a video than read text. And well, 72% is a high percentage of people. 

Architecture firms are utilising video content in a variety of ways too. To showcase 3D models of buildings they have designed, demonstrate completed buildings and to showcase their employees. As well as creating Q&A style videos, explanation videos, walkthrough videos, and much more. 

The architecture firm Hawkins\Brown has created a piece of video content for their website homepage. This video is placed right at the top of their homepage taking up the entire screen when you first click on their page.

Hawkins\Brown video

This video displays many of their employees holding up a variety of signs within their office environment. 

And the video is all about their response to COVID-19. Highlighting that they are still the same company they once were. It also displays the things they do, the company’s mission statement, as well as their values. 

This is a great example of excellent video content. And it’s displayed perfectly for everyone visiting their homepage to see. The video instantly humanises the brand, by using the employees within the video. 

Hawkins\Brown’s homepage receives 3,200 monthly views which are 48.6% of their total traffic. Not to mention, this page has also received 166,960 backlinks and ranks for 160 keywords. 

content marketinf for architects example Hawkins\Brown

Instead of just seeing text on their homepage they have brought it to life. As a result, they have instantly connected with the viewer.

This form of video content has helped Hawkins\Brown grow and gain traction over the years. In addition, it’s also helped their keyword growth. 

Keyword growth for Hawkins\Brown

And while video content does take time and cost money to produce. The fact is, it can make all the difference. With the majority of people opting to watch your video rather than read your text.

Why? Because videos bring humans to life and offer a great way to showcase projects and designs. Plus, they can increase trust and credibility within an architecture firm. 

People like talking to people. They also like to see who they’re talking to. And seeing employees in videos allows trust to build without the need to meet them in person. 

9. Using Online Reviews and Testimonials - Howie Architects

When you last purchased a car or television it’s highly likely that you conducted a Google search. And chances are you at least did some research before making the purchase. Whether by reading articles, reading review blogs or watching videos. 

The whole review process is now online. With 85% of consumers now trusting online reviews, as much as they do personal recommendations. 

Of course, people still and will always trust these friend and family reviews more than online reviews. But 85% is still a lot of people who now turn to online reviews. 

Building trust for a company from an online review is an important factor for any business. With trust, people will become loyal to your company or service. And they’ll use it the next time they require a product or service you offer. 

Let’s take a look at Howie Architects.

This architecture firm is using online reviews on both their homepage and on a separate testimonials page.

In addition, Howie Architects have a sliding review box directly on their homepage. So everyone who views their homepage automatically sees the reviews. 

These reviews feature the names of employees who they worked with. As well as positive feedback and what they worked on. 

Howie Architects

However, Howie Architects also has a separate page on their website full of testimonials from people who have worked with them. 

Content marketing examples - Howie Architects Testimonials page

In terms of architecture it’s especially important that the majority of prospective clients know they can trust a firm. In order to help them to achieve what they want to do and to deliver on their services as promised. 

As such, these reviews help to enhance the Howie Architects overall brand and they create social proof. 

This is a great indication that Howie Architects is a firm that can be trusted. And these testimonials are likely to be a key factor in their growth online too:

Howie Architects online growth

Online reviews are a great way for potential clients to instantly see what they can expect from your firm. People want to use a brand or service they trust to do the job they want professionally and correctly. 

With online reviews, you can see information about the company instantly before you even pick up the phone. 


There are lots of different ways your architecture firm can use content marketing, this is just the start. 

No matter what way you choose to use content marketing the most important thing is that you start. 

There are inexhaustible opportunities to grow your business too. Especially when it comes to using different forms of content marketing to create a trusting brand. One that is well known and recognised for providing a great service. 

Even within these 9 examples, you can see how using content marketing can be beneficial to your firm. And what you can potentially achieve. 

You might be thinking… ‘well I’m so far behind these other firms, there’s no point’ or ‘how can I begin to catch up?’. 

But, there are ample opportunities for growth. And plenty of gaps within marketing for your firm to thrive. It’s never too late. 

You never know how many potential leads you are missing out on until you start. 

So start thinking about it now and introduce a content strategy in your marketing plan.

Working With a Marketing Consultancy to Create a Unique Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a great way to get out of your competitor’s shadow and take a step forward. 

However, good content marketing takes time and resources to produce. For instance, many companies employ a content marketing team or multiple copywriters to create their content. 

But many firms turn to a marketing consultancy like ours too. To help them grow online through content and SEO marketing. 

We run website analysis reports to evaluate your current place in the market and to find out exactly what it takes for brands to have impactful growth online. 

We also conduct comprehensive website analysis and competitor analysis reports. And these can advise you on the best strategies required to help you achieve your goals online. So why not contact us today for an obligation-free chat? Get in contact today and find out exactly what we can do to take your firm to the next level.

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