How Go Cleaners Could Increase Website Visibility in the Domestic & Office Cleaning Industry

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Our in-depth Go Cleaners website analysis offers up some fascinating insights. Specifically, into their website visibility within the wider industry.

We evaluated their content, keyword research, on-page SEO and backlinks.

In addition, we also looked closely at their competitors. As such, we’ve identified the steps that Go Cleaners need to take to boost their online visibility.

And, how utilising some easy strategies could help them to become one of London’s leading office & domestic cleaning businesses.


In September 2020, there were an estimated 27,100 monthly searches for “window cleaners” in the UK.

Sitting at the bottom of the page one search results for the search term “window cleaners” is…

You’ve guessed it, Go Cleaners (

Go Cleaners Website Description

Between March and September 2020, Go Cleaners lost 85% of its organic traffic.

Go Cleaners Lost TrafficIn this website analysis report, we will study the Go Cleaners website.

We’ll identify what they need to do to reverse this decline. As well as how to achieve those sought after page one rankings.

It should be noted however, that we will only be focusing on the following 4 areas:

Competitive Landscape

We’ll evaluate Go Cleaners’ market to see how companies in their industry grow.  We will also identify the main companies that are worth paying attention to.

Website Analysis

We will be analysing the website’s on-page SEO and conducting a keyword analysis.

Content Audit

The purpose of the content audit is to understand the current state of the Go Cleaners’ website.

From here, we can understand how they can potentially leverage existing content to improve their SEO.

Backlinks Analysis

We’ll examine the external links that point to the Go Cleaners website. We will look at the amount and the quality of these backlinks.

Overall, this will give us a better understanding of their ability to rank well in search engine results. 

First, we will provide a brief overview of Go Cleaners.

About Go Cleaners

Go Cleaners Website Homepage

To begin, we visited the website:

Go Cleaners have been providing cleaning services for homes and offices in London since 2013.

Their services include:

  •  Regular domestic cleaning
  •  One-off cleaning
  •  End of tenancy cleaning
  •  Regular office cleaning
  •  Upholstery cleaning
  •  Carpet cleaning
  •  Oven cleaning
  •  After builders cleaning
  •  Hard floor cleaning
  •  Window cleaning
  •  Gutter cleaning
  •  Garden clearance
  •  Patio cleaning

The Competitive Landscape

In this section we’ll take a look at Go Cleaners’ industry competitors and organic competitors.

Industry Competitor Traffic

In September 2020, Go Cleaners’ industry competitor traffic totalled 6.4 million website visits.  

However, Go Cleaners received less than 0.08% of that traffic.

Between March and September 2020, overall industry competitor market traffic decreased slightly by 2%.

During the same period, Go Cleaners’ share of market traffic decreased by 49%. This is a monumental drop in traffic. 

industry competitor traffic

Main Industry Competitors


Go Cleaners’s main industry competitor is with a 14.49% market traffic share.

Vax Homepage

Vax UK Ltd manufactures electrical goods and cleaning products. They specialise in the floor-care and air treatment sectors.

JML has the second largest share of industry market traffic at 10.71%.

JML Direct HomepageFor this reason, JML is considered a world leader in retail screen promotions and TV home shopping.

Next let’s look at the organic competitor traffic. 

Organic Competitor Traffic

In September 2020, Go Cleaners’s organic competitor traffic totalled 494,100 website visits.  

Yet, Go Cleaners only received 1.01% of that traffic. This places them 13th out of 80 organic domains.

Between March and September 2020, overall industry competitor market traffic decreased by 49%.

However, during the same period, Go Cleaners’ share of market traffic decreased by 25%.

Go Cleaners Website Traffic

Let’s move on to Go Cleaners main organic competitors.

Main Organic Competitors

Maid 2 Clean

Go Cleaners’s top organic competitor is They have a 19.82% market traffic share.

Made 2 Clean HomepageMaid 2 Clean is “one of the UK’s leading cleaning agencies”.

House Keep

Again, has the second biggest share of organic market traffic at 17.9%.

House Keep Website HomepageHouse Keep provides cleaners throughout London.

As a result of much stronger competition, Go Cleaners are 13th out of 80 organic domains.

Relatively speaking, this isn’t too bad. Especially considering they’ve lost lots of traffic in the last 6 months. 

Despite losing traffic, this means they are in a position to attempt to improve their ranking. 

Go Cleaners % of traffic

So, let’s get a detailed snapshot of their current online presence.

From there, we’ll identify what they can do to improve it.

Website Analysis

On-Page SEO

Let’s look at the page title and meta-description for Go Cleaners’s homepage. 

It states that they are a “Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Service”.

And, that they offer a range of cleaning services in London.

Go Cleaners Website Page Title and meta description

Clearly, the welcome headline on their homepage does not explicitly correspond with this.

Instead, it simply states:

“Faced with overwhelming chores? Let us handle them for you.”

The purpose of a welcome headline is to:

  1.  Help send a clear message to Google about the topic of the website
  2.  Reassure targeted website visitors that they are in the right place

However, these responsibilities are taken care of by the image alone. 

Go Cleaners Website Header

In comparison, these are the headlines for Go Cleaners’ top 2 organic competitors:

Maid 2 Clean Welcome Headline:

Welcome Headline Maid2Clean

House Keep Welcome Headline:

House Keep website headline

Both of them use the keyword “cleaning service”.

The first appearance of this keyword on the Go Cleaners’ homepage is in the webpage paragraph text:

cleaning service keyword on go cleaners website

When we conducted a search for “cleaning services london” we found House Keep in first place in the search results.

As their second top organic competitor, this is not great for Go Cleaners. 

House Keep position 1 on Google for cleaning services

Interestingly, we found Go Cleaner’s top organic competitor ( in position 8.

Not only are they position 8 in the search result, but they’re also on page 1:

Maid2Clean Google position

Despite this, we eventually found Go Cleaners on page 5 of the search results, in position 46.

For a company who specialises in ‘cleaning services’, this is not where they want to be.

Position 46 on Google for cleaning services keyword

Overall, considering they have London in their web address too, this even worse.  

Especially when the Go Cleaners website is hidden away on page 5 for the keyword “cleaning services london”.

So, our initial analysis points to a possible lack of on-page optimisation for search engines.

Let’s analyse the keywords that Go Cleaners currently rank for. 

Then, we can ascertain what they need to do in order to improve their search results performance.

Keyword Analysis

In September 2020, the Go Cleaners website received 3247 website visits.

This was an increase of 4.3% on the previous month.

The Go Cleaners website received 32.12% of the traffic volume from the keyword “gutter cleaning”.

Gutter Cleaning keyword

It should be noted that the website ranks for 1,227 keywords.

Furthermore, 55 of these keywords include the phrase “cleaning services”.

The highest ranking position on Google for the Go Cleaners website is 5. This is for the keyword “professional carpet cleaning services”.

Go Cleaners Website highest ranking keywordLet’s move on and take a closer look at the website’s content.

Content Audit

The Go Cleaners website has 81 pages which makes for a small website.

In comparison, has 1880 pages. Whereas, has 4660 pages.

Only 41% of Go Cleaners’ 34 pages rank in Google’s Top 100 organic search results.

Here are the top 15 pages on the Go Cleaners website:

Top 15 pages on Go Cleaners website

These 15 pages account for 94.66% of the website’s traffic.

But almost 56% of the 34 pages that rank in Google’s Top 100 organic search results are blog pages.

The first blog post was published on January 5, 2016.

However, the last blog post was published on November 25, 2019. 

In other words, no blog content has been published on the Go Cleaners website for 10 months.

Of course, one could argue, at least there have been some posts. But a total of 14 published blog posts is not enough.

In fact, that’s an average of less than 5 posts per year…over three years! 

As such, this lack of current content may explain why they are struggling to reach page one. Especially for those all important industry keywords that their competitors dominate.

Clearly, Go Cleaners has no current content marketing strategy.

And, in an increasingly saturated market, content marketing is the best way to break through the noise

Service Pages

The remaining pages on the website are service pages.

The top three service pages based on traffic are:

  1.  Gutter Cleaning
  2.  Carpet Cleaning
  3.  One-off Deep Cleaning

top 3 Go Cleaners pages

All service pages have a variation of a free quote call-to-action.

Go Cleaners website CTA

There are also instances of good internal-page linking to other relevant service pages.

But how are Go Cleaners performing when it comes to external links? That is, websites linking to the Go Cleaners website. 

Let’s analyse the amount and the quality of their backlinks.  

This will help give us a better understanding of Go Cleaners current ability to rank well in search engine results.

Backlink Analysis

Go Cleaners have lost 74% of their backlinks in the last 12 months.

In fact, they’ve gone from 9804 backlinks in October 2019 to 2434 in September 2020. 

That’s almost a quarter (24.8%) of backlinks lost.

Lost backlinks Go CleanersLet’s compare this with Go Cleaners’ top organic competitor

Maid2Clean lost backlinks

Interestingly, the quantity and frequency of the decline in Made 2 Clean backlinks is almost identical to Go Cleaners.

However, the decline in’s backlinks was less severe. They only lost 51%. 

Though, this is likely because they began with a much higher number of backlinks to begin with.

Clearly, the Go Cleaners website needs to increase the quality of backlinks it receives.

Especially if it’s to become a major player in the domestic and commercial cleaning industry.

Next, let’s conduct an in-depth quality analysis of Go Cleaners’ backlinks.

Backlink Quality

Go Cleaners’ 2,434 backlinks are coming from 361 domains.  

Upon closer inspection of these 361 domains, 40% are providing low-quality backlinks.

In fact, many of these have a domain authority score of 20 or lower.

Low quality backlinks Go CleanersDespite this, Go Cleaners has 85 referring domains (23%). As well as a high authority score; that is, over 50.

In comparison, let’s examine their top organic competitor, for a greater insight into their low search engine rankings.

Maid2Clean backlink quality

Maid 2 Clean have 103 referring domains with an authority score above 50. 

With this in mind, it’s clear that Go Cleaners needs higher quality backlinks to overtake Maid 2 Clean.


In short, the Go Cleaners website is essentially a static website.

It is clear that they do not have a content marketing strategy.

One of the most effective ways for any business to create and demonstrate value is via regular blogging.

Unfortunately, Go Cleaners have not posted a single blog post since November 2019.

As a consequence, this has coinciding with a decline in backlinks.

Go Cleaners Website backlink decline

As such, the priority areas to improve are:

  1.  Creating regular keyword optimised blog content
  2.  Implementing a consistent backlink acquisition strategy

However, by focusing on just one or both of these areas, Go Cleaners will start to see significant improvement. Not only to their visibility, but to their key metrics too.

This would enable them to move towards a clear, defined website.

And, most importantly, one that easily turns traffic into sales.

From there, Go Cleaners could start to work on other areas. For instance, content marketing, paid or social media. 

By following these steps, Go Cleaners could become a major player in the domestic and office cleaning industry. 

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