Could Dr Nicole Dermatology Be The Next Dermatology Kingpin in Manchester?

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In this website analysis report, we’ll take a look at dermatology services provider, Dr Nicole Dermatology. 

We’ll analyse the Dr Nicole Dermotology website (including on-page SEO and content), its market and its main competitors.

In doing so, we’ll reveal the steps they can take to beat their competitors. And we’ll look at how they can take the crown for ‘Dermatology in Manchester’ and become the dermatology kingpin.

Taking the Crown from DermExpert

We first came across the Dr Nicole Dermatology website in our competitor analysis report. We looked at the overall competitive ladscape for dermatologists in Manchester. What was clear to us was that Dr Nicole was in a position to face off against its competitors, albeit with a little work. 

In October 2020, there were an estimated 1,600 monthly searches for “dermatologist manchester” in the UK.

dr nicole dermatology website analysis - dermatology manchester

Excluding organic competitors (which were not solely dermatology focused), top of the search results for this search term was With a domain authority of 17.

Not too far behind in fifth position is the Dr Nicole Dermatology website. What’s interesting however, is that despite the disparity between search positions, Dr Nicole has a domain authority of 22.

Not to mention, the Dr Nicole Dermatology website had 2,194 website visits in October 2020. That means the top ranked website on Google had 551 fewer page visits than the Dr Nicole Dermatology website!

So, the question we are trying to answer here is: What would Dr Nicole Dermatology need to do to be able to climb the rankings? And can it overtake Derm Expert to become the ‘Manchester Dermatology Kingpin’?

To help us find the answers, we will dig into the following areas:

  •  Competitive Landscape – We will evaluate Dr Nicole Dermatology’s market and see how other companies in the industry are performing.  And, we will also highlight which key players we think are moving the needle and might be worth paying attention to.
  •  Website Analysis – We will be analysing the website’s on-page SEO and conducting a keyword analysis
  •  Content Audit – We will look to understand which pieces of content are performing and driving traffic to the Dr Nicole Dermatology’ website. From this, we will be able to see what is working and what can be improved
  •  Backlink Analysis – We will take a look at the external links pointing to Dr Nicole Dermatology’ website. We want to see the amount of links they have, the quality of these backlinings and which backlinking strategies they might be using. As this will help give us a better understanding of their website’s ability to rank well in search engine results and see if there might be a key route to position growth.

First up, let’s get to know Dr Nicole Dermatology a little more…

About Dr Nicole Dermatology

Dr Nicole Dermatology website

Visit the website.

Dr Nicole Chiang is a UK-trained Consultant Dermatologist on the GMC Specialist Register who works in the NHS in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Overall, on the Dr Nicole Dermatology website, the services are split into 3 groups:


  •  Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
  •  Dermal Fillers
  •  Lip Fillers
  •  Eye Rejuvenation
  •  Cheek Enhancement
  •  Jawline & Neck Lift
  •  Scars & Stretch Marks
  •  Micro-needling (Dermapen™)
  •  DesoFace
  •  Profhilo
  •  TIXEL Skin Resurfacing
  •  Full Face Rejuvenation Programme


  •  Acne & Rosacea
  •  Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)
  •  Pigmentary Disorders
  •  Hair Loss
  •  Eczema & Psoriasis
  •  Rashes
  •  Acne & Spots Programme
  •  Restore Hair Loss Programme
  •  Pigmentation & Skin Tone Programme 


  •  Skin Check & Mole Removal
  •  Skin Tag / Wart Removal
  •  Cryotherapy (Freezing)

In other words, whilst we are looking at “dermatologist manchester”, there are a lot of other keywords to be monopolised. And these are arguably just as important, if not more.

The Competitive Landscape

In this section, we will take a look at the Dr Nicole Dermatology website’s organic competitors.

Organic Competitor Traffic

In September 2020, Dr Nicole Dermatology’ organic competitor traffic totalled 118,200 website visits.  

Dr Nicole Dermatology received less than 3,21% of that traffic.


Dr Nicole Dermatology website competitive landscape

However, between April and September 2020, overall industry competitor market traffic increased by 18%.

During the same period, Dr Nicole Dermatology’ share of market traffic increased by 56%. 

organic traffic for dr nicole dermatology website

Next we’ll look in detail at some of Dr Nicole’s competitors.

Main Organic Competitors

Pall Mall Medical

The Dr Nicole Dermatology website top organic competitor is Pall Mall Medical dominate the market with 34% of overall market traffic share.

Pall Mall Medical website

Visit The Website.

Pall Mall Medical provides:

“private healthcare in Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows for self-paying & medical insured patients…”

Oaklands Hospital

Overall, has the second-largest share of organic market traffic at 8.08%.

Oaklands Hospital website

Visit The Website.

Oaklands Hospital is:

“a purpose built, modern hospital providing a wide range of surgical and medical treatments to private patients and eligible NHS patients.”

Let’s get a detailed snapshot of the Dr Nicole Dermatology website’s current online presence.

Dr Nicole Dermatology Website Analysis

To begin analysing Dr Nicole’s website, we’ll start with on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

First thing we notice is that the Page Title for Dr Nicole Dermatology homepage states that it is a “skin clinic” focused in Manchester and the surrounding areas. There’s nothing wrong with this information per se…

However, the page title character count is over the 60 characters limit.

And the page description states that: 

“Dr Nicole is a Consultant Dermatologist specialising in Cosmetic, Surgical & Medical Dermatology. She offers private skin clinic consultations & a range of treatments.”

Yet again, the Page Description is also over the 150 character limit.

page title and description dr nicole dermatology website

However, the Welcome Headline on the Dr Nicole Dermatology website homepage at least explicitly states what they do.

The main keywords are in bold:

  • Dermatology
  • Aesthetic

As a result, you would expect these key services to be included in the page description and title. However, they’re not being utilised, which is a missed opportunity for Dr Nicole. As such, it’s also a quick and easy step we’d recommend.

Dr Nicole Dermatology Website nHeadline

On the other hand, the Dr Nicole homepage has two call-to-actions.

First is in the homepage header:

Homepage CTA Dr Nicole Dermatology website

Unfortunately, it is not particularly prominent. For example, there is a poor use of colour contrast and the button does not “stand out” from the page.

And, clicking on this button takes the website visitor to an about page. Ordinarily this would be great. But this page includes a poorly formatted block of text about Dr Nicole.

As a result, this page does not have any conversion functionality. Why? Because there is no way for the website to generate qualified leads.

About Dr Nicole

What this means is that the website only contains commercial intent calls-to-actions:

  •  A phone number
  •  “Request consultation” button

Dr Nicole CTA

This suggests that the website is solely designed to generate sales.

Therefore, if a website visitor is not (yet) interested in purchasing Dr Nicole’s services, there is no other way to interact with the website.

Usually, website visitors like the option to explore a website. In fact, most people do so before deciding on their purchases. As such they may be browsing your webiste and comparing it with your competitors.

However, there is no way for the Dr Nicole Dermatology website to connect with this kind of traffic. As a result, Dr Nicole is missing out on people who may be interested in becoming a client in the future.

That said, the Dr Nicole Dermatology website has a low bounce rate. And website visitors spent an estimated 1 minute and 32 seconds on the website.

Dr Nicole Dermatology website bounce rate

Moving on, the Dr Nicole Dermatology homepage has around 700 words that include 19 headings. And further inspection revealed something troubling. 

Too many H1 tags

Unfortunately, the homepage has seven h1 tags.

“Use only one h1. There is no reason to use more than a single h1 tag.” – Neil Patel

It’s bad practice to use more than one h1 tag on a single page. As such, with a few tweaks to the h1 tags, the website title, description and better formatted content the overall on-page SEO would be dramatically improved.

Keyword Analysis

In October 2020, the Dr Nicole Dermatology website received 1,440 website visits.

The Dr Nicole Dermatology homepage received 53.26% of the overall website traffic.

keyword analysis top 3 pages dr nicole dermatology website

Overall, their top 3 pages generate 80.40% of the website’s traffic.

In addition, the website ranks for 1,053 keywords.

Interestingly, the highest-ranking position is 1 for the keyword “hair dermatologist”. And this bringsin 6.80% of the website traffic.


Organic Search Positions

All in all, Dr Nicole Dermatology ranks in the top 3 search positions for 29 keywords.

In October 2020, these 17 top 3 keywords were responsible for 45% of the website traffic.

And the Dr Nicole Dermatology website ranks in the top search position for 7 keywords:

  •  hair dermatologist
  •  best dermatologist manchester
  •  hair loss manchester
  •  dr nicole dermatology
  •  hair loss treatment cheshire
  •  can fillers make you look younger
  •  hair loss treatment manchester

In October 2020, these 7 keywords accounted for 28% of the website’s traffic.

Dr Nicole Dermatology Website Analysis: Content Audit

On the whole, the Dr Nicole Dermatology website has 106 pages. And 43% of those pages (46 pages) rank in Google’s Top 100 search results.

That said, Dr Nicole Dermatology’s top organic competitor, Pall Mall Medical has 402 pages. Which is almost 8x more content! Not to mention, 92% of those pages (370 pages) rank in the Google Top 100 search results.

Again, Dr Nicole Dermatology’s second organic competitor is also ahead. Oaklands Hospital has 432 pages and 22% of those pages (94 pages) rank in the Google Top 100 search results. 

Dr Nicole Dermatology Top 10 Pages

Here are the top 10 pages on the Dr Nicole Dermatology website…

Dr Nicole website top 10 pages

These 10 pages account for 94.10% of the website’s traffic.

And, 26% (12 pages) of the 46 pages that rank in Google’s Top 100 organic search results are blog pages. With the first blog post published in May 2017 and the last in July 2020. Though, this was the case at the time we conducted our website analysis (late October 2020) – we appreciate this may now have changed.  

Although the fact, there have been a total of 28 blog posts published at all suggests content is not an important fctor for Dr Nicole. To put this in perspective, that’s an average of 1 blog post per quarter over three years. 

Only 30% of the 195 published blog posts rank in Google’s Top 100 organic search results.

Yet, only one blog post ranked in Google’s Top 100 organic search results generates any traffic.

Shifting focus to more regular content creation could help Dr Nicole rank higher. Especially for those all-important service page keywords.

Dr Nicole Dermatology Service Pages

In total, there are 21 service pages in 4 service categories:

  •  /medical-dermatology (6 pages)
  •  /cosmetic-dermatology (8 pages)
  •  /surgical-dermatology (3 pages)
  •  /specialist-treatment-programmes (4 pages)

And these pages generate 40.86% of the website traffic.

But, how is Dr Nicole Dermatology doing when it comes to external websites linking to their website pages?

Let’s analyse the amount and the quality of the backlinks.  

This will help give us a better understanding of Dr Nicole Dermatology website growth. As well as it’s current ability to rank well in search engine results.

Backlink Analysis

Dr Nicole Dermatology has gained 508 backlinks in the last 11 months. Going from 120 backlinks in November 2019 to 628 backlinks in October 2020.

This was a 423% increase.

backlink analysis dr nicole

In comparison with Dr Nicole’s top organic competitor, Pall Mall Medical: 

pall mall medical backlink

In November 2019, Pall Mall Medical had almost 60x more backlinks than Dr Nicole Dermatology (7,072 backlinks).

And they lost 213 backlinks between November 2019 and February 2020.

Following this loss, they gained 1,275 backlinks in 3 months that followed. Therefore, by October 2020 Pall Mall Medical had 6,978 backlinks.

As a result, this shows us that the Dr Nicole Dermatology website requires a robust content strategy that includes building backlinks.

So next up, we will conduct a qualitative analysis of Dr Nicole Dermatology website’s 628 backlinks.

A dip in quality backlinks

Dr Nicole Dermatology has 628 backlinks that are referred by 108 domains.  

And, unfortunately 70% of the 108 referring domains are providing low-quality backlinks. These are domains with a domain authority score of 20 or lower.

website analysis baclink quality

But what about those higher quality backlinks? Well, Dr Nicole Dermatology only has 6 referring domains (0.05%) with a high authority score over 50.

backlink analysis

Backlink Comparison: Dr Nicole vs Pall Mall

In comparison to Dr Nicole’s main organic competitor: Pall Mall Medical, has 6,824 backlinks. And these are referred by 647 domains.  

So, only 8% lower than Dr Nicole, 62% of Pall Mall Medical’s referring domains are providing low-quality backlinks. This suggests with some work, there is a chance for the Dr Nicole Dermatology website to catch up.  

pall mall medical backlinks

However, Pall Mall Medical does have 67 referring domains with a high authority score over 50. Attaining backlinks from referring websites with high domain authority is what accelerates growth. 


The Dr Nicole Dermatology website has been online since around July 2016.

Their main organic competitor: Pall Mall Medical, has been online since 2009.

Interestingly, the majority of organic competitors ranking above specialise in hair loss.

As such, this means that Dr Nicole Dermatology is being indexed as a hair loss specialist! Instead of what it actually is; a skincare specialist.

And this is supported by the data we saw in the organic search position analysis. Where we found that Dr Nicole Dermatology ranks in the top search position for 7 keywords containing the word “hair”.

One of the most effective ways for any business to create and demonstrate value is via regular blogging.

Unfortunately, Dr Nicole Dermatology has only published 28 blog posts at a publishing rate of 4 per year.

As a result of this, they have not created enough search engine optimised content.

In addition to this, only 46 of their 106 web pages generate any traffic. And the majority of these pages are service pages – that most probably do not require much updating.

Overall, this lack of regular keyword optimised content has seen the website drop from 3rd position for the keyword “dermatologist manchester” in January 2020 to 5th position by October 2020.

As such, the priorities that we recommend for improvement are:

  1. Creating regular keyword optimised blog content
  2. Implement a consistent backlink acquisition strategy

With just a little bit of work in these SEO areas, Dr Nicole Dermatology should start to see a significant improvement to their key metrics.

Transforming them towards having a site which is clear and appearing in search results for their services. But also a site which has the ability to effectively turn traffic into sales.

From there, they could start to work on other areas such as content marketing, paid and social media towards a common goal. As a result, they’ll easily overtake their competition to become the Dermotology Kingpin in Manchester.

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