Client Case Study

Client Case Study: Cloud Assembly

Cloud Assembly
Who are Cloud Assembly and what were the challenges they faced?

Cloud Assembly is a tech recruitment firm that specialises in placing highly skilled tech professionals into the right companies. Given that they’re tech experts themselves, they know exactly what makes the right candidate, and how best to match the candidate to the firm.

As a small firm, Cloud Assembly were looking to make their mark on the industry. And after a year of complete upheaval, it was a great time to do something punchy and eye-catching.

Just what was the UK tech industry going to look like after Covid, anyway?

How could we help them
Detailed Industry Report

As part of a wider outreach plan, we performed research and wrote an industry report on the digital skills shortage facing the UK. Drawing on information from think tanks and prominent tech companies, we assessed that digital skills were going to be absolutely crucial in the UK’s economic recovery.

After all, many of the UK’s white collar industries had to go remote practically overnight. In addition, the available data revealed that this was likely to continue as employees started to enjoy the extra benefits afforded by home working.

We concluded the report with five key takeaways for tech recruiters and employees, encouraging them to embrace flexibility and to use the rapid digitalisation of the workforce to their advantage.

What were the results?

I was really pleased that the report, which you can read here, came out fantastically well. 

We even obtained backlinks from places such as the University of Portsmouth, who had linked the report as part of their software engineering course page. This has helped the report gain a lot of traction and interest online.

For Cloud Assembly’s part, they were able to incorporate this report into their overall brand. Thus, establishing themselves as an industry expert with key insights that have helped to shape the discourse and debate around the future of the UK tech industry. 

They were also able to use the report as one of the cornerstones of their email marketing campaign, which drove a lot of engagement as tech firms wanted to hear what they had to say.

Often, looking to the future while synthesising publicly available data can lead you to some interesting conclusions. Get it right, and you’ll find an audience that will usually want to listen.

Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study