Client Case Study

Client Case Study: Kings and Barnhams

Kings and Barnham
Who are Kings and Barnhams and what were the challenges they faced?

Kings and Barnhams are a Norfolk-based local fire safety and security firm looking to grow their market. With over 70 years of security expertise, they wanted to reinvent themselves for an increasingly digital world.

As a Norfolk-based business myself, I was more than happy to help.

How could we help them

Kings needed a full process revamp to get them fighting fit for the digital age. Most of what they did was analogue – their customer information and receipts were all stored on-site, for example. Getting everything digitalised, and all of their processes aligned, would be a big task, but a rewarding one – in the long run, it would save countless hours and resources.

We could take this philosophy and apply it to their online content, too. 


Kings had a good base of blogs, but we wanted to take things one step further: why shouldn’t Kings be at the forefront of Norfolk-based issues? 

So we started to build out a detailed blog plan, aiming to post twice a week on local security and fire issues, as well as public events like Christmas lights displays.

Using Process Street, we designed a blog upload process that would be streamlined, scaleable, and practical. With blogs written, they could be dropped into the process to be picked up by an outsourced uploading team. This allowed copywriters to focus on the copywriting, and for Kings to get ahead on their uploading.

Website Development & Service Pages

We also needed to get Kings ranking for their services. We decided to go for a complete overhaul of their website: it was looking outdated and needed to be modernised. 

In the meantime, we’d be writing service landing pages, detailing individual services that Kings offered – from emergency lighting to aerial installation. This would help Kings rank for individual keywords. And to make things run even more smoothly, we designed a similar process, again in Process Street, to handle our landing page upload. This made the process significantly more efficient.

What were the results

I’m happy to say that our efforts paid off. With Kings’s shiny new website, new blog content and new service pages – as well as their behind-the-scenes process improvements – the firm was in a great position to relaunch their brand.

With the sales process improvements, we were able to shave off 20% of time off the average customer interaction  – a huge win, and even more so over time. And Kings began to rank for Norfolk-based keywords, which helped them boost their traffic. Best of all, we assessed that hand-in-hand with this increased traffic came a 30% increase in conversion rates.

Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study