Client Case Study

Online / Offline Events-Focused Strategy For a PR Consultancy


My client was looking for a new business strategy for their PR Consultancy – focusing on the biotech and healthtech space with a clear objective of being able to get relevant founders into a room.

Previous campaigns had been mostly online, but as the client was based in London we decided that they could take a blended online / offline approach to their marketing. This would allow them to build stronger relationships while positioning themselves as a thought leader, and ultimately act as a key new sales funnel through which they could scale their business.

The end requirement was to present a strategy that brought together all aspects of the business into a smart and scalable marketing approach.


I worked with the client to:

Develop their product offering and positioning so it was different from larger competitors.

Build an end-to-end approach (utilising LinkedIn & Apollo) to allow the company to create initial content and then follow up with workshops and events designed to attract their key audience.

Help them to create key persona information about their target audience so we knew exactly what tone and messaging to use.

Help them to create a lead magnet, highlighting key pieces of research and aligning into a single approach that solves the problems the research highlighted.

Pull their marketing into one end-to-end sales funnel, providing key milestones, benchmarks and metrics for them to aim for to hit their goals

I wrote up the entire plan, delivered it and then worked directly with the client to develop a pre and post event task plan so they knew exactly what needed to be done each week in order to deliver the goals set.



Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study