Client Case Study

New Business Focused Marketing Strategy For An IT Company

Project Goal:


Client was looking for a localised marketing strategy for a leading IT company. They had worked with marketers, but none had supplied the direction required.

The task here was to analyse the competition and build a logical and deliverable marketing strategy which aligned to the business’ strengths, but also allowed the company to systematically use their marketing to generate leads and sales.

A blended online-offline approach was required, as key target market was often local.

They also required wanted the plan to think about other factors such as brand recognition, building solid client relationships and SEO / PPC. Key factor was making the plan easy to manage from an owner perspective.



I analysed 10 competitors, narrowing it down to 5 of interest to showcase what others were doing, why they are doing it, and any smart strategies being deployed by competitors.

Created a clear indication of the direction which would work best for the client, explained why it would be different to their competition and various ways they could approach it.

I worked through multiple different marketing channels to highlight how they would fall into the overall plan. This included SEO, PPC, social media, outreach (telesales, email and LinkedIn), PR, event marketing, email marketing and content creation.

I developed their plan into a visual funnel process – so they could see how the project would all fit together.

I then analysed their website for key issues – highlighting key areas I would update and change (aligned to the main strategy).

I finally pulled this all through into a summary, and key steps to completing this plan. This included skill recommendations so they could hire the right person.

The document was written up in a way so the client could present the document to a new hire and they would know what would be expected of them.

I then delivered this strategy over a couple of hours – explaining each part in depth to ensure that everything was clear and made sense. I also offered to go through any questions to clarify if required.


Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study