We Wish You a Murray Christmouse!

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Christmas 2021 is here...

Hard to believe it’s already Christmas 2021. Overall, 2021 has been a great year for the Murray Dare team; from winning two business awards to hiring a new Social Media Lead (Hi, Toni 👋) , we’ve got a lot to celebrate as we move into 2022. 

We are also very proud of our clients, who we’ve helped do some amazing things this year, including:

  • Brand-spanking new website launches
  • Venturing into the world of TikTok marketing

Special shout out to our Content Manager, Emma-Jane, who has had to learn to speak “Gen Z” in her quest to launch our clients to TikTok fame. 

Our 2021 highlights wrapped up

Hands down, the highlight of the year was winning, not one, but two business awards; one was global! 

Our first award was for ‘Best SME Marketing Agency – East Anglia’ which was bestowed upon us by AI Publishing in their Enterprise Awards 2021. Many of our clients are based in Norfolk and surrounding areas, so it was a real honour to be recognised for all the hard work we’ve done for businesses in this region. 

marketing award announcement - best SME marketing agency - east anglia Murray DareOur second win came later in the year, and this time round it was a global marketing award. Corporate Vision awarded Murray Dare the title of ‘Best SME Marketing Consultancy 2021 – UK’ as part of their Global Business Awards 2021.

This prestigious award was a welcome reminder that small businesses like ourselves can still make a big impact. We hope that our efforts continue to make waves in the industry (and possibly ruffle some feathers) in the year to come!

Our positive climate impact

As of the 1st of January 2022, Murray Dare Marketing Consultancy will have been climate positive for a full year. This means, we have had a net positive impact on the climate.

Over the last 12 months we have: 

  • Planted 712 trees and by the time this post is live, even more!
  • Offset 48.62 tonnes of CO2e (CO2e means CO2 or equivalent harmful greenhouse gases)
  • Funded tree-planting projects in Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe 
  • Supported renewable energy projects in Indonesia and Taiwan 

If you’re interested in learning more about our environmental efforts, you can do so by visiting our Ecologi Forest

Enough about us...

So that’s our news taken care of. 

But how have other businesses been faring in 2021? We recently surveyed over 160 B2B businesses to better understand the unique challenges they have faced this year. We were shocked to find that only 11.76% of businesses think that their marketing efforts are working as expected, and that 67% of B2B businesses cite problems with their internal processes as the main reason behind lack of growth. 

In light of these discoveries, our blog in 2022 is set to become a hub of advice for B2Bs on how they can maximise ROI on their marketing plan, and how they can automate internal processes which will allow them to spend less time on admin and more time on the projects that lead to long-term growth. 

You can read the full report from our B2B survey over on our blog.

In the meantime have a very Murray Christmouse and a Happy New Year!

We hope your Christmas 2021 is merry, warm and bright. And we wish you all the best for 2022!



Murray and the Team

About Murray Dare

Murray Dare is a Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director at Dare Media. Murray helps UK businesses find better ways to connect with their audiences through targeted content marketing strategies.