We’ve Planted A Thousand Trees!

A hand holding a flag in the middle of a forest

In January, we celebrated a full year of being a climate positive workforce, supporting wind farms, ocean conservation, reforestation and carbon impact reduction with the help of Ecologi. And now we are thrilled to announce our latest milestone: we have earned our 1k badge, meaning that we have planted 1,000 trees! 

Trees on Earth

Our Climate Impact, At A Glance

  • 70.08 tonnes of carbon offset – that’s equivalent to 54 flights from London to San Francisco or driving the entire length of Sweden, with a 200-mile detour
  • 210 square metres of sea ice saved
  • Supporting funding for 6 wind power projects in 4 countries 
  • Generating clean electricity from hydropower in India
  • 1007 trees and counting!

Let’s Talk Trees

The trees we have planted span a range of species across three continents. Most of them are in Africa, specifically Madagascar, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Uganda, but we are also supporting the planting of mahogany trees in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua as well as planting downy birch right here in the UK.


In Madagascar, we are planting mangrove trees, which not only support rich biodiversity but also act as a natural buffer to lessen the impact of hurricanes, cyclones and coastal erosion. These make up the majority of our trees: to date, we’ve planted 535!

Mangrove tree
Acacia tree


We also plant acacia trees in Kenya, where they act as a food source for giraffes. Giraffes are currently seeing a rapid decline in population, with two species now listed as critically endangered, and this is partly due to habitat loss. There are less than 100,000 remaining in the wild, and we are very proud to be doing what we can to help them! 

And here in the UK

Closer to home, the downy birch trees we are planting here in the UK are a great asset to our biodiversity, supporting many species of insect and bird as well as forming a natural shelter zone for less hardy seedlings. 

Downy birch trees

Here’s To The Next Thousand!

We are a small company – currently a team of just six! – and couldn’t be prouder of the climate positive impact we are achieving. In just 17 months, we have managed to plant 1,000 trees, supporting biodiversity, the improvement of air quality, water and soil conservation and so much more.

We can’t wait to see what more we can do, and look forward to our next milestone!

If you want to learn more about our climate positivity, you can see a full overview of the trees we have planted and the projects we have supported over on our Ecologi profile.

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