We’re Celebrating One Whole Year of Being a Climate Positive Workforce!

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We’re starting 2022 with a climate positive bang!

As of today, the 1st of January 2022, we’ve been climate positive for a whole year!

Knowing we’ve had a positive impact on the planet for the last 365 days makes us incredibly proud. All of us at Murray Dare are passionate about achieving net zero carbon emissions. And we like to do our part to be as environmentally responsible as we can.

Our positive climate impact in figures

We've planted almost 800 trees!

From birch trees in Scotland to mangrove trees in Madagascar, we’ve planted close to 800 trees so far.

we've offset 48.62 tonnes of CO2e

CO2e means CO2 or equivalent harmful greenhouse gases. Basically it’s a way to measure our carbon footprints. As a result by offsetting these harmful gases we’re keeping our Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact as low as we can.

We've funded tree-planting projects

In 2021, we supported and funded several tree planting projects in the UK, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and worldwide.  

We kept the arctic cool

In the last year, we helped to save the equivalent of 146m squared of Arctic sea ice. This helps to keep the polar regions cool while also moderating the effects of climate change.

We've helped to fund renewable energy projects

We’ve supported renewable energy projects worldwide including projects in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Here's to another year of being climate positive!

We can’t wait to see how much of an impact we continue to make throughout 2022.

After all, we may be small but that’s no excuse not to at least try. And we’re just as proud of our climate positive status as we are of our award wins in 2021. It reminds us how we can make a difference.

Of course, we all do our part but we know it’s not just down to individual action. Which is why we want to do what we can as a company to fight climate change.

If you’re interested in learning more about our environmental efforts, you can do so by visiting our Ecologi Forest.

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