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Client Case Study: Ozone Coffee

Ozone Coffee
Who are Ozone Coffee and what were the challenges they faced?

Ozone Coffee is a London-based coffee brand with sustainability at the core. Everything they produce is as responsibly sourced as possible.

The challenge they faced was two-fold. The first thing they wanted to do was develop their sense of social responsibility, tracking their performance in achieving meaningful change.

Secondly, and more pressingly, they were largely a company based around a physical location and lifestyle. In the wake of the pandemic, they had to rapidly shift online.

The hard part would be sustaining and growing that branding while changing their business model.

How could we help them?
Marketing Strategy

Hasbean needed a marketing strategy. It was clear that navigating the shift to online bookings would be tricky; what it meant in practice was that we needed to stay laser-focused on the London lifestyle. After all, that was the core of Ozone’s brand.


Early on, there were a large number of SEO changes that would allow Ozone’s site to rank more highly. This included adding meta tags and titles to their pages and sorting out their duplicated H1 titles.

Brand Messaging

While we were sorting out their website, it was a good opportunity to focus in on their messaging. We wanted to really push that idea of a London lifestyle and the feeling of coffee; in other words, that Ozone was proud to support modern London. 

It was also a feeling to aspire to, a reminder of just what it was like to grab a coffee on the way into work or to see a friend. In the middle of the pandemic, that was a nice thing to hold on to.

And this had a knock-on effect on their keyword ranking, too. With over 9K London-centric keywords and 63K worth of traffic, there was a lot up for grabs. By orientating their branding towards London coffee, Ozone could develop a more cohesive brand, all while picking up keywords and starting to rank.

eMail Marketing

I also wanted them to focus more on their email marketing. Hammering away at Ozone Coffee as a lifestyle meant that we had the opportunity to send out weekly Friday lifestyle emails to drive engagement. So we began generating content to fill out this campaign. 

I also spotted an easy opportunity to increase conversion, so I built a system that would send out an email when a customer’s coffee beans ran out. This prompt wouldn’t work on everyone, but it only needed to work on a proportion of them to significantly increase re-buying.

PPC and Affiliate Marketing

Ozone’s new content direction was also designed to drive footfall in those physical London stores. With the UK dipping in and out of restrictions, it made sense to try to increase those sales where possible. So in addition to all of our efforts pushing online sales, we worked out a PPC and affiliate marketing campaign that was focused on building a wider brand presence. 

We also wanted to unify the website and social media content into one overall brand. Ozone had a collection of great blog posts, but their messaging was confused, split across culture, events, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and individual stories. It was unclear what these blog posts were working towards or trying to achieve. 

Bringing together coffee and a London lifestyle seemed like an obvious way of unifying Ozone’s content while building brand awareness and achieving our sales goals.

What were the results?

I was pleased to see an increase in Ozone’s traffic soon after they began to implement our changes. Even better, their conversion started to uptick – rising by 35% within six months – and their re-buying rose by just under 50%. Offering prompts to existing customers was a sure-fire way of increasing their engagement; as it turned out, a simple reminder could go a long way.

We also left Ozone in a strong position as Covid restrictions started to lift; their keen focus on building a London-based brand stood them in good stead for new and existing customers to grab a coffee while going about their day; especially because 2021 had seen a global focus on sustainability like never before.

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