Client Case Study

Client Case Study: Growing Lisa and Neil Wedding Photography Traffic By 4,666% in Just 3 Months!

Who are Lisa & Neil and what were the challenges facing them?

About Lisa and Neil Wedding Photography

Lisa and Neil Wedding Photography are Norwich and Norfolk based wedding photographers, created and run by the lovely Lisa and Neil. 

Client Case Study Him and Her Wedding Photography

Lisa and Neil are a married duo of kick-ass photographers. They go above and beyond to bring their clients unforgettable wedding photos. 

Priding themselves on ‘getting’ their couples, they understand that people don’t want family photographs to take hours. Because it’s the memories made at weddings that are more important. 

They are down to earth and simply want to help their clients create amazing images and memories.

Client Case Study Him and Her Wedding Photography


Lisa and Neil moved from Suffolk to Norfolk and subsequently needed to change their client location. This can sometimes be a challenge in terms of branding. However, it was necessary in order to attract a new Norfolk and Norwich client base. In terms of SEO, they needed to shift focus from “Suffolk wedding photography” to rank for “Norfolk wedding photography” instead. 

Initially, they had success when ranking for “Suffolk” keywords and were getting lots of enquiries. But, once they decided to change to “Norfolk”, they encountered problems. 

They had ranked on page 1 of Google for Suffolk based keywords. But were only able to reach page 2 or 3 for Norfolk keywords. 

So this left them feeling very stuck. Out of ideas as to how to improve their SEO and rankings they were unsure what to do. That’s when they reached out.

So what could we do to help

Issues We Found

Lisa and Neil wanted guidance on the technical areas that needed improvement on their website to get themselves ranking quickly.

They knew about the importance of SEO and optimised their site accordingly. But they wanted details on what they may have missed and what could be improved.

We found the following issues with their website on our initial website analysis: 

  •  Some images had missing alt text
  •  Header issues with H1s and H2s
  •  Blog articles which contained both Norfolk and Suffolk in the titles which were confusing 
  •  Norfolk and Norwich word on-page improvements required
  •  Canonicalised URL issues
  •  Some blog titles weren’t optimised for Norfolk and Norwich keywords 
  •  Meta description improvements

Client Case Study Him and Her Wedding Photography

what we did

In February, we had the pleasure of working with Lisa and Neil. And they made all the improvements we suggested:

  • Update keywords to be more orientated towards Norwich and Norfolk
  • Add alt text to all images
  • Improve meta descriptions (research was done to compare competitors meta descriptions to Lisa and Neil Wedding Photography)
  • New headers and titles to make the text flow and to make use of H1 and H2 headers. Specifically on the homepage
  • Amend blog title pages to contain keywords. These did not overlap and no longer included conflicting keywords
  • Alter canonicalised URLs to avoid complications and conflicts.

Then, they resubmitted their site on Google and waited to see if these changes were successful in helping their keyword rankings.

Blog title

What were the results?

Lisa and Neil saw some incredible results from keyword growth. 

By making the small changes we suggested, Him & Her Wedding Photography saw dramatic results. 

We were able to help Lisa and Neil achieve the following with keyword rankings:

    •  Wedding Photography – 48th (April) to 11th (July) plus SERP features 
    •  Norfolk Wedding Photographer – 14th (February) to 3rd (July) plus SERP features
    •  Norwich Wedding Photographer – 13th (February) to 2nd (July) plus SERP features
    •  Wedding Photography Norwich – 10th (March) to 2nd (July) plus SERP features
    •  Norfolk Wedding Photography – 15th (March) to 3rd (July) plus SERP features
    •  Photographer Norwich – 47th (February) to 13th (July)

Image: Him and Her Wedding Photography keyword graph

In fact, in February, Him & Her Photography ranked for 132 keywords, 0 of which were in the top 3. 

However, by July this was a very different story. As a result, they now rank for 208 keywords, 4 of which are in the top 3 search results.

keyword ranking for norfolk wedding photographer

search engine rankings

In addition, these high ranking keywords have helped increase their traffic dramatically. From an estimated average of 30 monthly views in February. To an incredible 1,400 average monthly views in July. 

That is a growth rate of 4,666% in three months! A great result.

estimated traffic graph

And these are excellent results for just a few focused small changes! Congratulations to Lisa & Neil!

So what did they say about us

It was a pleasure working with Lisa and Neil, they are truly lovely people. 

They even left us a lovely review on Trustpilot:

him and her wedding photography review

Naturally, we’re thrilled with this result. But also because Lisa and Neil are great at what they do. We were delighted to help them do more of what they do best; capturing special memories that last a lifetime.

Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study