Client Case Study

Client Case Study: How We Got An Educational App Published In ADDitude Magazine

Reading Mate app
Who were Reading Mate and what were the challenges they faced?

Hannah and James Rix, founders at Reading Mate, believe there should be no barrier for a child that wants to read or a parent or guardian who wishes to encourage it. 

Hannah spent seven years teaching English before training to be a special educational needs teacher. In that time she enjoyed enriching her student’s lives with her own love of reading. 

The Reading Mate app was borne out of a desire to promote and encourage positive reading habits; for all children.

Our Strategy

In order to widen their audience, we started by asking a few simple questions:

  • Where does Reading Mate’s target audience reside online? 
  • What content does Reading Mate’s target audience typically consume?
  • What press angle does Reading Mate have? 

The best way for us to reach our target audience was a blogger outreach and guest-posting strategy.

How could we help them?

We began by reaching out to educational bloggers and children’s book bloggers to let them know about the Reading Mate app and to give them the opportunity to do a product review. 

For blogs that didn’t do as many product reviews, we offered to write a guest post. We pitched an idea based on the topics and subject matters that were popular on their blog. 

Hannah was soon making a storm in the blogosphere, getting featured on blogs like Motherhood: The Real Deal, The SEN Resources Blog, and Honest Mum. It was important to us that these blogs were ranking well. But more so, that they had genuine strong ties to parents, guardians and teachers.

Readingmate as featured on Honest Mum Blog - Screenshot of the featured article on The Honest Mum blog
Screenshot of Readingmate being featured on The SEN Resources Blog
What were the results

The SEN Resources blog opened a new door for us. As a SEN teacher herself, Hannah had taken care to design the Reading Mate app to be as accessible as possible to all children. 

Using this niche we pitched a guest article to ADDitude Magazine. ADDitude is an online and print magazine which has been in circulation since 1998 and is the go-to resource for all people affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

They had an 8 week backlog of pitches, so it was by no means a sure-fire win. But Hannah’s previous well-written guest posts in relevant SEN blogs gave credibility to her expertise. And so it didn’t take long for our pitch to be picked up. 

ADDitude Magazine published our article with the title “How to Encourage Your Child with ADHD to Read — Willingly and Voraciously” and shared it with their 355K Facebook followers and 47K Instagram followers.

Readingmate as featured in ADDitude Magazine screenshot of the feature on their website

We love the fact that we were able to help Reading Mate find their audience and gain exposure. And we’re proud to continue to provide support to Hannah and James on their journey to enrich children’s lives.

Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Client Case Study