About Piriform

Piriform is a central London-based technology company that focuses on creating software tools that run on desktop PCs, macs and mobile devices. Their products include CCleaner, Defraggler, and Speccy.

The Piriform website services over 50 million global visitors per month across all their products. Piriform have a freeimum pricing model across all their products.


The Objective

Over the last year, organic search traffic had started to steadily dip without any explanation as to why. The Marketing Director hired me to consider the data to understand why organic traffic was falling and where the steps they could take to solve the problem.

Circumstantial challenges

A plan was required to:

  1. Reduce the downward trend in traffic across all channels
  2. Outline online strategy to increase traffic, downloads using both technical and non-technical methods
  3. Demonstrate clear measurable results for any actions taken.


  • Creation of a full technical and non-technical SEO plan which covered four main areas; Technical / SEO, Conversion, Affiliates and Content.
  • A prioritised breakdown of each area into 20 steps over a set timeframe 4 months, with an explanation about what to do in each area.
  • A presentation of the results to the marketing team, explaining any questions the team had.
  • Follow up conversations over a 6 month period.

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